Kathryn Newton Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Abigail From Big Little Lies

Actress Kathryn Newton continues to rise in Hollywood with a growing resume, an eventful past, and a bright future with numerous roles in several shows.

Kathryn Newton Wiki: 5 Facts To Know

The young, up-and-coming actress has had an eventful past with a bright future ahead. From TV shows to movies, all the way to her amateur professional golfing career, Kathryn Newton has more on her plate than most young women her age – with a side of growing success.

An Actress Ahead of Her Age

At only 20 years old, Kathryn Newton is quickly making a name for herself. Like most up-and-coming actors and actresses, the snowball effect of project after project is quickly taking hold. With an acting career dating back to 2001 with at the young age of 4, it was clear that Newton knew from the beginning who she planned to be. Between her childhood and schooling, to her aspirations of being a female professional golfer and actress, Kathryn seems to have found her true calling in front of the camera.

From a TV Show to the Silver Screen

Beginning her acting career in 2001 at the age of 4, Newton appeared in her first credited role on “All My Children” until 2004. During that time, she also starred in two short films, “Abbie Down East” in 2002, and “Bun-Bun” in 2003. After her run on “All My Children,” Newton took a short break. After picking her career back up in 2008, it was a role in CBS’ “Gary Unmarried” that got Newton in front of the camera once more. For two years, Newton maintained her role on the show as Louise Brooks, which ultimately led to her receiving two Young Artists Awards or “Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series” and “Best Performance in a TV series (Comedy or Drama)”. Following Newtwon’s time on the show, the actress continued on with smaller TV appearances and smaller supporting roles, such as 2011 film “Bad Teacher” alongside Cameron Diaz. In 2012, Kathryn landed her first true lead role in “Paranormal Activity 4”. During this time however, the actress was still deciding where her focus would turn as the possibility of women’s professional golf had been alluring since she first began the sport at a young age. Continuing to work in both fields, Newton narrowed her desires towards the film industry, and after a boisterous and busy year, she isn’t looking back. After starring in the 2017 releases of “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing”, “Lady Bird” and HBO’s “Big Little Lies”, Newton now continues to feel the affects of her success with a new batch of television and movie appearances quickly piling up. Newton’s future projects include the likes of a “Supernatural” spin-off after joining the show in its 10th season, along with the Seth Rogen produced film “Blockers” and BBC TV show mini-series “Little Women”. Both “Blockers” and “Little Women” will be a further step forward for Newton as she continues to perform her way into bigger and more prominent roles.

Roles You Might Not Remember Her In

TV Show Appearances

From 2008-2010, Newton made her return to the small screen when cast in the supporting role of Louise Brooks in CBS’ “Gary Unmarried”. In this role, Newton won two Young Artist Awards for “Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series” and “Best Performance in a TV series (Comedy or Drama)”. Newton then made small appearances on well-known TV show series, such as “Mad Men” and “Dog With a Blog”. She also had a reccurring role in the 10th series of “Supernatural” as Claire Novak that has since created a spin-off show titled “Wayward Sisters” and scheduled for at 2018 release with Newton in the lead role. Recently, Newtons’s recurring role as Reese Witherspoon’s daughter in HBO’s “Big Little Lies” has earned her even more recognition as an actress with the mini-series success.

Movie Roles

With the craze that came to audiences in the Paranormal Activity movie franchise, what was nearly an annual film release from 2010 – 2015, following the original film’s debut in 2007, viewers were given a frightful and terrifying experience. In 2012, with Newton’s acting career on the fringe of swinging upwards or maintaining only lesser, supporting appearances, Newton landed the lead role of Alex Nelson – the haunted teen in “Paranormal Activity 4”. Over 5 years later, it’s hard to remember Newton played the terrified neighbor of the series main antagonist, Katie. But the performance earned Newton a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actress.

Her Net Worth Is Already Over $1 Million

With a slim, yet up-swinging, resume under her belt, Kathryn’s estimated net worth is already estimated at over $1 million – an impressive feat at only 20 years old and with only one leading role in a film to this point. That leading role, taking in “Paranormal Activity 4” with only a $5 million film budget, grossed over $140 million worldwide and earned the actress a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actress. Newton has also grown her notoriety, specifically in past yea,r with the release of multiple movies such as “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing” and “Lady Bird”.

Teeing Up: Like Father Like Daughter

Kathryn’s father, David Newton, is a professional golfer and has seemingly passed on his talents to Kathryn. In 2012, after already establishing the beginning of her acting career, Kathryn announced she was working towards her goal of entering the U.S. Women’s Open. During her time in high school, Kathryn helped lead her varsity to a regional title as only a freshmen. While acting has become the forefront of her focus at this point, finding her path between it and golfing was a tricky scenario that has ended with her primarily in front of the camera.