Jordyn Jones: 14 Facts About This Dancer and Youtuber

Story of this beautiful young star who is multi-talented

Hollywood is teeming with teenagers who have built themselves a career in a time so short that many old-timers could have only imagined back in their day. Not replete of an all-rounder, multi-talented young stars, a name apart in this handful of teenagers that have made it big in showbiz is that of Jordyn Jones.

To know Jordyn Jones more closely, let’s look at 12 facts about this teenager!

12 Facts about Jordyn Jones

1. She’s from Michigan

Born on an early morning in full-bloomed Spring in 2000, Jones was welcomed merrily by her parents Tim and Kelly Jones. Her hometown, Michigan, is where she spent most of her childhood in. She shared a modest home that her parents built with her two other siblings, Casey Schreffler and Skyler Timothy Jones. Her grandparents lived with her too.

2. Her family was supportive right from the get go!

Jones was yet to explore her talents when her family had sensed the spark in her. She was a chirpy little girl with a voice so sweet that everyone around her would be flattered. To make sure that their daughter had no difficulty in practicing the skills bestowed to her, they got her a computer, affordable musical instruments and made the circumstances as conducive as possible for her. That’s why she was able to hone her vocal cords and write her own music from a very young age.

3. She’s an incredible dancer since childhood

Singing just did not cut it for this talented young girl. She knew she had more potential, so she picked up her game and decided to audition for Abby’s Ultimate Dance in 2012. The judges were awe-struck by the manner that Jones at such a young age was able to channel her inner self through her dance moves. It did not come as a surprise to her family and competitors when she passed through every stage of the show to land the 5th position.
Though she might not have won the competition, it did give her the thing she needed to kick start her career: international recognition. Many brands approached her thereafter and her Insta page garnered thousands of followers, a blessing that she would later use to earn money and make a name in the industry.

4. Her first song went viral at the age of 14!

Her foremost shot at fame was her first-ever musical number, I’m Dappin’. She composed and uploaded the track on her self-named YouTube channel that became an instant hit. Many followers were amazed to learn that the singer was only 14 years old when the song went viral. It was a major BOP in 2014, playing on a loop over the radio.

5. She has worked as an actor on Youtube Originals

Her songs and dancing career opened up greater avenues for her. Jones’ start may be small, but every gig and project was to joist up her chances of making it big in Hollywood. YouTube Premium started its original shows and series in 2015 and the video-streaming giant’s first choice for a star was none other than Jordyn Jones.

Starring in the YouTube original series, Dance Camp, Jones was able to put to use her dancing and singing skills while bringing to light her unparalleled acting. The show was a great hit. YouTube, encouraged by Jones’ commitment and fan-following, signed her up as the leading actor of another successful show, Overnight. Jones continued to work in these two shows for every new season.

6. She has collaborated with Nickolodeon

The teen-channel, Nickelodeon, was wary of Jordyn Jones’ rising fame and talent. They knew who they wanted to perform in their 2015 Teens’ Choice Awards. Jones blessed the viewers and set fire to the stage with her sick dance moves. The number of viewers of the show increased manifold the moment Jones’ performance on-aired, turning her into one of the most viewed dance celebrities of the channel.

7. She has her own YouTube Channel


Jordyn Jones – YouTubeSource: Jordyn Jones – YouTube

Jones’ makes sure that she continues keeping in touch with fans and maintains her vocals by producing tracks for her YouTube channel that has around 1.95 million subscribers. With the advent of Tik Tok, her songs gained more recognition. Almost every Tik Tok user had to lip-sync to her tracks like BRUH! and Blind.

8. She even models on her huge Instagram page!

At just the age of 20, Jones has a fan-base of over 6 million. This is why both start-ups and renowned brands approach her for endorsing their products as they are pretty sure of Jones’s online influence that will help them score a faithful clientele. Her Instagram mostly features her professional life, with most posts being photos of her taken by professional photographers or edits straight from her modeling gigs. Despite her swelling success and fans, she does not side-line small brands and supports many new entrepreneurs by reviewing and recommending the lesser-known brands to her fans.

9. She has won a contest with her cover of Iggy Azalea’s Fancy

Perhaps, the most instrumental event of her career that gave Jones the recognition her talent deserves was her covering the American rapper Iggy Azalea’s radio-famous song, Fancy. It’s one of her most viewed videos on YouTube, currently sitting at 17 million views. It even won her first place in the Ryan Seacrest Cover Contest. 

10. She has made a Tik Tok account recently

It seems like Jordyn Jones has left no avenue unexplored and is truly a modern-day celebrity. To further enhance her online presence, she made an account on Tik Tok, and like all other of her endeavors; she rose to the pinnacle of fame with it. Besides making her more known, Tik Tok became another source of income for her.

11. She’s got a boyfriend!

Jordyn James may have millions of fans, but she herself dotes over only one person who has her heart with everything else, her lover: Jordan Beau! The two have been dating for the past two years. A YouTuber himself, Beau has been with Jones through thick and thin. The two keep posting pictures together online and do not miss a moment to appreciate the bond that they share. Their exhilarating international trips and romantic date nights make them a goal couple for most of us.

12. She was heart-broken on breaking with her first love


Jones has not had it very easy. She reportedly became very heart-broken and secluded herself after the failure of her first relationship, which she shared with Brandon Westenberg. Since both of them were significant social media stars, their relationship had been paparazzi-favorite, and they put up a grand array on their social media accounts to keep their fans updated.

When they broke up, there was just a lot of cleaning up that needed to be done on both sides to finally rid themselves of the relics of their dead relationship that were scattered all over their social media accounts. One can only imagine how much it had hurt to do so.

Life became easier, and love knocked again on Jones’ door when she started to see Beau.

13. Her father passed away recently

Jordyn Jones’ life was smooth-sailing till her father, Tim Jones, passed away suddenly on a frosty morning of December 2019. Everyone who was close to Jones and had been following her on social media knew that she was very close to her old man.


He was with his super-talented daughter through every phase of her life and was perhaps the most important person who helped her be herself. She claims to never have a voice or the knack of a professional dancer had her father not been with her and supported her.

Even when the family was going through a financially rough period during her childhood, Tim Jones made sure that the sparkle of his eyes had everything she needed to be who she wanted to be. The loss of her anchor shook her to the core, and she posted her grief on all of her social media accounts to air out the pain she was experiencing. Her mother is by her side and happens to be Jones’ number one fan.

14. She’s making big bucks!

Jones’ work does not end with singing, dancing, acting, and modeling. She has signed various contracts with renowned brands, such as Guess, Prada, Skechers, etc. 
Her net worth as of 2019 stands at a whopping 1.4 million, which is a lot given her short time in the industry and raw age.

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You cannot claim to be a denizen of the 21st-century era if you are alien to Jones’ rise to success, all thanks to her unmatched and mesmerizing dance moves that are only made better with the fact that her vocals are truly unique too. She sings, dances acts and is a self-made millionaire at this point. Her YouTube channel continues to grow in terms of the number of followers and her Instagram fans have skyrocketed. Jones’ social media influence, coupled with her talent, has made her a lucrative face among the stars!

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