Justin Paul’s Wife Wiki: Everything To Know About Asher Fogle Paul

Composer Justin Paul has had a pretty amazing year! He’s won several awards and he’s been nominated for Oscar 2018. His wife, Asher Fogle Paul, has been his biggest fan through it all! Read on to learn more about this amazing woman, including her overall net worth.

Asher Fogle Paul: A wife that supports her husband, Justin Paul, and his career

Back in 2010, composer Justin Paul, best known for Tony Award winning musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ and box office hits ‘La La Land’ and ‘The Greatest Showman,’ married journalist Asher Fogle Paul at age 25, and it’s an understatement to say he was a lucky man. Asher’s support for her husband floods her social media feed, with picture after picture of the two on Instagram and countless re-tweets on Twitter of all the amazing people her husband has worked with.

Loving Mother

Other than support her husband, Asher pours an endless amount of love into Emerson, or Emmie, almost age two now, and who could blame her? Emmie’s youthful joy and smile would brighten anyone’s day.

In March, the Pauls’ will attend Oscar 2018, where Justin’s song ‘This is Me’ is up for an Academy Award for Best Original Song, but hang on, because there’s more… At the end of 2017, Asher announced that the Paul family would be growing and Emmie would have a little brother before the end of March! Be sure to visit her Instgram feed and Twitter page at the beginning of April to catch a peek at their new little bundle of joy!

They both enjoy writing

Justin Paul’s net worth sits at nearly $9 million dollars it would be understandable if Asher just wanted to stay at home with their daughter all day but that isn’t the case. who being at Since 2008, Asher has been a freelance writer for multiple companies, including People Magazine. Currently she’s working as an editor for GoodHousekeeping.com, adding to the Paul family net worth.

Writing could end up being a Paul family tradition, so hopefully Asher and Justin’s children can soak up some of their parents’ talent and the world can have multiple generations of amazing stories and music from the Paul family.

The Paul family is sure to turn heads at Oscar 2018.

On top of being incredibly talented writers, Justin Paul and Asher Fogle Paul have been named one of the cutest couples at award shows on multiple occasion. Along with looking amazing at Oscar 2018, Justin’s anthem ‘This is Me’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’ is nominated for Best Original song, and after his numerous wins for ‘La La Land,’ there’s a good chance he’ll be up on stage thanking his wife for her support again.

Asher even noted that Emmie is getting more excited each time she gets to dress up with her parents. With the talent of her two parents, odds are she’s destined for several more red carpet appearances.

This family looks good off the red carpet, too, and even if ‘This is Me’ doesn’t bring the Pauls’ home a win, this talented writing duo is sure to have more loads more success in the future.