Kathleen Matthew Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Chris Matthews’s Wife

Chris Matthews and Kathleen Matthews have been married to each other for more than 40 years. Find out amazing five facts about Chris’s wife, Kathleen Matthews.

Kathleen Matthews, the wife of Chris Matthews

Kathleen Ann Matthews is a former Marriott International personality. She is currently quite active in politics from the Democratic Party. Matthews served as the chief communications and public affairs officer for the hotel Marriott. Before Matthews joined the Marriott, she served in journalism sector for around 25 years at WJLA-TV. Kathleen Matthews is also the wife of MSNBC’s journalist, Chris Matthews. Kathleen Matthews was born in 1953 in San Francisco, California. She has completed her schooling at San Francisco after which she attended the Stanford University to complete her graduation. Matthews has received the honorary doctorate from the University of South Carolina and Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. Matthews has served 25 years in the journalism segment. She began her career as a production assistant at the ABC’s Washington DC affiliate WJLA in 1976. She has served the television channel as a producer, writer, reporter and an actor. Matthews was also the host and executive producer of the program ‘Working Woman’ and has also hosted the political show ‘Capital Sunday’. Matthews has been awarded nine local Emmy Awards, Edward R. Murrow Award and some other awards during her career in journalism. She was accredited with the title of ‘2002 Washingtonian of the Year’ and also the ‘Woman who means business’ by the Washington Business Journal. Matthews served as the Executive Vice President of Global Communications and Public Affairs at the hotel Marriott International in 2006. Matthews resigned from her post at the Marriott in 2015. Kathleen has also been in the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board to the Secretary of Commerce. She was on the board of U.S. Travel Association, the International Tourism Partnership and the Economic Club of Washington and many others. She is also active in the World Economic Forum Policy Councils. Kathleen Matthews joined the politics in 2015 and declared herself as a candidate for Maryland’s 8th congressional district from the Democratic Party. She stood against Jamie Ruskin. Both of them supported gun control, campaign finance reform, clean energy and greater investment in education and research related to health. She was defeated by Ruskin in the April, 2017 elections. Kathleen Matthews is currently running for state party chair. In a recent interview, she stated that she was more interested in the chair’s job. Kathleen Ann Matthews has been married to her partner for more than 40 years. Her husband, Chris Matthews, is a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and MSNBC journalist. She got married to him in 1980. They have three grown up children. Their first son, Michael Matthews was born in 1983 and an American actor. They had their second son, Thomas Matthews in 1986 and their youngest child, a daughter, Caroline Matthews, was born in 1989. The couple resides in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Both of them have maintained a clean and devoted relationship and there are no known past affairs of either of them.

Net worth of Kathleen Matthews

The net worth of Kathleen Ann Matthews is unknown at present. Her husband, Chris Matthews earns $5 million salary per year and his net worth is estimated to be around $16 million

Five facts about Kathleen Matthews

Here are some interesting facts about Kathleen Matthews:

1. She left WJLA-TV to work for Marriott

Kathleen Matthews left her 25 year old career of journalism to work at Marriott. She wanted to do something different and completely out of journalism. She was hired as the executive vice president of global communications and public affairs for Marriott. She has previously interviewed, Bill Marriott, the chairman of the Marriott hotels and managed to cast an impression on him. He said in an interview, “I was so impressed with the approach she took and the way she handled the interview, and the fact that she came equipped with all kinds of knowledge,”

2. Kathleen ran for Congress in 2016, but was defeated

She was defeated by Jamie Raskin who was a state senator. He obtained 60% of the vote and defeated her easily. He assumed office from January, 2017.

3. Kathleen lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Their’s is a white-frame Victorian house built in 1885.

4. Chris Matthews, her husband is respected in his field

Her husband, Chris Matthews is highly respected in the domain political news. ‘Hardball’ with Chris Matthews is considered as one of his finest shows so far.

5. Kathleen Matthews is highly active on Instagram

Matthews is quite active on Instagram and has her own page as km4maryland where she posts a lot of photos of her political campaigns along with some of her personal photos.

Kathleen Matthews was chosen to be the interim Chair on March 2, 2017 after Bruce Poole resigned as Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party. Kathleen Matthews was elected to a four-year term as state party chair on May 6, 2017. She promised to renew the state party infrastructure during her reign. According to her, it had deteriorated quite a bit especially outside the traditional Democratic strongholds in Baltimore City and Prince George’s and Montgomery countries. She also promised to recruit and support candidates to purse an ‘all-Maryland strategy. The lady with a profound vision and an exceptionally strong personality continues to offer her services in the Democratic Party.