Kenan Thompson’s Wife: Everything About Christina Evangeline

Get the essence about Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline

You might have first stumbled on him back in the 1990s in Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy series All That, where he co-starred with Kel Mitchell. Today, American actor and comedian, Kenan Thompson, is a cast member of the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live since 2003. 


Here, we will discover more about Kenan and his wife, Christina Evangeline. It’s going to be captivating – an Emmy award, trips to Disney World, the lesson of perseverance, and all. 


Kenan Thompson the Talented SNL Legend

After appearing in movies, voice acting, and guest starring, Kenan returned to sketch comedy in 2003 when he joined the cast of SNL. However, this didn’t happen at the first try. He disclosed that he had sent audition tapes multiple times for a couple of years, with SNL replying that he looked “too young” to join the show. This is where perseverance in one’s goals and dreams is the key to success.


Before being cast, he was a featured player until 2005, where he played black women and other characters. It was in 2013 that he refused to play the same role and demanded that SNL hire black women instead. Fast forward 17 seasons, Kenan is now the record-holder for the longest-tenured cast member in the show’s history. He is also the longest-serving African-American cast member in the show. 

Source: Instagram/kenanthompson

True to his nature, Kenan also holds the record for the most celebrity impressions performed on the show, with a total of 139 impressions. SNL is Kenan’s “Forever plan,” even though it initially began as a stepping stone towards other opportunities. He won the ‘Primetime Emmy Award’ for ‘Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics’ for SNL in 2018. 

Kenan Thompson’s Wife: Christina Evangeline

Source: Instagram/yoevangeline

On November 11, 2011, Kenan married Christina, a model, actor, and wellness advisor. She also appeared in a short film Mini Supreme in 2015. While not much is known about her childhood and educational background, Christina has kept the public on the loop with her current life. 

Interesting Facts About Christina Evangeline

If there’s one thing you need to know about Christina, it’s that she is an active member of her community, has a huge heart, and is a part of or has been acquainted with numerous organizations and advocacies. Below are a few of the many interesting facts about Christina Evangeline.

Founder of Evermore

As someone who has gone through the pain of losing a loved one, Christina, with the help of her therapist friends Michele and Jack, set up the non-profit initiative, which is all about camaraderie. “Evermore” has often been dubbed as “a dinner party for anyone trying to cope and move on after losing a loved one.” 


Don’t get it mixed up with a pity party, by any means. “Evermore” is all about getting a chance to meet and identify with others who have gone through similar experiences as you.  

Source: Instagram/yoevangeline

Their background reads: Deep down, we all understand that love is never lost. Life moves forward, and we can be here to celebrate that. And if you’re not ready to let it all out, that’s fine! You don’t have to actively share; being there at all counts as an active engagement in the process of healing. We just wanna feed your stomachs and heart.

Passionate about photography and travel

She is also passionate about photography and travel. A quick look at her social media accounts would verify that. She takes a break from her daily grind and travels with Kenan and their two daughters. Their experiences are well-documented, too! 


For example, they visited Disney World in 2017 with her daughter, Georgia, to celebrate her third birthday. 

Source: Instagram/yoevangeline

Popular in Instagram

Christina goes by the handle @yoevangeline on Instagram and has over 16,100 followers. She posts selfies, uploads videos of their adorable girls as well as photos with famous people such as Bill Murray…

Source: Instagram/yoevangeline

…or a photo with Paul McCartney and Paul Rudd

Source: Instagram/yoevangeline

Associated with an NGO devoted to finding a cure for pontine glioma

She is a part of “The Christian Rivera Foundation, ” a non-profit organization with advocacy of finding a cure for pontine glioma, an extremely aggressive and complex brain tumor typically located at the base of the brain. The organization’s namesake, Cristian Rivera, was diagnosed with the same tumor at the age of four and unfortunately passed away two years later. 


Christina and her colleagues are working nonstop to ensure that no other family has to suffer the way Cristian’s did. 

A part of the “Save the Children Foundation”

“Save the Children Foundation: is all about being a community that focuses on the importance of our children’s health and happiness. Christina is a frequent contributor and supporter of the foundation. 

Other foundations she’s been a part of

You might have guessed it by now that Christina, as a wellness advisor, is a part of many more organizations and initiatives. According to her website, she has volunteered with and supported My Stuff Bags Foundation and the American Refugee Committee. 


Through all of her involvement in various organizations, Christina is able to help children, families, and individuals alike to gain access to resources they require to live happy, healthy, and successful lives. She is an advocate for someone never to have to feel that they are going through anything alone.

Loves Italy

Source: Instagram/yoevangeline

Looking through her Instagram, one would see numerous posts of their family vacation in Italy. They visited Florence, Rome, the Vatican, Amalfi, Isle of Capri, Venice, and Milan. Christina gushed about the country, saying she loves everything about it. Being the photographer that she was, she naturally developed a keen interest in Italy’s classic and sophisticated history, culture, and architecture. 

Has a helping heart

Source: Instagram/yoevangelin

On March 22, amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that has affected the world, Christina did what she could to help her community. Her helping heart pushed her to start an initiative to help the elderly, pregnant, or anyone with a compromised immune system. 


They offered their services to shop safely, deliver groceries, pick up prescriptions, and run other local errands in the Tampa Bay Area for those who have difficulty doing so. Kudos to you, Christina!

She is a Queen fan

Source: Instagram/yoevangeline

It looks like Christina is raising their daughters right by introducing them to iconic artists. “As per her request, tonight we’re a Queen family, 🤘🏽” she wrote in an Instagram post on January 8, 2020. 


Watch them bob to Queen classics here. 

Interior design is her thing

Kenan revealed on The Wendy Williams Show that Christina is an interior designer. She is what you call a woman who loves to dabble and thrive in many environments. 

Her Net Worth

According to Celeb Center, Christina has a net worth of around $900,000. She is a successful model, and this is her primary source of income. Meanwhile, has allegedly set Kenan’s net worth to be about $11 million. 

Source: Instagram/yoevangeline

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Without any scandal to their names, Kenan and Christina, who’ve been married for almost nine years, are definitely #relationshipgoals. While they might not be vocal about their personal love life online, it’s quite clear that the two have a thriving marriage. When it comes to their beautiful daughters, however, they go all out doting. 


A woman of the profession with a philanthropic heart, Christina is a successful woman, wife, and mother.