Keisha Renee Wiki: Everything To Know About ‘The Voice’ Contestant

The voice that can bring tears to your eyes while making you dance. The country music world has a new face, and it belongs to singer Keisha Renee.

It all began on The Voice

Keisha Renee has gone from being the background singer for Nicki Minaj to aspiring to attain her own career in the music industry. But Keisha Renee has faced many obstacles on her journey to stardom, from battling weight loss to the difficulties of being an African-American country singer. Even after Keisha Renee made her debut on national television on American Idol, the singer continued to face setbacks in her choice of music style. Now, with a second chance to grace American television sets, Keisha Renee is giving it all she has and leaving many wondering who is the “I Hope Dance”, “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, and “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” singer.

Blind Auditions with Singer Keisha Renee

The Voice begins with the chairs of all four coaches turned away from her. Keisha Renee steps on the stage of The Voice and begins singing. The sound coming from the beautiful singer astonished coaches as she sang “I Can’t Stop Loving You” causing all four chairs to turn. Immediate the stage presence of the unbelievable country singer was set for an unpredictable performance. All four coaches are in shock to witness history in the making as the country singer completes her number. Keisha Renee who had been told she’d best fit in the R&B or gospel genre decided to follow her love for country music and the judges agreed with her decision. Though all four coaches fought hard for her to join their team, Keisha Renee choice the coach she set her mind for and it was Blake Shelton.

Battle our Lonesomes Away

Their duet was a match made in country heaven. Keisha Renee and Noah Mac sang “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”, with such a harmony and connection it seemed the two singers had met one another in a previous lifetime. As Keisha Renee controlled her gospel-driven voice during her high tones and low roles, Noah Mac matched her during the harmonizing sections of the shared song. In the end, Keisha Renee proved your net worth in the country industry when Blake Shelton chose her to continue in the competition. So it seemed another contestant had once again made history on The Voice and this season proved to be not only entertaining, but enlightening as well.

Dancing through the Knockouts

It was with the song “I Hope Dance” that Keisha Renee officially stole her coaches heart and the position of country leader on The Voice. Keisha Renee sang the song with such poise and grace that the audience stood in ovation, the coaches praised her abilities, and she was rewarded with the gift of continuing in the competition to head off into the playoffs. One would believe Keisha Renee’s dreams had been realized as Keisha Renee elegantly received each compliment she received.

A Genre Like No Other

Keisha Renee is a singer on The Voice that stares obstacles in the face and gives them a wicked knockout. The young singer set the stage for success after years of being a local act to later becoming one of the background singers for Nicki Minaj. Keisha Renee exclaims that none of her successes came without struggles and hurdling through obstacles. Keisha Renee battled with weight loss upon giving birth to your child of which she’d gain 300+ lbs. After her pregnancy, she made a point to lose the weight and continue with her musical career. Her decision set the path for her success as Keisha Renee continued to embark on the dreams of becoming a country singer.

Who is this new country singer Keisha Renee

Keisha Renee currently stands as one of the few African-American country singers setting her net worth in the music industry higher than most beginners as she competes for the win on The Voice. Keisha Renee fell in love with country music and even moved to Texas in pursuit of a country career. Facing many critics at the time, Keisha Renee was consulted to continue a career in R&B or gospel as her voice was best suited for those genres. Keisha Renee did not let that stop her and made a brief appearance on American Idol. And though the experience on the show did not bring about the successes she’d desired, Keisha Renee continued pursuing her dreams. If one could learn anything from the story of Keisha Renee, it would be that dreams do come true but not without a bit of sweat and tears.

Making it to Nasheville

The yellow brick road that leads to Nasheville is becoming less and less harsh for Keisha Renee. As she continues to impress Blake Shelton, it would seem her prayers had been answered. The new country singer landed the exact coach she desired to take her the rest of her route to stardom. With Blake leading Keisha Renee, one would think the coach could win the entire competition with this one singer. Keisha Renee has shown her fans that giving up is not an option when it comes to fulfilling one’s dreams and succeeding. Keisha Renee is breaking boundaries for generations to come and setting new records as she continues to compete on The Voice to win it all.