Krista Parmakoski Wiki: Everything To Know About The Olympic Athelete

Finnish skier Krista Parmakoski is having a great year. Read more to see how she did at the 2018 Olympic Games and her current net worth.

Heading into the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, Finnish skier Krista Parmakoski was riding high from a first place finish at the Cross Country World Cup.

During the winter Olympics, cross-country skiing tends to get overlooked by viewers because of the pretty costumes in skating or the awesome tricks in snowboarding. Even then, the biathlon gets more attention than the traditional skiers because they have guns. For the cross-country skiers, though, the 2018 Winter Olympic Games came smack dab in the middle of the Cross Country World Cup, so before the cross-country skiing events even started in South Korea, skiers were already racing their hearts out. One of those skiers is Krista Parmakoski, from Vaha, Finland. She’s been climbing the ranks in the cross-country ski world ever since her debut at the 2014 Winter Olympics. She also earned her first Olympic medal there, a silver in the 4×5 kilometer relay race. As she went in the 2018 Olympic Games, Parmakoski was riding high from a first place finish at the Cross Country World Cup and so set her sights on earning more medals.

Krista Parmakoski took first in the traditional 10km race at the Cross Country World Cup in late January, followed by Charlotte Kalla from Sweden and Heidi Wang from Norway.

Krista Parmakoski raced in six events at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and earned medals in three different events.

During the 2018 Winter Olympics, Krista Parmakoski skied in six events, two of which were relay races. Her relay teams placed fourth and fifth, but Krista herself earned two bronze medals in the 10km Freestyle Race and 7.5Km+7.5km Race (which combines Classic and Freestyle skiing). She also earned her second silver in 30km Classic race. She also took part in the Sprint Classic race.

When Krista wasn’t skiing, she was lighting up her Instagram with killer photo after photo of her skiing and with her teammates, who all looked like they were having a blast together. Krista also had plenty of coverage on Twitter as ski fanatics cheered her on.

Krista followed-up her performance at the Winter Olympics with another first place finish at the Cross-Country World Cup in the 10km Classic ski race in Lahti, Finland, where she currently lives. The Cross-Country World Cup goes on for another two weeks.

Krista Parmakoski’s personal life is just as thrilling her professional cross-country life, with a net worth that’s only growing.

Other than cross-country skiing at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Krista Parmakoski also got married that year, to Finnish sports coach Tommi Parmakoski Tommi Parmakoski works with both Formula 1, an autobahn racing group, and hockey. When there’s no snow for Krista to ski on, she enjoys bicycling in the summer. Krista’s passion for her sport is plastered across her Instagram, and her fans surely cheer her on on Twitter.

As for net worth, athletes don’t get paid to be at the Olympics, but they do receive bonuses for each medal they win. So with three medals, plus sponsorships with Teho Sport and Take a Soup, Krista made bank this year. Overall, though, snowboarder Shaun White was the winter athlete with the highest overall net worth at $40 million dollars. But Tommi Parmakoski is a coach, so there’s no question about whether the Parmakoski pair is well off. If Krista keeps improves in the next four years as she did between 2014 and 2018, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games are sure to be great for her.