Kevin Nash Wiki: Wrestler, Net Worth, ‘Magic Mike XXL’ & Facts To Know

Kevin Nash is a renowned wrestler who has won various titles in the ring. Find out more about him here including his net worth.


Kevin Scot Nash was born in Southwest Detroit in Michigan. He is currently 59 years old and was born on July 9, 1959. Kevin Nash’s parents were called Robert and Wanda Nash. Nash’s father died when he was 9 years old, while his mother died of breast cancer in 1994. Nash attended Aquinas High School; later, he graduated with a degree in Psychology from Tennessee University. Nash also minored in Educational Philosophy in the same university. Nash volunteered to play basketball at Tennessee University where he stayed in the team for 4 years. On the fourth year, Kevin Nash reconsidered his career and started playing basketball for various teams in Europe. Nash’s career as a basketballer ended in 1981 after he joined the 202nd Military Police Company in Giessen where served for 2 years. After his promotion to a specialist, Kevin Nash decided to change his career to a wrestler.

Kevin Nash as a Wrestler

Kevin Nash’s wrestling career started when he first wrestled as Steel, followed by Master Blazer and later as Vinnie Vegas. It was during this time that Kevin Nash caught the eyes of the WWE icon Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels insisted that he joins wrestling as an in-ring enforcer. Nash’s life changed from that moment, as he became Shawn Michaels’ bodyguard. Kevin Nash took the name Diesel in the wrestling world. Kevin Nash is blessed with a remarkable size and athletic ability. He won the Inter-Continental Championship and later he captured the World Tag Team Titles together with Michaels Shawn. They made a championship in WWE. Since he was Shawn Michaels’ bodyguard, he decided to go on his way. Thereafter, Nash defeated the legendary Bob Backlund and won the WWE championship. Nash won six times world championship, five times WCW world heavyweight championship and one time WWF champion and not forgetting 12 times World Tag Team Champion.

His Career in the Entertainment Field

After Kevin Nash had established his sports career, he decided to join the entertainment industry where he began acting TV films such as Love Boat, The Teenage Witch, The Next Wave, Sabrina, and Nikki. Kevin Nash’s recent movie was Magic Mike that was aired in 2012. Magic Mike is an American drama film by Steven Soderbergh. The film is about a male stripper experience. Kevin Nash also played a role in magic mike XXL as Tarzan. Magic Mike XXL is about female sexuality. Nash also landed a role in the movie series the Punisher, where Nash takes the role of the Russian. In this remarkable TV series the Punisher, we see how Kevin Nash portrays his remarkable character. Unfortunately, the Punisher accidentally stabbed him in the movie. Kevin Nash was so carried away with acting as the Russian and in the heat of fight with the Punisher, Nash did not recognize that he had been stabbed accidentally. Kevin Nash also landed a role in the Longest Ride. Nash took the role of Guard Engelheart. The Longest Yard was produced in 2005.

Facts to Know About Kevin Nash

1. Kevin Nash Arrest

The legendary wrestler Kevin Nash was arrested due to physical altercation with his son Tristen Nash. He claims that his son came home wasted and started the fight. Kevin Nash’s son Tristen spit on his father’s face and tried to elbow him. This led to Kevin Nash beating his son. Hours after Kevin Nash was arrested, his son Tristen Nash was arrested for the domestic fight. Tristen Nash had tried to beat his mother Tamara Nash.

2. Contract Suspended Indefinitely

Kevin Nash WWE contract has been suspend indefinitely. The contract demands Kevin Nash to fulfill his limited work dates with special appearances, which Kevin Nash has not done. His last appearance was in 2014 where he met with his colleagues Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall.

3. Nash’s Marriage

Kevin Nash was previously married to Tamara and they have a son called Tristen Nash. Kevin and his wife Tamara Nash broke up in 2000 after they got married in 1998. Later on, Kevin and Tamara Nash decided to reconcile and got back together. Nash’s son Tristen is an aspiring musician who posted his video 4 years ago while playing with guitar.

4. Founders of New World Order

Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan are the founding members of the New World Order (NWO) in 1996 promotion.

5. Nash Early Career

Kevin Nash played basketball for different teams in Europe in his early life before joining wrestling world. He also played in Tennessee University as a basketball player for four years.

6. Wealth

Kevin Nash net worth is $8 million dollars. His net worth has accumulated due to his wrestling career as well as his entertainment career. He has established his career for several decades. Kevin Nash is still making his career grow in entertainment field after he retired from the sports field for a while.

7. Ring Name Diesel

The legendary professional wrestler Kevin Nash has won six times world championship, five times WCW world heavyweight championship, one time WWF champion and lastly not forgetting 12 times World Tag Team Champion. Kevin Nash is recognized worldwide as Diesel, Oz, and Chet Lemon. These names were his ring names over the years

8. Net Worth

Kevin Nash has been wrestling for over 8 years. Kevin Nash has established his career and is recognized worldwide as the legendary wrestler. Nash ring names were Diesel, Oz, and Chet Lemon. His net worth is currently $8 million dollars. He has won world championship six times; Nash has become a world heavyweight champion in WCW five times, and he won the World Tag Team Championship 12 times. Kevin Nash has also participated in several TV films and series such as the Magic Mike XXL, Magic Mike, the Punisher and the Longest Yard, Sabrina, Love Boat among others. Nash has also appeared in TV reality shows to talk about his acting career. He continues to make his career boom. Kevin Nash is a professional world championship wrestler. Nash has established his career in both entertainment field as well as sports. He began playing as a basketballer in Tennessee University and later changed his career path and became a MP in Germany. His last career path landed him fame making his net worth accumulate. Kevin Nash is a remarkable man who has accomplished a lot in his years.