Katy Tur-Her broadcasting career, her 2017 memoir ‘Unbelievable’ of her experiences on campaign trail of Donald Trump and her relationships delineated here!

Katy Tur

Her memoir

Katy Tur had quite difficult two years when she was appointed to follow Donald Trump’s campaign trail. She was the first national news reporter who was assigned to this job ever. Talking on it and her memoir called Unbelievable, Katy Tur said:

“It’s a truth of beat reporting: The bigger your subject gets, the bigger you get.”

Source: Vogue (Katy’s memoir)

She was a political novice at that time and was previously posted as a correspondent in London. Her reporting on this campaign was appreciated and awarded and she was one of the strongest critical reporters of Donald Trump’s campaigning.

She was ridiculed time and again by Trump. This he did during his interviews, on his Twitter account and also in rallies. His supporters too joined in mocking Katy Tur. The friction was palpable and reached a peak when NBC had to appoint private security for Katy Tur since there were threats to her life.

Katy Tur’s courage

But Katy Tur was not one to be frightened of Trump’s taunts and threats from him and his fans. She also got overwhelming support from her colleagues and employing company with the hashtag #InWithTur.

Source: Hollywoodlife (Katy Tur)

Washington Post named his public lashings of Katy as a vendetta and wrote:

“his public lashings on Twitter and at rallies seemed to become obsessive, as if he were acting out a frustrated crush.” 

He used to label her as ‘little Katy’ with her height of 5 feet and 3 inches. She has in her memoir called it as “the ever-deepening weirdness between Trump and me.” He left no chance to belittle her. He had even planted a kiss on her cheek and called her fantastic in a taunting manner.

Source: NBC News (Katy with Donald Trump)

Talking about her memoir and the reasons for writing it, Katy said:

“This is not a guarded memoir. It’s very honest. And the feelings I have in it were the feelings I had in the moment. I think it’s good to have that wall: This is not about me. This is about the journalism. It’s also sometimes good to break down that wall. I think the more we allow people to see who we are, to understand that we’re real people, to see how we do things, the more you build trust. It’s missing right now: trusting journalists. I think that’s one of the reasons I did it.”

About Katy’s career until now

Katy had earlier reported for  KTLA, HD News/CablevisionNews 12 BrooklynWPIX-TV, and Fox 5 New York. In 2009, she joined NBC’s local station WNBC-TV and also worked as a storm chaser for The Weather Channel. She has covered many high-profile cases and has received various awards for her excellent reporting.

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Her early life

Katy was born on 26 October 1983 in Los Angeles, CA. Her parents are journalist Hanna Zoey Tur and Marika Gerrard.

Source: Allstarbio (Katy Tur)

In 2001, she completed her school graduation from the Brentwood School and later joined the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2005, she obtained the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

Her married life

She is a married woman. Her husband is Tony Dokoupil who works as a correspondent for CBS News. The couple tied the knot on 27 October 2017 in Utah.

Source: Zimbio (Katy Tur and Tony)

Earlier from 2006 to 2009, Katy was dating the then-MSNBC sportscaster and political commentator Keith Olbermann.