Katherine Langford Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Hannah Baker From ’13 Reasons Why’

Katherine Langford is an actress born and raised in Australia. Here is some information about the actress that you need to know including her net worth.

Katherine Langford Before She Came To America

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Katherine Langford is an Australian actress born on 29 April 1996. Most people know Langford for her role as Hannah Baker in “13 Reasons Why,” a Netflix series streaming in 2017, which she received a nomination for a Golden Globe. Langford was born in Perth, Australia. The actress was raised in a riverside suburb called Applecross. Both parents of Langford are doctors and her father, Stephen Langford, is the director of Royal Flying Doctor Service medical services. By being born in a stable family with a staggering net worth, Langford had the opportunity to do what she loved. Katherine Langford began voice lessons when she was nine, studied in Penrhos College in her primary years, and proceeded to St. Hilda for her secondary studies. Langford attended Perth Modern high school for her senior high studies where she studied music and drama. The actress was a well-known swimmer and sports captain at the college. Langford was interested in her parents’ profession and wanted to pursue medicine. The actress was also interested in politics in addition to musical theater, and that’s what she was studying in Perth Modern School. In 2012, just after Langford turned 16, she was inspired to learn how to play the piano after attending Lady Gaga’s concert. As a result, she had to quit swimming and focus on music and performance. Langford was successful in her endeavors and she graduated in 2014. After her graduation, Langford wanted to become an actress but got rejected by every acting school she applied to, because of her age and life experience. Following the developments, the actress enrolled in acting classes and workshops in her hometown while doing her three part-time jobs until she found herself an agent. She studied at the Principal Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts from 2014 to 2015.

Langford Was An Actress In Daughter

Katherine Langford was a cast for a 28-minute-movie called “Daughter,” that was released in 2016. The movie was an awareness project that covered instances of victim blaming as well as gendered violence in the society. Langford played the role of Scarlett, who was the main character. In the film, Scarlet (Langford) was a young, impressionable party girl along with Alethea and Jemma. Alethea was a businesswoman with a considerable net worth who was about to get married, while Jemma was a veteran sex worker and a mother. The movie was written and directed by Sarah Jayne and was the first movie for Langford. It was also the first film she landed the main role in and the movie helped to build her net worth.

The Hannah Baker Role

Langford then landed the role of Hannah Baker, a character in the “13 Reasons Why,” created by an American author, Jay Asher. “13 Reasons Why” is mystery drama series based on a 2007 novel going with the same title. The series tells the story of a high school student. Hannah Baker (Langford) committed suicide after some individuals at her school demoralized her. Hannah Baker’s friend is called Clay Jensen. The series was meant to be released as a film with Selena Gomez playing the role of Hannah Baker, but in late 2015, it was decided that it should be a television series. The series received some positive reviews especially for Langford and Dylan Minnette’s role. Langford was nominated for 2018’s Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress category.

Langford As Leah Burke

“Love, Simon” is an American comedy-drama that is set to hit the screens soon. The film is based on the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and is directed by Greg Berlanti. The film stars Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, and other actors. Langford plays the role of Leah Burke, Simon’s best friend. Simon’s role is portrayed by Robinson. In the movie, Simon is a closeted gay student who is forced to balance the people around him including friends and family and even threatened to reveal his true sexuality. The film will be released in March 2018 and Langford’s fans can’t wait to see her play her role in “Love, Simon.”

Who Is Langford Dating?

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Langford says that she is single, but nobody can be sure about that. Langford and Minnette played the on-screen couple in the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” as Hannah and Clay. But people and tabloids think that they are something in real life. There are speculations that Langford is dating Minnette as they have been posing for pictures together and posting them on their respective Instagram accounts. However, the rumors are complicated a little bit. Minnette is rumored to be dating Kerris Dorsey, and it’s certain that Dorsey and Langford can’t share one man unless they aren’t aware. So, it’s right to assume that Langford is single and ready to mingle.

Langford’s Net Worth

Langford is not very active on Instagram as she has only posted 52 photos, while Kim Kardashian posts more than that in one single day. She has 7.9 million followers but follows less than 800 people. Doctors have a fat paycheck that’s for sure, and Langford’s parents might have a net worth that can take care of her too. That hasn’t deterred her from making her own money and building her net worth. It is estimated that she has a net worth of $4 million and earns $1 million annually.

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Langford had a lot of interests, but it seems acting has taken form in her and Langford won’t be a doctor or politician. At least not anytime soon. But she is surely a great actress; enough to be nominated for a Golden Globe Award at a very young age. Langford has a bright future ahead of her.