Katie Wright Wiki: Everything To Know About Hank Azaria’s Wife

Hank Azaria and Katie Wright have been married since a long time now. Find out everything you need to know about Hank Azaria’s wife from below.

Who is Hank Azaria?

Henry Albert or ‘Hank’ Azaria is an American actor, comedian, producer and voice actor. He was born in 1964. Azaria has starred in the animated television sitcom, ‘The Simpsons’. He has rendered his voice for Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Carl Carlson and many others. He attended Tufts University and later joined the TV Show although he did not have much voice acting experience. He later became a regular in the second season of the show. Many of his performances on the renowned show were based on famous characters and actors. Azaria shot to fame through his live-action appearances in films such as ‘The Birdcage’ in 1996, Mystery Man in 1999, Godzilla in 1998, America’s Sweethearts in 2001, Shattered Glass in 2003, Run Fatboy Run in 2007, Along Came Polly in 2004, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian in 2009 and The Smurfs in 2011. Since 2017, Hank Azaria is starring as the title character in ‘Brockmire’. Azaria has also had recurring roles on television series ‘Mad About You’ and ‘Friends’. He played the title character in the drama, ‘Huff’ from 2004 to 2006. Azaria also appeared in the famous stage musical, ‘Spamalot’. In an interview while working on the ‘Huff’, Azaria said, “It was a very difficult show to make. As rough and hard to look at as the subject matter was, the doing of that show was equally difficult. It was very logistically challenging. There were a lot of disagreements about what the show should be, and Bob Lowry-who wrote the show, who is brilliant-it was tough to marry our visions all the time, and we both cared so much about it that neither of us were willing to let go. So it was one of those difficult situations where… I think it came out great, but that was the grain of sand, if you will, that created the pearl. And it was also because the subject matter was so rough. It was kind of hard to do that all day long. It’s a lot more fun to do a comedy all day long. But I got to work with my very close friend Oliver Platt, who was one of the reasons I wanted to be an actor. When I went to Tufts, we did a lot of productions together, and he was equally great back then as he is right now. I found his performances back then inspiring. They inspired me to want to keep going as an actor…Working on that show, I just remember… Especially the first year was the hardest, most emotional job I had, both due to acting the subject matter and agreeing on what we were going to put out there. It was dark.” Azaria is popularly known as a comic actor but he has also done more dramatic and serious kind of roles including the TV films, ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ in 1999 and ‘Uprising’ in 2001. Hank Azaria has won six Emmy Awards and one Screen Actors Guild Award. In an interview regarding ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’, Hank Azaria said, “Working with Jack Lemmon was a tremendous learning experience. I asked him a lot about acting. It was actually very moving when I realized halfway through shooting that… Jack actually was quite ill when he shot that, so I think that’s why the material spoke to him so much.” Hank Azaria was married to actress Helen Hunt from 1999 to 2000 but the marriage did not last long. He married actress Katie Wright in 2007.

Who is Katie Wright? Get to know Hank Azaria’s wife

Kathryn Wright was born in 1971. She is a former American actress. Wright started her career with the TV Show ‘Wonder Years’. She appeared in only two episodes in ‘Wonder Years’. After that she bagged leading roles in numerous television films. Wright also appeared as a regular on two prime time soap operas, ‘The Short-lived Malibu Shores’ and ‘The Melrose Place’. Wright also got some training as a film writer and film director. Wright got the Best Actress Award at the 2000 Slamdunk Film Festival for her role in the movie, ‘Hairshirt’. She also co-produced the same. Wright took retirement from acting in 2001 and studied to become a family therapist. She started residing in Italy then. Katie Wright is the daughter of Mary Wright and Scott Wright. Her father is a physician. She was born in Kansas City, Missouri and was raised in in Villanova, Pennsylvania. She graduated in 1990 from Harriton High School. She has a half-brother who is fellow actor and ‘Idle Hands’ co-star Jack Noseworthy. Katie Wright has been married to actor/director Hank Azaria since 2007 and gave birth to their son, Hal Azaria in 2009. Katie co-starred with Keri Russell in the TV Show ‘Malibu Shores’ in 1996. The net worth of this celebrity is still under review, it is assumed that her net worth might be quite high.

Interesting facts about Katie Wright

Katie wright shot to fame with her movies, ‘Idle Hands’ in 1999, ‘Its Pat: the movie’ in 1994 and A.I. Artificial Intelligence in 2001. She also appeared in the movie, ‘The Demon Within’ in 2000. ‘The Demon Within’ is also known as ‘The Sculptress’. While working in ‘Idle Hands’ with her half-brother, Jack Noseworthy, she came to know only then about her relationship with him. Katie Wright also appeared in a drama movie, ‘When Friendship Kills’ in 1996. ‘When Friendship Kills’ is about a single mother who tries to save her teen daughter from anorexia induced by weight-loss pact with a bulimic fellow classmate. Katie also appeared in a small role as Mia in the 1999 film, ‘Late Last Night’. ‘Late Last Night’ was a television film directed and written by Steven Brill.