Keith Urban Wiki: Everything To Know About Nicole Kidman’s Husband

Both the public and media follow every step of one of the most attractive couples in Hollywood, which is that of Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban.

Keith Urban – private life

Although known as Nicole Kidman’s husband, this singer has an enviable career behind him. Keith Urban is originally from New Zealand but spent most of his childhood in Australia, which is where his parents immigrated to when he was very young. In a small town on the Golden Coast, Urban’s dad opened a convenience store. Shortly after completing his college education, he moved to America where he gave up the idea of continuing his education. When he decided to find happiness on the other side of the ocean, Keith Urban also met the darker side of the show business. Shortly after his first commercial success in the US, Urban became a cocaine addict. As for his love life, Keith Urban is not known for his affairs or scandals prior to his marriage with Nicole Kidman, with whom he has two children, a son and a daughter. He checked himself into rehab clinics several times, and Kidman admitted that they were close to filing for divorce several times because of his addiction.

Keith Urban – career and net worth

From a young age, Urban was introduced to country music because his father liked to listen to it. As soon as he showed he had the talent for singing and playing both the guitar and drums, his father decided to get him guitar teachers. Soon, Keith Urban began to compete in local competitions and talent shows, and also perform at theaters. Soon Urban joined a local band and recorded an album for the Australian market, but from that period, he is remembered for the duet song with Slim Dusty, and for being his backup vocalist while on tour. Keith Urban knew that his talent was not just for singing the backing vocals. He decided to try his luck in the country music’s homeland, Nashville in the US. And he made his point. Soon he founded the band “The Ranch,” and his success started with it. However, Urban thought that the band slowed him down, so he decided to continue onward with his solo career. His net worth increased every year, and apparently, it was a good move to leave the band.

The greatest successes of Nicole Kidman’s husband

Keith Urban has numerous hits on the top of the country charts. Some of his most famous singles are “Somebody Like You,” “Long Hot Summer,” “You Look Good In My Shirt,” and some of his latest hits are the Grammy-nominated song, “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” and “The Fighter,” which he recorded as a duet with young singer and “American Idol” winner Carrie Underwood. Urban and Underwood performed “The Fighter” for the first time live at this year’s Grammy Awards, and they received the sympathies of the audience for being a bit strange but dynamic duo with a very catchy song. An interesting fact is that many of his tracks have been used for movie purposes. For example, the remix of Urban’s 2002 single “Somebody Like You” was featured in the comedy “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.”

Keith Urban appeared as a judge in the Australian version of “The Voice” for one season, not wanting to continue his participation the following year. There were rumors of Urban b being in rehab during the second season of the singing show, however, neither his management nor Nicole Kidman confirmed or made a statement about that. Considering him competent, TV House FOX asked Keith Urban to participate as a judge in American Idol, where he replaced Steven Tyler and stayed for the show’s next three seasons. Interesting fact about Keith Urban’s career is that he actually “discovered” Taylor Swift during his “Escape Together” Tour, where Taylor performed as a still unknown singer.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman – did they divorce?

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are an interesting couple because of many reasons. From the very beginning, the public followed their every step. Starting from the difference in height (let’s face it, it’s hard to find a man who will fit Nicole Kidman in height) to a lot of controversies about Urban’s drug addiction, we can often read details from their private life. It was reported several times that they were divorced, however, although there were indications that their marriage had problems, Urban and Kidman did not make a statement about it. The first rumors started during his “Love, Pain and Whole Crazy Things” Tour, where Urban performed with Carrie Underwood, as the press immediately claimed they were lovers, which was also not proven. In public, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman leave the impression of a harmonious couple (if we ignore the height), and Urban looks like a loving and caring husband. The public was thrilled by his emotional reaction to this year’s Emmy Awards, as his wife won her first prize for a very demanding role in the “Big Little Lies” series. Also, Urban often supports his wife on social media, and one of the most emotional posts is the one where he “announced” Kidman as a Golden Globe winner, also nominated for “Big Little Lies.” Also, Kidman’s other show, “Top Of The Lake” is nominated for a Golden Globe, so Urban has every right to be proud of his gorgeous wife.