Josh McDermitt Wiki: TV Show, Net Worth, ‘The Walking Dead’ & Facts To Know

Josh McDermitt is a Hollywood actor and comedian who has taken part in several TV shows amassing a large net worth. Find out more about him here.

Josh McDermitt Wiki: TV Show, Net Worth, ‘The Walking Dead’ & Facts to Know

Josh McDermitt is an American actor and comedian in both the film and television industry. He has featured on several popular TV shows and has become a well-known entertainer who is still yet to perform in upcoming TV shows.

Early Life of Josh McDermitt

Josh McDermitt was born on June 4, 1978, in Phoenix, Arizona. His full birth name is Joshua Matthew Michael McDermitt. He is both Portuguese and Dutch and he has five siblings. McDermitt began acting at the age of 30, but his talent was recognized at the age of 15. Surprisingly, this means that he has had only a period of less than 10 years in acting, as he has not yet reached the age of 40. McDermitt currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Career Highlights in Films and TV shows:

Josh Starred in the Series The Walking Dead

In 2014, Josh McDermitt starred as Eugene Porter in the television series, The Walking Dead. This role made him more popular than any of his other performances. The series is based on a comic book written by Robert Kirkman and is about life after a zombie apocalypse. McDermitt entered the series at the beginning of season four where he plays the character Eugene, a scientist claiming to know the cure for the zombie situation. McDermitt depicts Eugene as an over-weight individual who has no survival skills and who is later discovered to have been just a science teacher. Eugene’s intent was to trick his fellow survivors into transporting him to Washington DC for refuge. This turns out to be a good idea as they find the Alexandria Safe-Zone where Eugene lands himself an engineering job. It is interesting to note that McDermitt had resigned from a previous well paying job in Arizona and headed for California not knowing what to expect. On reaching Los Angeles, he diligently pursued his acting career as a comedian. By getting involved in several films and appearances on TV shows in Los Angeles, he landed himself a spot in The Walking Dead series. This was a risky lifetime accomplishment for McDermitt. It was also his favorite TV show before he even got a chance to take part in the show. Josh McDermitt was also featured on the popular TV drama series Mad Men for two episodes. He played the part of George Payton in 2014 while the final episode aired in May 2015.

Josh McDermitt on the TV Sitcom Retired at 35

Josh McDermitt starred as Brandon on the American sitcom, Retired at 35. It aired its first episode on January 19, 2011, and renewed on March 21, 2011, for the second season, which kicked off on June 26, 2012. After running for only two seasons, TV Land did not renew Retired at 35 for another season and thus the original sitcom was canceled on December 13, 2012.

Josh McDermit on The Third Wheel

In July year 2013, Josh McDermitt starred in the short comedy film, The Third Wheel. He played the role of Mark who dates a lady called Gabrielle. Alana Grace, who is also a producer of the short film, plays Gabrielle. The Third Wheel storyline revolves around Mark who also has an ex-girlfriend named Amy. Katharine Emmer plays Amy’s role as the crazy ‘ex’ giving the film’s comical title, ‘The Third Wheel’. The Third Wheel was written and directed by Adam Lustick.

Josh in the Film Life in Color

McDermitt starred in the American drama film, Life in Color. It was released on March 14th, 2015, at the South by Southwest film festival. The film is directed and produced by Katherine Emmer who also features in the film as a star. The Associate Producer was McDermitt himself. Life in Color is a film about Mary, who works as a nanny, and Homer, a standup comedian. The film depicts Mary and Homer struggling with life challenges. Life in Color is a romance drama where Mary is portrayed by Emmer while Homer is McDermitt. The film has a happy ending where they manage to resolve their troubles by assisting one another.

Josh McDermitt in Middle Man

Josh McDermitt starred in the African-American comedy Middle Man. In Middle Man, McDermit portrayed the role of T-Bird, an egotistical standup comedian who is arrogant by nature. Middle Man is a comedy-drama film that was released on June 9th, 2017. The film Middle Man received a wide viewership.

Net Worth

Josh McDermitt is a comedian and actor with a net worth of $4 million. His net worth rose significantly in 2014 after starring in The Walking Dead film of 2006. He is excelling substantially in his acting career and he is bound to accumulate a greater net worth in the near future.

Josh McDermitt’s Personal Life

The comedian has kept his personal life quite private in regards to relationships. Different sources provide conflicting details on his marital status. Some give the impression that he is married while others claim that he is single. There are even websites claiming that he is gay. All the claims on social platforms have no grounds and McDermitt has never put it out in the open.

Facts to Know About Josh McDermitt

1. Josh McDermitt’s family was big. Josh grew up in Arizona. He has six biological siblings but his family has fostered kids from time to time. His family was exceptionally big having between 12 to 15 kids in the home at any one given time. McDermitt did not mind this arrangement and he adjusted to this style of living. 2. Josh McDermitt is a licensed hot air balloon pilot. The multi-talented Josh McDermitt learned how to pilot a hot air balloon from home. His family owned a hot air balloon that made his family seem to be weird. McDermitt’s father was the first enthusiast to fly the balloon on his birthday and then the family decided to own one. 3. Josh McDermitt worked at a radio station by age 15. McDermitt first appeared on Billy Ray Cyrus’ radio station, which was in Phoenix and requested a number of songs over time. Each time McDermitt would call the radio station, he would cunningly use a different voice. The 15-year-old attained the nickname ‘Cocko’ and became famous with this nickname. He was still in high school but pursued his newly found venture. McDermitt continued to play along using other nicknames until finally, the radio station hired him as an announcer of local news stories. He was later hired on for their radio show “Tim & Willy Show” as a producer until 2007. 4. Josh McDermitt made it to semi-finalist on the tv show Last Comic Standing. In the year 2006, Josh McDermitt made some awesome performances on the TV show, Last Comic Standing that saw him to the semi-finals of the competition on NBC. Last Comic Standing is an American reality television show that features performances from various comedians. Last Comic Standing aired from 2003 to 2010 and again from 2014 to 2015. In the first seven seasons of the series Last Comic standing, they competed for cash prizes and a television special. By the 8th season, the prize was an NBC talent deal and scripted project for Universal Studios. Afterward, McDermitt featured regularly on TV sitcom Retired at 35. Before this period, he focused on being a comedian but knew that he had it in him to perform in drama. McDermitt then went for drama auditions. 5. Jon McDermitt is a member of the Los Angeles Improvisational Comedy group called Robert Downey Jr. Jr. 6. McDermitt owns stock shares in The Green Bay Packers. Jon McDermitt is a keen football fan and in particular, a fan of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers where he admits to owning stock shares in the team. He says he enjoys the gratification of being able to assist them in their projects and to have the privilege of voting for their board members. 7. Josh McDermitt’s life experience featured on the Series Retired at 35. Retired at 35 is an American sitcom based on Josh McDermitt’s real lifestyle of living with his parents in a retirement community. In this movie, he played a supporting role from the year 2011 up to 2012. 8. Josh McDermitt featured on the final season of the series Mad Men. He played the role of George Payton after auditioning for the part. Usually, McDermitt did not shave his face but this film allowed him to wear his mullet hairstyle but had to clear his beard. The Movie reflects the early 1960s lifestyle of New York. 9. Josh McDermitt quit social media after receiving death threats. 38-year-old Josh McDermitt claimed that he received death threats citing that they were not clear if they aimed at him, or his character Eugene on The Walking Dead series. McDermitt received the threats on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which forced him to take the accounts down from social media. The reason for the death threats was unrealistic and purported to be from fans. The fans were unhappy by the turn of events in season seven of The Walking Dead. This is when character Eugene made an alliance with a criminal named Negan portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. This event took his fans by surprise and did not settle well with them. 10. Josh McDermitt imitated his brother’s mannerism to portray Eugene. McDermitt created the character Eugene with the mannerisms of his own brother, Zack. In his earlier days, Zack used to enjoy doing an impression of a Russian. Generally, Zack is a laid-back, cool kind of guy who never raises his voice. McDermitt portrays this same persona in Eugene on the Walking Dead film. The young 39-year-old Josh McDermitt clearly has his audiences captivated by his performances. This is because of the changing of character personalities and roles. McDermitt’s talent is attributed to his ability to brilliantly change faces, voices, style, and emotion. McDermitt is not swayed by his critics and haters. His focus is always on what he does and he evidently enjoys it. This being the case, the gifted actor is still in the field of acting and making his audience laugh. It is guaranteed that we are yet to see much more from this artist.