Lahna Turner

Lahna Turner’s relationship with her husband Ralphie May! Learn about his untimely death, children, career, and divorce!

Lahna Turner tweets on Ralphie May’s death

Lahna Turner is a comedian and the wife of late comedian Ralphie May. After his death, she splashed her Twitter with loving words for her late ex-husband. Ralphie wrote:

“I loved Ralphie with all my heart. We shared a wonderful life and made beautiful children together. No one has ever made me laugh or cry harder. You will always be with us. Rest in peace my sweet.”

Lahna Turner was actually in the midst of a divorce with Ralphie Turner.

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About Lahna Turner

Lahna Turner herself was a comedian. She had done movies and also used to write comedic songs. On the lines of Beyonce’s lemonade album, Lahna Turner had written the Limeade. It was a comedic homage to Lemonade. It is a half-hour project available on the YouTube.

She wrote about it:

“The album and the visual album is going to help me get on with my life professionally, I believe. It’s good.  It’s allowed me to discover myself professionally. Being with another comedian, especially a successful one, people always wonder, ‘Does he write your material?’ There’s no question that it was all me, and now this gives me more professional independence.”

Turner also made other albums that include 2004’s Dick Jokes and other assorted love songs, and 2012’s If these Lips could talk. Turner had also featured in the comedy ‘Teacher of the Year’. She was also cast in the 2017 film called This is Meg. She has also acted in Brand New Old Love.

Besides acting, Lahna Turner also had produced the 2013 comedy ‘Ralphie May: Imperfectly Yours’. She had also written and acted in the 2013 ‘So I wrote a song about it’. She and her then-husband had been on their podcast Perfect 10.

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Lahna Turner’s married life and relationships

Lahna Turner and Ralphie knew each other for the last 17 years. They had met at an open mic night at the now-closed Houston Club Laff Stop. The couple married in 2005. They were married for nearly 10 years and during this time they became proud parents of two children.

Their first child is a daughter called April June May who was born on 5 September 2007. She weighed 6 pounds and 11 ounces. Their second child is a son called August James May. He was born on 24 June 2009 in Nashville and weighed 8 pounds and 7 ounces. Turner had said that her children are also hilarious like the parents.

After the divorce, Turner was seeking sole physical custody of her children and joint legal custody. Ralphie had cited irreconcilable differences in the documents related to the divorce that he filed with the court.

Source: People (Lahna Turner with ralphie)

Lahna Turner had mentioned that Ralphie was not the same after he was admitted for pulmonary embolism. She also mentioned that she decided after receiving the divorce papers that she would concentrate on herself and children. Ralphie had said that Lahna had torn the Ketubah, the Jewish marriage contract, in front of him and the children.

He had also said that she tore their photos hung on the wall and cursed him. Turner had also claimed that Ralphie was physically abusive, suicidal and used drugs.

Lahna Turner is said to be not dating after the divorce. She has no boyfriends and is working and playing a single mom for her kids.

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