Kayla Rae Reid Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Ryan Lochte’s Wife

Kayla Rae Reid and Ryan Lochte got married on January 9, 2018, in Florida. Here are five facts about Ryan Lochte’s wife.

Who is Kayla Rae Reid? Know Ryan Lochte’s wife

Kayla Rae Reid is the wife of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. Kayla Rae Reid was born in Fairfax, Virginia in 1991. She was the Playboy ‘Playmate of the Month’ for the year 2015. Ryan Lochte is a competitive American swimmer. He is also a 12-time Olympic medalist having six golds, three silvers and three bronze medals to his credit. Lochte is ranked second in swimming behind Michael Phelps. Ryan Lochte was born in Rochester, New York in 1984. He announced his official relationship with model Reid in October, 2016. His wife, Reid moved to Palm Springs, California at the age of 10. She was interested in modeling since she was young and pursued cheer-leading when she was in college so that she could enter the entertainment industry. As soon as Reid completed her studies, she started working for Monster Energy Family as a Monster Girl. The two began dating in March, 2016. When Ryan was asked about what his ideal type of girl would be, he said, “Honestly, if she can make me laugh, then I’m pretty much sold, If she’s not funny, she’s taking life too seriously and that’s definitely not how I live my life. I have fun in any aspect of life.” He further added, “I’m an Olympic athlete, and there are a lot of demands I have that go on in my life,” he said. “I’m always on the road. If [women are] always depending on me to help them, or they’re not independent, that’s a big turnoff.” After only five months of dating Lochte, Reid was introduced to his family by him. They had not kept their love life a secret and used to post a lot of photos on their Instagram accounts. Ryan Lochte came up with a nickname for both of them, Rayla. The model posted a few pics of both of them underwater when she was pregnant with his child on her Instagram account. Reid had written, “Just when you think you think you have it all figured out, life always surprises you with blessings when you least expect it. So excited to share this news with all of you!” The couple took to social media to announce the coming of their first child. Lochte wrote, “My Christmas gift came early this year, can’t wait for next year! Best news I’ve ever received.” Reid was pregnant before she became his wife. The two married in January 9, 2018. Their marriage took place at Courthouse in Gainsville, Florida. They welcomed their first child together, Caiden Zane before their marriage. They delayed their marriage plans after the arrival of their first child. Kayla Rae Reid has always been Lochte’s biggest supporter. He once told in an interview, “She’s stuck behind me this whole entire time when I was at my darkest point and she was my rock. That’s when I knew, I’m not letting this one go!”

Net worth

The net worth of Kayla Rae Reid is estimated to be around $800 thousand. That is indeed a whopping amount! The net worth of Ryan Lochte is no less; he is estimated to be the owner of around $6 million.

Five facts about Kayla Rae Reid

If the couple intrigues you, then you have got to check out some amazing facts about Lochte’s wife, Reid: 1. She was Playboy’s playmate of the month She was named Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in July 2015. Reid once said in an interview that her hobbies include cooking and being outdoors. “Sunshine, summertime– my thing. Cocktails, pool– love it. Friends, family– love it.” She added that she loves to watch documentaries and is a very active person. 2. She met Lochte on Tinder They were generally very hush-hush about their affair initially. But later, Reid said that their meeting had something to do with an online dating app. “He was on Tinder. I might be on Tinder. That’s all I’m going to say about it.’ 3. She was a ‘Monster Girl’ model for Monster Energy Reid was a “Monster Girl” model for Monster Energy before modeling for the Playboy. While working on the motor sports circuit, she got a test shoot with Playboy, which is how that part of her career started. 4. She has met Lochte’s parents Their relationship became so serious within a few months, that Reid soon met Ryan’s parents. Lochte sent a Snapchat of Kayla sitting in his lap with his mom and dad posing in the background when he had taken her to visit his parents. 5. Lochte was dating a sixth-grade teacher before Reid Before Reid came into his life, Lochte was dating his sixth-grade teacher and soccer coach, Amanda Sauer. He had also been in relationships with celebrities like Carmen Electra and swimmer Blair Evans.

The couple blissfully entered into marriage last week this year. Their son, Caiden is 7-months old now. Their marriage was witnessed by Lochte’s father, Steven Lochte. We wish the family many years of health and happiness.