Josh Kelley Wiki: Everything To Know About Katherine Heigl’s husband

As a fan of actress Katherine Heigl a.k.a. Izzie Stevens, you know her husband, Josh Kelley. So here are some facts about him.

Josh Kelley Bio

Joshua Kelley, age 37, is a very successful American singer and songwriter. He had proven musical career in many genres, but his cup of tea is country music. Kelley had some successful pop and blues albums released during his career. Born in Augusta, Georgia, as a son of a doctor, Kelley made his first music steps at the age of 11, when his father bought him a guitar. It is noticeable in this case, that the talent is inherited since his younger brother is a musician, too. As teenagers, Kelley and his brother formed Charles formed a band called ‘Inside Blue’. He was a good, dedicated student and as that, he became a part of mentioned school jazz band, along with his brother. In 1998, Kelley graduated from Lakeside High School and continued his educating in the University of Mississippi, as a part of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

Meeting Katherine Heigl and becoming her husband

Before Katherine Heigl, Kelley had no turbulent love life and was not too present in the media. The two of them met when she accepted the role in his hit single, “Only You.” In an interview, Katherine Heigl admitted that Kelley was very charming and persistent in finding out more about her, in more or less subtle ways. It was precisely Kelley’s clumsiness in seducing that attracted Heigl to him. Kelley and Heigl got married in December 2007. The ceremony was magnificent, with numerous famous guests from Hollywood, including a whole cast of “Grey’s Anatomy.” The wedding was very romantic. Kelley and Heigl said yes with the song Kelley composed especially for that occasion, inspired by his love for his wife.

Kelley’s and Heigl’s kids

Playing Izzie Stevens in “Grey’s Anatomy” was very stressful for Katherine Heigl. The actress had problems with her intention to stay pregnant, so in 2010 she officially withdrew from the series. Since she has an adopted sister, Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley decided to do the same. In the year 2009, they adopted a baby girl from Korea, who was born with serious heart disease. After completing the surgery successfully, Heigl and Kelley got their daughter home. Two years later, they adopted another girl. In December of 2016, they got a son. After a 10-year battle for of posterity, this couple fulfilled their desire. In spite of this, their love for daughters is undeniable. What’s more, their girls are delighted that they finally got a brother.

Josh Kelley’s Career As A Singer & Net Worth

Although Kelley’s career officially started in 2001, he released his first solo album called “For The Ride Home” only in 2003. Describing it as a smooth mixture of pop, country, and blues genres, the song “Amazing” became a single instantly. It marked his career and was an excellent sign for the beginning of a successful one. In 2006, Kelley released another album called “Just Say A Word.” Before the album came out, the singer released the single called “The Pop Game.” This was significant to him because this song was his first self-produced project. In that way, Kelley showed he has some talent for writing and producing. In 2008, Kelley released three more albums, without any significant success. After releasing the hit single “Georgia Clay,” which separated from the album having the same name, the singer became interesting to the public. Kelley’s net worth is currently estimated at only $400k, although his new album “New Lane Road” sounds promising.

Colleagues of Josh Kelley

Kelley goes on tours with various artists where he mainly performs a few of his most famous songs, such as “Amazing,” already mentioned “Georgia Clay,” “Only You” and the songs from his latest project, “New Lane Road,” etc. Many musicians such as Rod Stewart and Ryan Cabrera support him and enjoy working with him, claiming that Kelley is very talented and that it’s a shame he doesn’t get enough attention. Many of his colleagues give him support. He did well performing soundtracks and by doing cover versions of many forgotten songs like “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “To Make You Feel My Love,” etc. The second was recorded many times by several artists, but Kelley’s version was exceptional.

Kelley As A Songwriter

His songs were featured in movies such as “John Tucker Must Die,” “The Ugly Truth,” “27 Dresses” and TV series like “One Tree Hill,” “The Australian Idol,” etc. Apart from being successful separately, Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley successfully cooperate in business as well. In 2012, Heigl directed a music video for Kelley’s single “It’s Your Move.” She also had the leading role in the video. Kelley also wrote numerous soundtracks for movies in which his wife acted. Heigl also produced Kelly’s last video for current single, “It’s Your Move,” which is among most beautiful country songs ever. Although he is very successful in the genres of pop and country music, his career doesn’t get enough attention from the media. Unfortunately, Kelley is recognized as Katherine Heigl’s husband, more than as a singer and a songwriter.