Jonah Hill Wiki: Net Worth & Everything To Know About The Star Actor

One of the stars with a growing net worth, the comedian Jonah Hill is one of the most famous and most engaged actors in Hollywood today.

Jonah Hill – private life

Jonah Hill is one of the most famous actors of these days. Known as a great comedian, but also by the serious roles that brought him many awards, this actor has an excellent power of transformation. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jonah Hill had all the conditions for a happy childhood. His family was rich, so that allowed him to study drama at the prestigious New School in New York. Besides him, his brother and sister are also present in Hollywood. This young actor is not known for a scandalous way of life and hides his private life very well. Even today, Hill lives in the neighborhood where he was born, and despite his wealth and hanging around with many famous people, he is known as a very modest and accessible young man.

Jonah Hill – career and net worth

During his studies, Hill met with Dustin Hofman’s children. He remains friends with them even today. Rebbeca and Jake helped him get in touch with the famous actor, and after auditioning for him, Hofmann gave Hill a role in the movie “I Heart Huckabees.” After several minor parts in comedies such as “40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Grandma’s Boy,” Hill finally got his first main role in 2007. He appeared in “Superbad,” which was written by Seth Rogen. The critics’ opinions were divided about this movie, but this doesn’t diminish its huge success at the box office all over the world. Seth Rogen admitted that he based this movie on his personal experience and his friends. Giving his character a distinctive personal mark, Jonah Hill earned the sympathy of critics and viewers by playing a clumsy but kind-hearted teenager whose only wish was to lose his virginity before going to college. In 2012, Hill shot the movie “21 Jump Street,” which would become one of his most famous projects. In tandem with Channing Tatum, they played a couple of cops in an undercover mission in high school. The combination of the Hill/Tatum pair was a score and later producers engaged them to work together on several other successful movies such as “22 Jump Street”, the sequel of the previously mentioned project, and “This Is The End.”

A little-known fact is that Jonah Hill declined roles in many blockbusters. Maybe he just wasn’t lucky or at that moment something else seemed like a better choice. In 2010, Hill turned down a role in “The Hangover” to focus on working on the movie “Cyrus.” It is unnecessary to say which of the two ventures was a bigger success at the box office. Jonah Hill lent his voice for one of the characters in the animated movie “How To Train Your Dragon.” Although the movie was finished this year, the premiere of this third sequel, “How To Train Your Dragon 3,” is scheduled for 2019. Producers promise that “How To Train Your Dragon 3” will be the best one of the franchise, so we assume it’ll be worth waiting.

Hill is not just a comedian

Another of Hill’s mistakes was when he canceled the negotiations for “Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.” Later in an interview, Jonah Hill said that he wanted to change his focus to acting in dramas. After winning Oscars for supporting roles in movies like “The Wolf Of Wallstreet” and “Moneyball,” Hill seems to have made the right move. Hill almost turned down a role in “Django: Unchained,” but luckily he later rejoined the team and his scenes were added afterward. Jonah Hill wanted to work with Martin Scorcese so bad that he agreed to be paid little for his role in “The Wolf Of Wallstreet.” This move paid off for Hill, as his net worth increased, besides making him win at the Oscars. Also, Hill became more engaged in the drama genre, as he always wanted. Hill’s latest project, “Don’t Worry, He Will Not Get Far On Foot,” is scheduled for next year. For the role in this film, Jonah Hill had to go through another of his transformations. He grew his hair and beard to play the main character’s hippie best friend.

Interesting facts to know about Jonah Hill

Besides films, Jonah Hill appeared in several TV series. As he was a fan of “The Simpsons,” he appeared in this show as an episodic character in 2014. He admitted that he’d always wanted to be a part of this show. In addition, Hill had more guest roles in “Reno 911,” “Clark and Michael” and “Campus Ladies.” Besides acting, Jonah Hill proved himself to be a successful screenwriter. Some of his accomplishments are “Sausage Party,” and “Why Him?”. He was also a co-screenwriter for “Bruno,” which was directed and played by Sacha Baron Coen. Jonah Hill is known for his numerous weight oscillations. A few years ago, for the role in the movie “War Dogs,” he lost more than 40 pounds. He was unrecognizable, but he admitted that his new look was nice. Shortly after, Hill regained his weight. Although in Hill’s latest project “Don’t Worry, He Will Not Get Far On Foot” there were several comedians, this film belongs to the drama genre. It seems Jonah Hill has decided to seriously devote himself to dramatic roles. However, since he originally proved himself a comedian and those roles brought him significant net worth, we hope Hill won’t neglect starring in further comedies.