Jordan Peele Wiki: Net Worth, Movie, ‘Get Out’, Oscar Nomination & Facts To Know

Jordan Peele appeared in the record-breaking movie Get Out, now we learn more about the new Oscar Nomination, his net worth, and more.

Jordan Peele before the Spotlight

Jordan Peele is most notably known for his appearances on Mad TV back in 2003. Later on, Jordan Peele created his own show with his friend Keegan-Michael Key called Key & Peele that debuted on Comedy Central in 2014. However, it wasn’t until his most recent project Get Out, that Jordan Peele was able to establish himself as Hollywood’s latest talent to watch. Jordan Peele’s Get Out was presented to the world in 2017 and much to everyone’s surprise became a number one hit, obtaining many Oscar nominations along the way.

Jordan Peele: The Kid with a Dream

The Big Mouth actor Jordan Peele is the product of an interracial relationship between his mother, a Caucasian woman named Lucinda Williams, and his father, a black man. Jordan Peele entered the world on February 21, 1979, and was raised in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The future Twilight Zone actor Jordan Peele gained some college education at Sarah Lawrence College, but after two years of attendance decided to drop out to pursue his comedy career.

A career like no other

Jordan Peele’s professional career began in 2002 at the Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, where he would perform duets and would later obtain a hosting role on MTV’s Comedy Weekend. A year later, Jordan Peele would be one of the cast members on Mad TV where he met his close friend Keegan-Michael Key. Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key built a strong comedy partnership while on Mad TV and later went on to do more projects together. Later in his career, Jordan Peele would work on projects like Big Mouth and Twilight Zone.

Many Movies….Many Roles

With the success of Mad TV under his belt, Jordan Peele continued his comedy career pursuing bigger projects that were both challenging and mentally stimulating for his audience, fans, and viewers. It was with the introduction of his comedy sketch series Key & Peele that fans got to see the true diversity of talent that Jordan Peele had. With his close friend Keegan-Michael Key by his side, Jordan Peele introduced audiences to skits and humor usually only performed by comedian Dave Chappelle. Key & Peele covered sensitive topics such as President Obama’s secret personality types, racial disparities, and overall general political issues faced by all Americans. Using the platform of Key & Peele, Jordan Peele was able to continue the legacy of Dave Chappelle, which was making their audience laugh in the face of controversial subjects. In 2016, Jordan Peele starred in and produced the movie Keanu. The movie Keanu was an action comedy written by Jordan Peele and brought to light the talents of Tiffany Haddish. But no other character was more famous in the movie Keanu then the cat himself who the movie is named after. Over the production of the movie, $15M was spent in budgeting, giving the movie a net worth of $5M after the $20M box office gross. Keanu proved that Jordan Peele could be funny and creative beyond television. After the success of the movie Get Out in 2017, the fire power of Jordan Peele has yet to be extinguished as Jordan Peele continues to present more projects to audience’s delight. While celebrating the success of Get Out, Jordan Peele proved that sleeping is for the weak as he continued his acting career in hit TV series Big Mouth. With the success of television series Big Mouth and upcoming Twilight Zone under his belt, Jordan Peele will continue to bring happiness and laughter to audiences world wide.

Awards from Oscar

There’s no denying the success of Get Out. The movie has been nominated for 20 different award categories including several Oscar nominations. Get Out has won a total of four awards including the Gotham Independent Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. With the upcoming Oscars, Jordan Peele may make history with his movie Get Out.

Jordan Peele Fun Fact, Net Worth, and More

10. Jordan Peele has a net worth of $12M from his television shows, movies, and music. 9. Jordan Peele’s song “Sad Fitty Cent” was nominated for an Emmy. 8. Though Keanu grossed moderate success at the box office, the movie Get Out made more than $100M since it’s debut. 7. The movie Get Out was inspired by the killing of young African-American Trayvon Martin which Jordan Peele began writing after the young man’s death. 6. Jordan Peele has a production company and continues to give opportunities to young aspiring filmmakers. 5. Jordan Peele has the desire to create a conversation about race in America. 4. Jordan Peele began dating Chelsea Peretti in 2013. 3. Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti married in April 2016. 2. Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti welcomed their first child Beaumont Gino Peele on July 1, 2017. 1. Being born on February 21, Jordan Peele is a Pisces.

Endless Possibilities

Jordan Peele has no plans on stopping his career any time soon. With the upcoming premier of Twilight Zone and his newest creation The Last O.G. scheduled to premier later in 2018, Jordan Peele is taking everyone of his new life roles by storm. With fatherhood under his belt, fans are waiting in anticipation to see what the young talented comedian has for the world. For now, everyone has to only be patient and wish Jordan Peele the best of luck with his upcoming Oscar nominations.