Jon Bernthal’s Net Worth: Just How Rich Is ‘The Punisher’?

Jon Bernthal, star of Netflix’s recently released “The Punisher”, is a remarkable talent with the filmography and net worth to show for it.

Jon Bernthal’s Net Worth

Just How Rich Is ‘The Punisher’?

Jon Bernthal is a tremendous talent who’s finally earned the praise he’s deserved after his work in Netflix’s “The Punisher”. After Bernthal appeared in the second season of Netflix’s “Daredevil”, guest starring as Frank Castle, fans instantly fell in love and were begging to see more of Marvel’s favorite brooding anti-hero. Luckily fans didn’t have to wait too long, and Frank Castle gained a show of his own. The wildly anticipated series debuted in November of this year to rave reviews. Bernthal is credited with making the show so compelling, turning in a stellar performance that has comic book fans calling Bernthal the only person to do the character justice. Before breaking out as Frank Castle, Bernthal was most known for his role of Shane Walsh on AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead”. With a penchant for playing rough around the edges badasses, Bernthal is seen as a man’s man, and popular with women and men alike. What he lacks in height, he makes up for by exuding confidence. In this new age of Hollywood, Bernthal is shining brighter than ever before. His massive success and ability to play such dark and gritty characters have led to a net worth of $8 million.

Theater Work

Bernthal may not seem like the theater type, often seen wielding a gun on the television screen or holding his own in a fight scene, but he actually comes from a theater background. He was studying at The Moscow Art Theater School when he was noticed by the director of Harvard University’s Institute for Advanced Theater Training at the American Repertory Theater. The director invited him to finish out his schooling at Harvard, and Bernthal would go on to receive his Masters of Fine Arts from the esteemed University. Bernthal has performed in over thirty plays, both regionally and off-broadway, over the course of his career. Some of his roles on stage were with Fovea Floods, a theater company founded by Bernthal himself.

The Walking Dead

Before Bernthal was starring as Frank Castle, he was most recognized for playing Shane; the best friend and right hand man of “The Walking Dead’s” main character Rick. Bernthal brought layers to a character that could’ve easily been made out to be the bad guy, making viewers sympathetic and mourning their loss when he met his untimely demise. Bernthal’s character in the post-apocalyptic zombie series understood what was happening around them, and gladly made the tough calls when no one else was willing to. His desire to keep the group alive, no matter the cost, and constant butting of heads with the hero of the show made it clear his time on the show was temporary. Still, Bernthal is widely viewed as one of the most missed characters of the series, and often thought to have left the show too soon. Thankfully, Bernthal found success elsewhere, and he’s glad his character was killed off, as it gave him the opportunity to become Frank Castle in “The Punisher”.

Becoming The Punisher

Bernthal’s biggest role to date, he’s honored to play the broken vigilante of Frank Castle. Castle takes matters into his own hands, actively seeking out the men he deems responsible for the death of his wife and children, in search of his own justice. Bernthal calls Castle tortured and damaged, and has surrounded himself with as much of the world as humanly possible so he can bring the truth to the character. Bernthal studied the subject matter, taking in all the previous portrayals of the character, then making it his own, as personal to him as he could. Since the Punisher is such a well known anti-hero, Bernthal wanted to create the best version of the character, preserving who Castle truly is. He explored Castle’s pain, from losing his wife and children from feeling betrayed by the people close to him, in an effort to get into Castle’s head-space to better his portrayal of the iconic character. Bernthal put in the work and it absolutely paid off. His performance as Frank Castle is incredible and Bernthal manages to bring out parts of the character that those before him never could. He gets who the character is better than anyone else. From the intense work out routine he adopted to become the Punisher, to keeping himself in character during filming, Bernthal pulls out all the stops to put in his very best work.

Film Career

Baby Driver, Fury and More

The television screen isn’t the only place Bernthal has seen success. His growing net worth is partially in thanks to his surprisingly extensive film career. Bernthal’s had roles in over two dozen films throughout his career and is set to star in three different movies coming out next year. Bernthal may be a lesser known name in Hollywood, but he’s proven he can hang with the best. He starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Brad Pitt in “Fury” and was recently part of the “Baby Driver” ensemble with Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx. He consistently shows his versatility as an actor, turning in performances as a World War II soldier in a drama one year then a bank robber in a comedy a few later, and making them both believable. Bernthal can truly handle anything you throw at him, no matter the drama, content or audience he’s appealing to.

Jon Bernthal On The Rise

Jon Bernthal is at the height of his career, starring as Frank Castle in Netflix’s already popular series “The Punisher”. After a stint on “The Walking Dead”, a slew of film roles and more experience in the theater than one would ever imagine, Bernthal is finally getting his due. Don’t let his age fool you, Bernthal is on the rise, and the world will only be seeing more of this incredible talent in the years to come.