Karen Pence Wiki: Everything To Know About Mike Pence Wife

Karen Pence is the Second Lady and wife of Mike Pence. Here are some facts about her net worth, paintings and Art Therapy.

The Woman Who’d Become Second Lady

The woman who would become the Second Lady of one of the most controversial administration to have served America is Karen Sue Pence, born on January 1, 1957. Karen Pence is one of the quietest members of the administration as the wife of Vice President Mike Pence. Karen Pence has worked as an educator, teacher, and painter. Second Lady Karen Pence shares her life with her husband of over thirty years, Vice President Mike Pence and has three children with her husband. Second Lady Karen Pence became the wife of Vice President Mike Pence in 1985 and has shared a life of charity and public service. Karen Pence began her political life as the First Lady of Indiana back in 2013 when her husband Mike Pence served as governor. As First Lady, Karen Pence helped bring into the awareness the importance of art in schools through paintings and art therapy programs. Since then, Karen Pence has continued to make a difference in the lives of the Indiana children through her educational contributions and many charities that she both funds and supports. The Second Lady Karen Pence is very outspoken about the importance of the arts in education and takes to Twitter to promote her initiative and paintings.

Mike Pence’s Wife: Karen Pence

Karen Pence is a wife, mother, businesswoman, and public figure in American politics. Throughout her career, Karen Pence has shared her views on the importance of the arts in education, creating and offering grants and scholarships to students of Indiana. The Second Lady Karen Pence has even taken on entrepreneurship with her business of selling charms for beach towels. Since the inauguration, Karen Pence has placed her business on the back burner to be the support system for her husband Vice President Mike Pence.

The Private Life of a Second Lady

Second Lady Karen Pence is a native of Indiana, having lived the majority of her life in the state. Karen and Mike Pence met in 1984 while attending a church service and later become husband and wife after nine months of dating. Second Lady Karen Pence comes from a religious background, both her and Mike Pence were Roman Catholics who later converted to evangelical Christians. Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence have a strong bond with American politics which has trickled to their children, as their first born Michael is serving in the Marine Corps. Though the couple shares three children, there was a period in her life where Karen Pence suffered from weight loss and infertility. After the presidency, Karen Pence opened up about the couple’s struggles to bear children. The couple went through medical procedures and even attempted at adoption before bringing their firstborn into the world. When Michael was born, hope entered the lives of Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence, and they were able to have two more children. Over the years, Karen Pence has battled with weight loss and understands the effects it has on a woman’s perception of herself. However, Karen Pence continues to focus on the important aspects of her life allowing her weight loss to gradually happen naturally.

Political Views of a Second Lady

Throughout the career of her husband as a congressman, as Governor, and now Vice President, Karen Pence has held the notion of the importance of Art Therapy for young children. In 2013, while her husband was serving as Governor of Indiana, First Lady Karen Pence created the Indiana First Lady’s Charitable Foundation which brings forth the importance of Art Therapy for the benefit of young children. The first grant was given to Riley Children’s Hospital Art Therapy Initiative, and Karen Pence continues as honorary chair of the initiative. Unlike most in the education system who don’t see the importance of the arts in education, Karen Pence enjoys bringing the arts to children. Most specifically the art of paintings and teaching are what Karen Pence specializes in. It takes a passion for the arts to bring the understanding to individuals who don’t see it as significant in the educational needs to young children, and Karen Pence is on the front line when it comes to bringing awareness and understanding to the importance of the arts in schools. The importance of paintings and art in the lives of young children is an initiative that the country can take into practice in general. Over the years, less art has been incorporated in American schools, and this creates a lagging in creativity and critical thinking skills of young students. For most students, paintings, drawings, and music are their form of self-expression, and Second Lady Karen Pence understands this and makes it her life’s purpose of bringing this issue to Capitol Hill for resolution. Now with the large public platform that Second Lady Karen Pence has with her new position, there are more opportunities for her to use social media platforms like Twitter to enhance the perception of the international world as well. As a prosperous country, our overall net worth is in the building of new generations and Second Lady Karen Pence understands this importance and strives to make it a public conversation regarding school programs.

Members of the Administration

As political members of the Trump Administration, Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence serve the American people with clarity of their beliefs and views. Over the past year of President Trump taking office, the levels of issues within his administration would have caused fragile members to falter; however, Mike Pence and his wife Second Lady Karen Pence continue trudging along. With all the Twitter wars fought by President Trump with the public, media, and international leaders, Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence prove that one must be of sound mind to support this administration. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Second Lady Karen Pence proves that platforms like Twitter can be used for positive agendas and the enlightenment of the general public.

Fun Facts about Karen Pence

10. Mike Pence calls his wife Karen Pence “mother.” 9. Karen Pence has an influence on husband Mike Pence’s conservative stances. 8. Karen Pence is the official Indiana Bicentennial Ambassador. 7. Karen Pence help launch the Labor of Love Campaign which aids to reduce infant mortality in Indiana. 6. Karen Pence loves painting and teaches art. 5. Karen Pence is a trained pilot. 4. Karen Pence is anti-same-sex marriage and shares the same views as her husband, Mike Pence. 3. Karen Pence believes in the power of prayer and is known as the “prayer warrior” of her family. 2. Karen Pence has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in elementary education. 1. Though the President-Elect states a net worth of over $1B, Karen Pence and husband Mike Pence share a net worth of a little over $2M.

Not the Average Second Lady

Karen Pence has shown that to be a Second Lady of the United States is an honor and privilege. Second Lady Karen Pence does her duties with poise and respect. No matter the outcome of her administration, Second Lady Karen Pence lives up to her title and lets nothing get in the way of her supporting her husband and being a wonderful wife. With all the issues that may arise both personal and public, Karen Pence stands as one of the administration’s members that America can depend on for stability and fairness. And most importantly Karen Pence shows that a woman can be strong and powerful even when dealing with personal issues such as she’s dealt with in infertility, weight loss, and the balancing of her professional and personal life.