Kate Hudson Wiki: Movie, Net Worth, Pregnancy, ‘Almost Famous’ & Facts To Know

The Golden Globe Award winner actress Kate Hudson has more to her than her movie career. Lets read all about her including her net worth.

Get to know actress Kate Hudson

The very pretty Kate Hudson is a well-known figure in Hollywood. She is one of those actresses who got a magnificent start with her blockbuster hit, ‘Almost Famous’. She shot to limelight as soon as she stepped into her acting shoes. Kate Hudson was born in Los Angeles to parents Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson. Her mother, Goldie Hawn is an Academy Award-winning actress and her father, Bill Hudson is a famous actor, musician and comedian. Her parents divorced when she was just 18 months old. Her mother along with her long time boyfriend, actor Kurt Russel, raised Kate and her brother Oliver in California. Born in 1979, this American actress is also a very successful businesswoman and an author. She rose to prominence with her acting in the film ‘Almost Famous’ which won her a Golden Globe award and also an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Kate Hudson considers Kurt Russel as her father and has no connection with her biological father. She also revealed in an interview that she regards her mother as her role model, guide, philosopher and best friend. She stated that she looks up to her mother and has also learnt a lot from her mother. She has four half-siblings: Emily and Zachary Hudson, from her own father’s later marriage to actress Cindy Williams; Lalania Hudson, from her biological father’s relationship with another woman; and Wyatt Russell, from her mother’s relationship with Kurt Russell. She practices Buddhism just like her mother and was raised Jewish. Kate Hudson completed her graduation in 1997 from Crossroads, which is a preparatory school in Santa Monica. She was later accepted at the New York University but she declined the offer and decided to purse her acting career. Over the years, Hudson featured in many other films including ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ released in 2003, ‘Raising Helen’ in 2004, ‘The Skeleton Key’ in 2005, ‘You, Me and Dupree’ in 2006, ‘Bride Wars’ in 2009, ‘Something Borrowed’, ‘Fool’s Gold’ in 2008, ‘Nine’ in 2009, ‘Deepwater Horizon’ in 2016 and ‘Marshall’ in 2017. Although Hudson could not create the same magic that she did in her debut movie ‘Almost Famous’, she managed to keep afloat in the industry. She co-founded the fitness brand and membership program, Fabletics. She also authored a few books and released her first book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body, in 2016. She penned her second book, Pretty Fun: Creating and Celebrating a Lifetime of Tradition in 2017. The actress sure has a flair for words and her books are not only informative but also an enjoyable read.

A peek into the personal life of Kate Hudson

Hudson found marital bliss with Chris Robinson. Robinson was the frontman for The Black Crowes. They got married in the month of December in 2000. Their first baby, son Ryder Russel Robinson was born on January 7, 2004. They traveled together as a family during Hudson’s shoots and Robinson’s music performances. But their marriage did not last very long unfortunately. In 2006, the couple announced their separation. They were granted divorce in 2007 with Hudson sharing joint custody for their son Ryder. Kate Hudson was once the victim of a false media hype. A famous newspaper once reported that Hudson had an eating disorder and as a result was painfully thin. Hudson was furious at the ‘blatant lie’ and went on to sue the tabloid. She was concerned about the impact such false news would have on her status. The newspaper later apologized and even compensated her. After her subsequent divorce with Robinson, Hudson moved on in life and began dating Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. They got engaged in April 2011 and Hudson gave birth to her second baby boy, Bingham Hawn Bellamy, on July 9, 2011. This engagement too ended in December, 2014. Although Hudson and Bellamy parted ways, they still are on friendly terms and co-parent their baby amicably. Kate Hudson got into a relationship with Danny Fujikawa soon after her previous relationship ended and recently in 2018, she announced that she was expecting her third baby, a girl, with long-time boyfriend, Fujikawa. The actress who is pregnant with her third baby right now revealed in an interview that this pregnancy has been the toughest of all three. Her pregnancy’s first trimester has made her very sick and that is the reason she has been absent on her social media platforms these days. She also mentioned how she tried to keep her pregnancy under the radar for a long time but eventually decided it was better to come out with the exciting news.

Career in movies

Kate Hudson kissed stardom early in her career unlike many other actors and actresses who have had to struggle a lot before they reach their limelight. 1996 to 2000 can be written as the initial phase of her career. She made her debut in 1998 in the film ‘Desert Blue’ followed by ‘Ricochet River’ in the same year. In 1999, she appeared in the comedy film ‘200 Cigarettes’ and then in the movie ‘Gossip’ in 2000. All these early films got her a name of a hard working woman who does not want to be associated with the name and fame of her famous parents. She wanted to make it big but make it herself in the industry and she was beginning to get noticed. She got her major breakthrough in 2000 in Cameron Crowe’s film ‘Almost Famous’. She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and was also nominated for an Oscar Award for the same category. The film was a super hit and would later be the most important film of her career. 2002 saw the actress star in the remake of the period film ‘The Four Feathers’. The movie was a major disappointment. But she proved her worth immediately in her next film ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’. The film ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ was a huge box office success. ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ grossed over $100 million making it the biggest film of her career adding to her subsequent net worth. Several romantic comedies followed after this film including ‘Alex and Emma’, ‘Raising Helen’ with Hudson doing quite well. She again nailed her performance in the thriller ‘The Skeleton Key’ released in 2005. This film too was a major success and it grossed over $91.9 million worldwide. Her next film, ‘You, Me and Dupree’ was of the comedy genre and it did quite well too. Hudson, later in 2007, tried her hands at directing. She directed the short film ‘Cutglass’. It co-starred Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Chevy Chase, Kristen Stewart and Virginia Madsen and was based on reader’s personal essays in ‘Glamour Magazine’. Next year, Kate Hudson appeared in the romantic comedy film ‘Fool’s Gold’. ‘Fool’s Gold’ was her second film with Matthew McConaughey. For the film, she had to get a certificate in scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. ‘Fool’s Gold’ did quite well at the box office. In 2009, Hudson starred in the film ‘Bride Wars’. The romantic comedy ‘Bride Wars’ was directed by Gary Winick. ‘Bride Wars’ is a film about two girls, who have been the dearest of friends since childhood and together made many plans for their respective weddings, turn into sworn enemies in a race to get married before the other. A few other films followed after that and in 2011, Hudson starred in the romantic comedy ‘Something Borrowed’. ‘Something Borrowed’ was based on Emily Griffin’s novel of the same name. Directed by Luke Greenfield, ‘Something Borrowed’ was a light-hearted American comedy film praised by the critics and audiences. Kate Hudson was cast in a recurring role on the Fox teen comedy series, ‘Glee’ in 2012. A few other films followed after that including ‘Wish I Was Here’ and ‘Good People’ where she appeared in supporting roles. In 2016, she appeared in the romantic comedy ‘Mother’s Day’ and later in the drama film, ‘Deepwater Horizon’. In 2017, she appeared in the film ‘Marshall’. The talented actress in 2013, joined hands with online fashion retailer ‘JustFab’ to launch her personal line of active wear and gym clothes. Her brand name is Fabletics.

Major Films that added to her net worth

Almost Famous was undoubtedly the biggest film of her career. Other major films include, ‘The Skeleton Key’, ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’, ‘Fool’s Gold’ and ‘Something Borrowed’. The actress has a great comic timing and some great skills. She takes her work quite passionately and the result is seen in her films. She is a talented dancer and a certified scuba diver. She learnt these skills in order to give her 100% to her role and we are quite impressed!

Upcoming movies

It’s really tough for a woman to part ways with her beloved locks but actresses thesedays cross boundaries to get that perfect look for a role and chopping locks is the current trend in Hollywood. Kate Hudson too, followed suit and decided to chop off her locks for her role in the upcoming movie, Sister. Kate Hudson is the new bold and bald in Hollywood. Her upcoming movie, Sister, stated to release later this year has been kept under wraps and so it’s difficult to tell why would Hudson need to cut off her precious locks for her role. For sometime, she wore wigs outside of the set to hide her bald look but eventually decided to debut it. She is not been seeing sporting her new hair do quite boldly. The actress from Thousand Planets, Cara Delevingne too had cropped off her lengthy and gorgeous locks for her role in the movie. Similarly, Kristen Stewart also chopped off her locks for her role in the movie ‘Underwater’. Kate Hudson is new to the gang and looks too cute even with her precious locks chopped!

Net worth of the actress

Kate Hudson has made a net worth of $38 million dollars for herself from her movies and books. She also gets a good income endorsing Fabletics which add up to her net worth.

She has made a good fortune for herself and her family. Her net worth is well deserved and we look forward to seeing her in her upcoming films.