Krysten Ritter Wiki: TV Show, Net Worth, ‘Jessica Jones’ And Facts You Need To Know

Learn all about the sexy actress who has been on television hows like ‘Jessica Jones’ ”The Defenders’ and ‘Luke Cage.’ Read on to learn all about Krysten Ritter including her overall net worth!

Who is Krysten Ritter?

Krysten Alyce Ritter is an actress who was born on December 16th, 1981 in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania though she now resides in Los Angeles, California. She is not only known for her role as the sassy and grungy Super Private Investigator Jessica Jones, but also for her grungier role as Jane the heroin addict and love interest of Jesse Pinkman from the critically acclaimed hit TV show ‘Breaking Bad’. You may also recognize Krysten Ritter from TV shows like ‘The Defenders’, ‘Luke Cage’ ‘She’s Out of My League’ and ’27 Dresses.’ Krysten Ritter was born and raised on Pennsylvania farmland to Garry Ritter and Kathi Taylor. She grew up near the town of Shickshinny, Pennsylvania and her ancestral makeup includes German, Scottish and English bloodlines. The future ‘Jessica Jones’ star would go on to complete her requirements for high school and graduate from Northwest Area HS in 2000.

The Early Career of Krysten Ritter

Before Krysten Ritter would star in TV shows like ‘Breaking Bad’ ‘The Defenders’ ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Jessica Jones’, she was a model. Ritter was ID’d by a talent agent for modeling at the Wyoming Valley Mall near the age of 16 during a modeling casting call. According to Philadelphia Style Magazine, Krysten Ritter described herself as “tall, gawky, awkward, and really, really skinny.” If you’re familiar with Ritter from watching the television show ‘Jessica Jones’ then you know that line at age 15–this line sounds extremely similar to the dark, dry and self-deprecating humor possessed by the titular character that is portrayed by Ritter. She would eventually sign with Elite Model Management, and with that, her first official modeling contract had begun. During High School, Krysten Ritter would travel to New York City, New York as well as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in order to model. After her ventures with Elite Model Management, Krysten Ritter would sign with Wilhelmina Models. The Wilhelmina Models Agency provided with her first television commercial, securing a role for the overly sudsy soda we all know and love: Dr. Pepper. By the age of 18, Ritter decided to commit to modeling which meant a move to New York City, New York to pursue her dreams full-time. By this time, Ritter would become that of an international sensation being the ‘It’ girl of the agency and the world whilst she as simply being herself. By 18, Kryten Ritter had done shoots in print ads and for TV in the states, Milan, Italy, Paris, France, and even Tokyo, Japan.

The Early Net Worth of Krysten Ritter

When she signed on to each of the above modeling agencies, it is safe to assume that Krysten Ritter’s net worth was not where it is these days. Being raised on a farm on the outskirts of Pittsburgh riding horses but cows, one can also assume her net worth was on the rise. Her net worth during her early modeling career was close to $100,000 dollars but her future roles in titles like ‘The Defenders’ ‘Luke Cage’ ‘She’s out of My League’ and more would grant her the increase in net worth that she deserves.

The Acting Career of Krysten Ritter

Following Krysten Ritter’s successful modeling ventures and her first TV show ad with Dr. Pepper, the future ‘Breaking Bad’ actress would get her chance at prime time television as well as the silver screen. The future ‘The Defenders’ star would secure a few different small time roles in films like ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ and plays on Broadway as well. Ritter would eventually make guest appearances on the show ‘Veronica Mars’ which would help solidify her familiarity on both television shows and movies alike. Krysten Ritter would eventually secure a more notable role on the TV Show ‘Don’t Trust the B—h in Apartment 23’ as Chloe. If you have noticed during the acting career of Krysten Ritter, the actress tends to secure supporting roles of the lead character. Moreover, Ritter would be continue to be requested for grungy, ‘no-filter’ women roles. This is not only true in today’s ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘She’s Out of My League’, but even as Jane in ‘Breaking Bad’. Before securing the role as ‘Jessica Jones’ in the television show of the same name, Ritter was best known for her work on ‘Breaking Bad’. It would not be until December of 2014 that Krysten Ritter would secure her biggest role as the titular character in ‘Jessica Jones’. This role seemed to be what Krysten Ritter had been grooming for since her encounter in the mall with modeling scouts: a grungy girl who can still be vulnerable. If you are familiar with the ‘Jessica Jones’ television show or the comics, then you know that the character of Jessica Jones is identical to the on-screen performances of Krysten Ritter.

Television Shows starring Krysten Ritter

Since her modeling days, Krysten Ritter has not only graced covers of magazines, interviews, print ads and TV show ads, but has also starred in a slew of television Shows. Some of her notable roles include the following: – ‘Whoopi’ as ‘Brynn’ (2004)
– ‘One Life to Live’ as ‘Kay’ (2004)
– ‘Tanner on Tanner’ as the ‘Salesperson’ (2004)
– ‘Johnny Zero’ as ‘Quinn’ (2005)
– ‘Veronica Mars’ as ‘ Gia Goodman’ (2005-06)
– ‘The Bedford Diaries as ‘Erin Kavenaugh’ (2006)
– ‘Gilmore Girls’ as ‘Lucy’ (2006-07)
– ”Til Death’ as ‘Allison Stark’ (2006-07)
– ‘Justice’ as ‘Eva’ (2006)
– ‘Big Day’ as ‘Ellen’ (2007)
– ‘Breaking Bad’ as ‘Jane Margolis'(2009-10)
– ‘Gossip Girl’ as ‘Young Carol Rhodes’ (2009)
– ‘Gravity’ as ‘Lily Champagne’ (2010)
– ‘Love Bites’ as ‘Cassie’ (2011)
– ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23’ as ‘Chloe’ (2012-13)
– ‘Robot Chicken’ as the voice of ‘Dana Polk’ (2013)
– ‘The Cleveland Show’ as the voice of ‘Gina’ (2013)
– ‘The Eric Andre Show’ as herself (2013)
– ‘The Blacklist’ as ‘Rowan/Nora Mills’ (2014)
– ‘Jessica Jones’ as ‘Jessica Jones’ (2015-Present)
– ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ as herself (2016)
– ‘The Defenders’ as ‘Jessica Jones’ (2017)

The Net Worth of Krysten Ritter after becoming a Television Show Star

According to ‘The Richest,’ Krysten Ritter’s net worth as listed as much as a gargantuan $185 million dollars in 2013! Despite The Richest being a credible source for celebrity net worth, this amount cannot be verified elsewhere. However, there is a chance that Ritter’s net worth was indeed close to the former as she had starred in a slew of roles ranging from leads, supports, and even guest starring as herself.

Ritter’s Future in Television Shows

With Krysten Ritter securing the role as ‘Jessica Jones’ in the titular show in 2014, we are sure that Ritter will be on television sets via cable television and Netflix for the next few years. Ritter is set to continue playing Jessica Jones in the upcoming 3rd season of the show, set to be released spring of 2019. Krysten Ritter will also continue to play Jones in other shows like ‘The Defenders’ and ‘Luke Cage’

The Filmography of Krysten Ritter

TV shows and modeling and music are not the only ventures of Krysten Ritter. Ritter has been fortunate enough to secure countless roles in movies. A few of them include: – ‘Someone Like You’ as an uncredited Model (2001)
– ‘Freshening Up’ as the ‘Girl on the Couch'(2002)
– ‘Garmento as the ‘Poncho Model’ (2002)
– ‘The Look’ as ‘Mara’ (2003)
– ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ as an ‘Art History Student (2003)
– ‘Slingshot’ as ‘Beth’ (2005)
– ‘Heavy Petting’ as the ‘Innocent Bystander’ (2007)
– ‘The Last International Playboy’ as ‘Ozzy’ (2008)
– ’27 Dresses’ as ‘Gina the Goth’ (2008)
– ‘What Happens in Vegas’ as ‘Kelly’ (2008)
– ‘Glock’ as ‘Beretta’ (2009)
– ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ as ‘Suze Cleth-Stuart’ (2009)
– ‘She’s out of My League’ as ‘Patty’ (2010)
– ‘How to Make Love to a Woman’ as ‘Lauren’ (2010)
– ‘Killing Bono’ as ‘Gloria’ (2011)
– ‘Life Happens’ as ‘Kim’ (2011)
– ‘Margaret’ as the a Shopkeeper (2011)
– ‘BuzzKill’ as ‘Nicole’ (2012)
– ‘Vamps’ as ‘Stacy Damien’ (2012)
– ‘Refuge’ as ‘Amy’ (2012)
– ‘Listen Up Phillip’ as ‘Melanie’ (2014)
– ‘Veronica Mars’ movie as ‘Gia Goodman’ (2014)
– ‘Asthma’ as ‘Ruby’ (2014)
– ‘Search Party’ as Christy (2014)
– ‘Big Eyes’ as ‘DeAnn’ (2014)
– ‘The Hero’ as ‘Lucy’ (2017)

Krysten Ritter on Instagram

Being the model that Krysten Ritter is, it is not shocking that the ‘Luke Cage’ actress enjoys sharing pics of herself via Instagram. Ritter’s Instagram is cluttered with posts relating to her work on the set of ‘Jessica Jones’, ‘The Defenders’ and ‘Luke Cage’ as well as candid photos of the ‘She’s out of My League’ starlet. In regards to her Instagram analytics, Krysten Ritter has about 950,000 followers while following just under 500 people. Ritter also has over 2,000 pictures on her Instagram at the time of this post. In her free time, according to her Instagram, Krysten Ritter enjoys modeling what she is wearing because she probably made it herself. Ritter is also a knitter. Wow, that rhymed. Why doesn’t she change her Instagram handle to ‘RitterTheKnitter’? You can also expect to see her co-stars like ‘Luke Cage’ actor Mike Colter and the main villain of the season one of ‘Jessica Jones’, Killgrave, played by David Tennant on her Instagram.

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Krysten Ritter on Facebook

In conjunction with her presence on Instagram, Krysten Ritter also has a dominant page on Facebook. Her Facebook page consists of 374,000 likes with about the same amount of followers. So, statistically, that is a like by every person who has chosen to follow Krysten Ritter on Facebook! Those are some great Facebook analytics. Krysten Ritter’s Facebook page posts are synced with her Instagram. So if you follow one of the pages like Facebook or Instagram, then chances are you are going to see the same posts. Good thing Krysten Ritter is such nice eye candy!

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Krysten Ritter’s Curent Net Worth

According to ‘Celebrity Net Worth,’ Krysten Ritter is worth $7 million dollars at the time of this post. $7 million dollars is a huge plummet from her $185 Million net worth just a few years before. This could be due to a slew of factors such as improper reporting or a slowdown in roles while focusing on her character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ‘Jessica Jones.’ Despite the gap between her original and current net worth, Krysten Ritter’s work is sure to continue!