Josh Villalta Wiki: Everything To Know About Nita Strauss’s Boyfriend

Guitarist Nita Strauss is in a relationship with Josh Villalta. If you are curious about him, then read on further to know more about her boyfriend.

Get to know Nita Strauss

Nita Strauss is one of the gems in the music industry and in the world of hard rock, and heavy metal. Her guitar playing skills and musical talent is profound. She has been invited to play as the lead guitarist in many famous musical bands. Born in 1986, the American guitarist shot to fame for her work with the musical band, ‘The Iron Maidens’. It is an all-female tribute band, which has given us famous songs like ‘Wasted Years’ and ‘Fear of the Dark’. Nita has worked with some many big bands such as ‘Femme Fatale’ and the ‘LA Kiss’. In June 2014, she replaced singer Orianthi in the band of American hard rock, musician Alice Cooper. Strauss ranked at the number one position on the list of ’10 Female Guitar Players You Should Know’ in the list by Guitar World. In June 2014, it was announced that Nita would play instead of Orianthi as Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist. She continues to play with them until today in 2018. In early 2016, Nita Strauss featured as the main guitarist on seven songs in Docker’s guide album, “The Heisenberg Dairies”. Recently, she also featured on the computer game “Heroes of the storm”. Nita Strauss never took any formal training for her heavy metal shows neither has she attended any music colleges. She recently launched her Pandemonium music video. Written, produced and recorded entirely by Nita, Pandemonium showcases her extreme talents on both guitar and bass.

Her boyfriend Josh Villalta

Nita Strauss appears to be very bold in her life. She has never spoken about her relationships in any of the interviews. There have been many rumors regarding her status and boyfriends and only recently we came to know about the mystery man in her life. This mystery man is none other than drummer Josh Villalta. She has posted numerous photos with Villalta on her Instagram profile and on reading the captions only we could assume that she is currently dating Josh Villalta. Looking at her Instagram and Facebook profiles, it seems that she has been dating her mystery man since a very long time. Although not confirmed by her, her photos and posts say the truth. Nita Strauss has often mentioned him as her king and the love of her life. They spend a lot of time together and from the photos posted, it is apparent that the duo spends a lot of time chilling and relaxing with each other. In a recent post on Instagram, Nita Strauss has written, “Happy happy birthday to the most hard working, talented, and wonderful man that I know!!! From business ventures, to music and personal life, I have never met anyone who can hold a candle to his drive, focus, and determination. I truly don’t know who or where I would be without him in my life.. All I know is that I’m so happy and grateful that we found each other when we did!!! ☺️ And I can’t wait for our next great adventure together!!! Josh you inspire me and make me better every day just by being you!! I wish I was going to be home to spend more of your birthday together but I’m getting there as fast as I can!!! Happy birthday baby!!!! See you soooooon!!!!! ” In this post, Strauss has expressed her feelings for Josh and also written, ‘I Love You’ in one of the photos. Her relationship status is obvious now. In another post, she has written, ” @thejoshv has been absolutely killing it lately… so proud of his hard work and accomplishments, seeing everything he has put so much time into starting to come to life and watching his new ideas as they unfold… and this is only the beginning ❤️ His passion and ability to make things happen always amazes me!! 🤗 Here we are on the Rocky steps in Philly a couple weeks ago… perfect time to say- Yo Adrian, WE DID IT!! I love you and can’t wait to see you in 2 days” It was known from his bio that he always wanted to be a drummer since he was little kid. He used to at times stay up all night learning and practicing playing drums. Eventually his parents got him a drum set. He is a self-taught drummer and musician. On reaching teenage, he contacted famous music bands and interacted with them thereby making some very famous friends. His contacts and skills helped him from his band, Choleric, at the age of 19. He has been ranked as the best drummer 4 times at the prestigious “World’s Fastest Drummer” double bass competition at the NAMM convention. Josh went ahead to form DJ/ Drummer outfit Beverly Kills which is a thematic live project that mixes hip-hop, rock, and EDM with accompanying visuals.

Net worth

The net worth of drummer Josh Villalta is currently unknown. The net worth of Nita Strauss is estimated to be around $20 million.