Kate Winslet’s Net Worth: Just How Rich Is ‘Titanic’ Actress

The net worth of English Actress and singer, Kate Winslet, is around $90 million. She became popular due to her portrayal of the character ‘Rose’ in Titanic.

Kate Winslet – The ‘Titanic’ Actress

The actress has seen many ups and downs in her personal life, but professionally Kate Winslet has been on a high since ‘Titanic’. The adorable ‘Rose’ is still afresh in the mind of people. Kate Winslet, the Reading-born actress took home $2,000,000 for Titanic back in 1997. Then came another memorable movie called ‘Finding Neverland’, where she earned $6,000,000. Despite her earnings, Kate Winslet is one of the few actresses who gives importance to the role rather than the paycheck. After doing Titanic for such a hefty amount, she chose to act in films like ‘Holy Smoke’ where her remuneration was only $360,000.

Net worth of actress Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is an amazing singer as well, but most people talk about her acting prowess the majority of the time. She is adding to her net worth by doing meaningful films that pay her well. Take for instance her upcoming film ‘Avatar 2’, it is being said that her remuneration for the film is quite impressive. Gwyneth Paltrow bought Kate Winslet’s London house for $4,530,000 in the year 2004 adding up to her already impressive net worth. Lancôme signed Kate Winslet for their perfume and cosmetic brands at a whopping $1,600,000. How can we forget the lawsuit settlement that Kate Winslet had filed against a British newspaper? Kate Winslet earned $40,000,000 from the libel suit in 2009. In 2008, Kate Winslet was seen in two movies, ‘Revolutionary Road’ and ‘The Reader’. Kate Winslet charged $1,000,000 for both these films. Assuring that Winslet’s net worth is as impressive as her performances in films.

Kate Winslet’s association with Woody Allen

Kate Winslet faced a lot of flak when she decided to work with Woody Allen. At that time Woody Allen’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, claimed that Woody Allen used to sexually abuse her as a child. The allegations were still afresh when Kate Winslet signed on for Woody Allen’s film ‘Wooden Wheel’. Kate Winslet said in an interview that she didn’t know whether the allegation made against Woody Allen were true or not, so she didn’t find anything wrong in signing up for the film he would be directing.

Three babies from three husbands

Kate Winslet is a name to reckon with when it comes to her acting capabilities, but her love life seems to be pretty messed up. When Kate Winslet announced that she and Ned Rocknroll were expecting their first child, the internet started trolling her for having three babies from three husbands. Kate Winslet dumped her first husband Jim Threapleton even before their daughter Mia turned one. When Kate Winslet announced that she was divorcing Jim Threapleton after three years of marriage, everybody was shocked, including her friends.

Kate Winslet’s friend says that she is hopelessly romantic and has not given up on the idea of finding Mr. Right for herself. Even Jim Threapleton was shocked to hear about her decision to call it quits. Jim Threapleton didn’t have the chance to reconcile after Winslet decided things weren’t working out; she took her daughter Mia along with her when she left.

Within a matter of few weeks’ time, the tabloid reported that Kate Winslet was dating Sam Mendes. It is believed that Winslet started dating Sam Mendes when she was still with Jim Threapleton. Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet have a son, Joe, who is 9-years-old now.

Once Kate Winslet divorced Jim Threapleton, she married Sam Mendes in 2003. Winslet was already pregnant with their son when she got married to Sam Mendes. But unfortunately for Winslet and Threapleton, the relationship wouldn’t last forever. Kate Winslet divorced Sam Mendes in 2010 and her quest for true love started again.

In 2011, Ned Rocknroll came into her life. Ned Rocknroll is the nephew of Sir Richard Branson. Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll met on Branson’s Necker Island in 2011 and sparks flew between them. This time around it seems that Kate Winslet has finally met her Mr. Right in Ned Rocknroll. The relationship has brought a great deal of stability to her personal life so far.

Kate Winslet in Avatar 2

It took more than two decades for James Cameron and Kate Winslet to come together for a film. ‘Avatar’ was a huge hit and now, when James Cameron is planning ‘Avatar 2’, he seems happy to bring Winslet in on the fun as one of the Sea People in the upcoming movie. Kate Winslet is very excited about her role in the movie ‘Avatar 2’ both as an actress and as a fan of the franchise. The actress in her is up for the challenge of playing the role of the Sea People and she has started taking free diving lessons so that she can shoot the underwater scenes flawlessly.

The Academy Award winning actress

Kate Winslet is the youngest actress to win the Academy Award for her role in the movie ‘The Reading’. She has proven her mettle as an actress in several movies that have earned her six Academy Award nominations. Kate Winslet’s debut movie was way back in 1994 called the ‘Heavenly Creatures’, but it was ‘Titanic’ that helped her attain a strong foothold in the industry. She has a total of 53 awards from various platforms and 73 nominations to date.