Keri Lewis Wiki: Singer, Net Worth & Facts About Toni Braxton’s Ex Husband

Get to know more about Keri Lewis, a singer and the ex-husband of Toni Braxton. Below are facts about him that you need to know including his overall net worth.

Keri Lewis: Toni Braxton ex-husband

Most of the adults living today grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s when music was not just music. Those were the days that stars like Toni Braxton made songs that conquered the radio waves. Braxton wasn’t the only artist who had so much success back then because there was also her ex-husband Keri Lewis, a successful singer performing with his band, Mint Condition. Every once in a while there is some news about Toni Braxton that might surprise her fans and this time the news was that Braxton was engaged to the CEO of ‘Cash Money,’ Birdman. This has led people to questioning how Keri Lewis has been since he finalized his divorce with the singer. Lewis has been on low profile these days and has not even released any new music, at least not that we are aware of. 49-year-old Keri Lewis was born in Minnesota and was a student at Central high school in Saint Paul. Since he was a child, Lewis had a passion for music and even played the keyboard since his childhood. His big break when Lewis got a chance to join R&B band ‘Mint Condition’ in 1980. He was doing what he loved doing, both singing and playing the keyboard while performing with the band. The group first consisted of singers like Stokley Williams on lead vocals, Homer Larry Waddell, their keyboard player, Homer O’Dell, Roger Lynch, Ray Coleman and Kenny Young. However, Coleman and Lynch left the group and were later replaced by their schoolmates Jeffrey Allen who plays the saxophone and Keri Lewis himself who is talented in playing the keyboard and synthesizer. Another person who joined the band later on was Ricky Kinchen, a Chicago native who plays bass. After a while, the band broke up for unknown reasons and ‘Mint Condition’ was no more. The reason why they split is still unknown but it’s most likely they were all facing personal problems. ‘Mint Condition’ is known for songs like ‘Breakin’ My Heart,’ ‘Forever in Your Eyes,’ and ‘Are You Free.’ After the band called it quits, Keri Lewis went solo and began his career on his own. He went ahead to work with numerous artists including his ex-wife Toni Braxton. Lewis currently composes, co-wrote and produced songs for celebrated artists. Toni Braxton’s ex- husband also worked on his first album ‘Love’ months after he left Mint Condition but it didn’t have massive airplay like ‘Breakin’ My Heart,’ ‘Forever in Your Eyes,’ and ‘Are You Free.’ However, his two songs, ‘You Love Me’ and ‘End Me Nothing’ got some attention.

Keri Lewis: Marriage and divorce

Toni Braxton met her ex-husband and the father of her sons, Keri Lewis when ‘Mint Condition’ opened for her on a tour. Afterward, Braxton started spending more time with Lewis and it wasn’t long before the singer and the musician began dating. They felt like they could make a family that woke up to the keyboard and mic so they married and started a family of their own.
What made their relationship look more deserving was the fact that the pair shared the same taste in the music. Lewis was an R&B music creator while Toni Braxton was an R&B singer. The two married in April 2001, tying the knot in Atlanta among the attendants Usher, Monica, and the group TLC. After close to 10 years of marriage and with kids of their own, the couple announced that they were going their separate ways. The divorce was filed in November 2009 and in 2013, the divorce was finalized.

Finalizing the divorce

Toni Braxton became a single lady after she divorced her ex husband, Keri Lewis in 2013. The singer told ‘US Weekly’ that the pair had had an amicable split and both of agreed to raise their two sons together. In October 2012, Braxton spoke about her failed marriage with Lewis. She stated that she wanted to plan her life and Lewis was no longer a part of that plan. At the time, Braxton was angry with everybody including Lewis and she had a difficult time accepting the fact that her marriage was over. The worst thing was that her ex husband, Keri Lewis, wasn’t being supportive. Braxton’s problems got worse in 2010 when she filed for bankruptcy. She was also diagnosed with lupus. The cause of her bankruptcy was her lavish lifestyle that Lewis never helped to pay for. At the time, Toni was starring in the WEtv reality show, ‘Braxton Family Values,’ her family’s show which her ex husband, Keri Lewis was also a part of. In the same year, Braxton had announced that she was retiring from music during her ‘Good Morning America’ interview. She told the host that her love for Lewis was no more and wasn’t affecting her like it did when she was performing. She added that she wasn’t sure what was happening to her and thought it was probably a mid-life crisis.

Will they reconcile?

It’s been four years now since Braxton and her ex husband Lewis, known for songs like ‘Breakin’ My Heart,’ ‘Forever in Your Eyes,’and ‘Are You Free,’ finalized their divorce. There are many other couples that divorce for reasons only known to them, however, marriages are meant to last forever and parents are supposed to raise kids in one home and see them grow up to start their own lives. Some couples, like Braxton and Lewis, forget that they vowed until death do them part. Keri Lewis and Toni Braxton lived separately for over four years before their divorce was official. Despite the fact that the couple divorced, they have set an example for people who go through a divorce with young children in tow. They have exercised peace between them and even though Braxton is not so open about her relationship status, she has found love in Birdman, a rapper and producer. It seems everything is going well for the couple at the moment so let’s hope that love lasts. Keri Lewis, Toni Braxton’s ex husband, is doing just fine and he is focusing on his profession as a musician. Lewis has not been seen with anyone meaning that he is perhaps spending some great time alone.

Settling child support with her ex-husband

After Braxton and Lewis divorce in 2013, they were still in and out of court in a legal battle involving their kids. Braxton had accused her ex-husband, Lewis of not paying child support for their children. The singer served Lewis with a child support contempt lawsuit in October 2014 in Georgia Court. The lawsuit was meant to obtain an order to collect child support from Lewis. The documents revealed that she was to receive $2,000 every month from Lewis to support their boys. However, the following yea, Braxton filled documents in the case as well and dismissed the lawsuit voluntarily. That meant that she had settled her matters with Lewis out of court and the case was closed that same day. Opening up about the case, Braxton revealed that she did that so that Lewis would support his children but after he saw the lawsuit, he preferred not to be dragged into a court case again yet again. He had already been a lot through when they were processing the divorce and he didn’t think he could handle much more. Braxton also took the time to speak about her New Zealand tour that was starting back then as well. She also talked about the tour as well and apologized to the New Zealand people for waiting so long to see her show. She also promised that it would be a great show and worth the wait. Hopefully, they had fun.

Facts about Toni Braxton’s ex-husband

He has two sons with his former wife

In late 2001, Braxton gave birth to Denim Cole, the firstborn of the former couple. The following year, Toni Braxton discovered that she was pregnant when she was about to release her fourth album. The songstress had to be confined to bed rest until she gave birth to yet another son, Diezel Ky in March 2003. Rhe former couple received a major blow to their family when Diezel was diagnosed with autism on his third birthday. However, Lewis and Braxton acted fast and they were able to help their son receive treatment and by the time Ky was 13, his disorder was already manageable. Now, Lewis and Braxton have been Autism awareness ambassadors speaking about the effects of the disorder.

He was supportive of his ex-wife in her health problems

In 2008, when she was still with Lewis, Braxton had a surgery which a benign lump was removed from her breast. The same year, Braxton was in a show at the Flamingo Hotel and she collapsed. The remaining part of the show had to be canceled and the remaining days pushed to August of that year. After she was taken to the hospital, Lewis’s ex-wife she was diagnosed with a small vessel disease known as Microvascular Angina. Late that year, she was diagnosed with yet another disease known as pericarditis-an inflammation of the sac that surrounds the heart. Reports indicated that her brother also had the disease.

He has no social media account

It’s unfortunate that there are people, especially stars who aren’t on social media. How do they connect with their fans? One of those stats is Keri Lewis, who is believed not to have any social media account. Lewis is not on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Keri Lewis is also not a controversial person and therefore blogs work hard to find juicy stories about him, but he is careful. Ever since he split with Braxton, not much has been heard from him.

His net worth

According to ‘Celebrity Net Worth,’ Lewis has a net worth of $50 million dollars while his ex-wife has a net worth of $10 million. Lewis made his fortune with ‘Mint Condition’ performing ‘Breakin’ My Heart,’ ‘Forever in Your Eyes,’ and ‘Are You Free.’ However, his two songs, ‘You Love Me’ and ‘End Me Nothing’ and also from his solo career.

A rather silent man who loves to keep it low, Keri Lewis might be forgotten by the world and will only be remembered only when Braxton makes headlines.