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Juan Pablo Di Pace, the actor and singer from Argentina, has begun his career in the UK with stage performances and films. He has also worked in Spain and later in TNT drama series called Dallas. It filmography has been extremely impressive as he gathered memorable roles on the way. Let us today have a sneak peep into his career journey and personal life by grazing through his bio!

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Juan and his early days

Juan is 38 years old and was born in the year 1979 on 25 July in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His family relocated to Spain when he was 12. He then lived in London for around 10 years of his life. He has an elder sister named Maria Victoria Di Pace who is a singer, actress, director and also an acting coach.

Source: IMDb (Juan’s elder sister Maria)

Juan is extremely fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish languages. He was a talented and bright student and received the United World College of the Adriatic in Duino, Trieste, which is in Italy. He went on to also study at the London Studio Center.

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Juan and his early acting

Juan first took to the theater to do acting and was cast in Chicago which was a musical in London. His face was on the front in the posters for advertisements which were displayed all over of the UK. He partly directed and also starred in Grease. There was a Spanish version of Saturday Night Fever made in Madrid and Juan was on this show as Tony Manero for two years in 2009 and 2010.

Source: Game of Thrones wiki (Juan as Drevyn in GoT)

It was produced by Stage Entertainment and won critical acclaim for the performances. He also did some more Spanish films and shows.

Juan and the British TV

Juan has been on several British shows on TV. He was in the BBC 1 comedy called The Catherine Tale Show, in film Aftersun, and also in New Tricks. He appeared in the soap called River City which he had joined in the year 2005.

His first film was Survival Island in 2005 and he starred in Mamma Mia! in 2008. When he migrated to Spain he did appearances in TV series and shows and also did music videos. In 2013, he began the show Dallas as the billionaire businessman called Nicolas Trevino.

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He got the role of Fernando in Netflix’s Fuller House. He started as a recurring member but was soon promoted to a regular cast. Talking about playing a dad for the first time on this show, Juan said:

“It was kind of weird at first because it’s the first time I play a dad. For sure I have a huge connection with Soni [Bringas]. She’s one lovely, sweet, talented kid. I couldn’t have asked for a better TV daughter. She’s so professional, affectionate and talented as well. She’s one of those kids who knows her lines before anyone else does. She’s uber prepared. She’s just so good at her job.

And then she’s also a talented dancer and really her timing is amazing. It’s a huge pleasure to work with Soni.”

He is seen in the main role of Carlos Gardel in the TV series Carlos Gardel the King of Tango which premiered in 2017.

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His net worth is $ 250000 and his height is 5 feet and 11 inches. He has brown hair and eyes.

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Juan and his girlfriend, dating, relationship, wife, children

Though Juan has played a dad on-screen, he does not have any children yet. He is a private person and keeps his life under wraps. He has not disclosed anything about his girlfriends or relationships and we do not know whether he is in a relationship, just straight single, or gay.

In Dancing with the stars

In the show Dancing with the stars, the actor is known to have good performances, one after another.

Speaking of his preparation for the show with his partner Cheryl Burke, he said:

“In 2016 I went to see Jodie Sweetin on the premiere episode, and I remember it made a huge impression on me, just how cool it all seemed. So that was what sparked me into thinking that one day I might do this, and two years later they came to me.”

He added,

“always been a fan of the spectacle of the show, how well designed it is and how it’s a competition about ability,”

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