Kimberly Williams Paisley Wiki: Top Facts About Brad Paisley’s Wife

You know everything about Brad Paisley, but what about his equally talented wife? Here are five facts about actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Top Facts About Brad Paisley’s Wife

When the last name Paisley is heard, it’s usually about the Grammy Award-winning country singer and CMA Awards host Brad Paisley. For nine years he’s hosted alongside fellow country star Carrie Underwood, but there’s another talented lady in his life; his wife, Kimberly. Kimberly Williams-Paisley might be occasionally overshadowed by her country superstar husband, but she’s a shining star in her own right. She boasts a net worth of ten million dollars and a career that’s spanned three decades. The forty-five-year-old actress is one of Hollywood’s most underrated talents, and it’s about time she became as well known as her husband. Here are five fast facts about the actress you need to know.

1. She’s been in show business for thirty-two years

While her husband Brad Paisley has found amazing success in the country music world, Williams has found plenty of success of her own over the years. She’s been involved in the entertainment industry since she was thirteen years old. Her first big breakout role was in the 1991 hit “Father of the Bride”, where she starred as Steve Martin and Diane Keaton’s daughter. The photo above shows Williams with Steve Martin again, decades later. She’s played a variety of different roles throughout her long career in both television and film, and even has a few theater roles under her belt. Some of her most well-known work comes from her appearance as Dana in the ABC sitcom “According to Jim”, her recurring roles on both “Nashville” and “Two-and-a-Half Men”, and of course “Father of the Bride” and it’s sequel.

2. Brad fell for her after seeing “Father of the Bride”

The Whisky Lullaby singer saw Williams for the first time while watching the film and was so drawn to her he just had to meet her. She seemed to have all the qualities he liked in a girl, so in an effort to introduce himself and get the chance to ask the actress out, Paisley offered her a role in the music video for his song “I’m Gonna Miss Her.” Williams and Paisley wed in 2003 after a nine-month engagement. The ceremony was a traditional one, Williams wore a wedding dress and they exchanged vows in a chapel, but the reception was much more lighthearted. It was a backyard barbecue bash, and Williams even ditched her wedding dress to throw on some denim.

3. She’s a mother of two

In February of 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee, Brad and Kimberly Williams-Paisley welcomed their first child into the world: baby boy William Huckleberry Paisley, who they affectionately refer to as Huck. It wasn’t long before they extended their little family, welcoming Jasper Warren Paisley to the bunch, only two years later in April 2009. Paisley believes laughter is one of the keys to marriage and overall happiness. It’s something he tries to pass on to his children with the help of his wife. From the looks of Paisley’s comedy special “Comedy Rodeo”, he’s on to something. Paisley’s a bit of a country comedian, to the world, and more importantly to his wife and children.

4. Her sister, Ashley Williams, is also an actress

Kimberly wasn’t the only one in her family to catch the acting bug growing up. Her baby sister Ashley followed in her footsteps, making her big screen debut in the film “Indian Summer”, which also featured Kimberly. Ashley went on to land a recurring role on the popular soap opera “As the World Turns”, and has had a steady career ever since. She’s been in numerous television movies and kept up the trend of playing recurring roles, having appeared in over a dozen shows. She recently starred in “The Jim Gaffigan Show”, playing a fictionalized version of Gaffigan’s wife, as Victoria in the popular sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, and made her Broadway debut. Ashley has a net worth of three million dollars. Ashley and Kimberly are incredibly close, often seen supporting one another in whatever they do. Ashley’s even attended Paisely’s concerts with her sister.

5. She wrote a book in honor of her mother

In addition to being an actress, Kimberly Williams-Paisley has an array of other talents. She’s a producer, a director, and most notably, a writer. Williams published her first book in 2013; a children’s book entitled “Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden”. Her second book was about something much closer to home. Three years after her children’s book was released, Williams’ autobiographical book dedicated to her mother was published. In “Where the Light Gets In: Losing My Mother Only to Find Her Again” Williams opens up about the struggles her mother and family faced when she was diagnosed with dementia. The cover showcases a photo of Williams with her mother before they learned about her illness. Williams wrote the book in hopes of sharing her knowledge and giving some hope to those in a similar situation. Williams’ book for her mother went on to become a New York Times bestseller.

All About Brad

The other half of this celebrity power couple, Brad Paisley is a singer songwriter who’s been a major player in the country music world for quite some time now. Breaking onto the scene in 1999 with his debut album “Who Needs Pictures”, Paisley’s released a string of successful hits, year after year, and is one of the industries most popular artists. Paisley credits his grandfather, who gave him his first guitar, for his undying love of country music. His grandfather Warren Jarvis, who he named his second son after, was one of his biggest supporters and Paisley has a hard time believing he’d be as successful as he is without him. Jarvis not only gave Paisley his first guitar at eight years old, but taught him how to play it too. By the time Paisley was ten, he was skilled enough to start performing in public. Paisley’s first performance, like many country singers before him, took place at his local church. The community of his small town was behind him, and he ended up performing in countless events, everything from Christmas parties to Mother’s Day celebrations. Paisley became the go-to for music needs in town events. Paisley wrote his first song at the age of thirteen, “Born on Christmas Day”, a track that made it onto his 2006 Christmas album “Brad Paisley Christmas.” Paisley’s original holiday tune helped push him onto bigger and better things. After Paisely’s junior high principal heard him perform the song, he invited him to play at a local club meeting. A radio station director heard Paisley’s performance at the very same meeting, and asked him to be a guest on his country music show “Jamboree USA”. It was his appearance on the show that turned him from a country star hopeful to an actual star. Paisley spent the next eight years opening for country singers, he performed at musical festivals, and went on to become the youngest person inducted into the “Jamboree USA” hall of fame. From then on Paisley had enough momentum to carry him through his younger years to find success as an adult. Paisley studied for two years at West Liberty State College in West Virginia, before moving on to Belmont University in Nashville. While in Nashville Paisley interned at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Atlantic Records and a management firm. Paisley met his future producer and his songwriting partner while in college. It took Paisley a mere week after graduation to sign a songwriting contract with EMI Music Publishing. Paisley would go on to write multiple hits for other recording artists, all leading up to the debut of his own music career. Now he’s one of the world’s most successful country artists and a fan favorite in the country music industry. There aren’t many who don’t know the name Brad Paisley these days.


While some might think of Williams and picture her singing along to Paisely’s “Whisky Lullaby”, laughing along to the “Comedy Rodeo”, or cheering on her husband and Carrie Underwood while they host the CMA Awards, there’s a lot more to her than simply being the country star’s wife. Kimberly Williams Paisley is a star in her own right, with the extensive career and incredible talent to prove it.