Joe Tippett Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Sara Bareilles’ Boyfriend

Joe Tippet with Sara Bareilles at the premiere party of the NBC’s Rise show

Facts About Joe Tippett, Sara Bareilles’ Boyfriend

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Joe Tippett is an American actor known for his role in Damascus Road (2012) and Rise (2017 to date). But besides his role in TV shows and movies, another thing he’s known for is his relationship with the NBC love singer, Sara Bareilles. Here are some facts about this actor that you would want to know.

1. Sara Bareilles And Joe Tippet Both Starred In Waitress

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It was when the duo was working on a Broadway TV show titled ‘Waitress’ that they met. Sara Bareilles’ played two roles in the show; the first was that she wrote the lyrics and music used in the show and second, Sara Bareilles acted as Jenna. As for Joe Tippett, he wasn’t originally a cast member in Waitress. However, after several attempts by him to be included, Joe Tippett finally succeeded and was adopted as it were, as the Earl of the show. He has further appeared in other Broadway productions such as ‘Airline Highway.’ So, it was during their working together that the love story between Joe Tippett and Sara Bareilles began. If, for anything at all, Sara Bareilles says she would be forever happy for featuring in the TV show because that was where she met her darling boyfriend, Joe Tippett.

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2 Joe Tippett’s Net Worth

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Obviously, for most actors, one fact that their fans all over would want to know about them is their net worth. Well, Sara Bareilles’ boyfriend is said to have a net worth of $500, 000 according to Celebrity Net Worth’s estimate. This figure was arrived at by estimating Joe Tippett’s take-home pay from his movies and TV shows. And considering that the actor hasn’t appeared in many films as such, it isn’t a bad one. Now that Sara Bareilles is with him, perhaps we should watch what difference it would bring to his career and pocket. For some actors, getting hooked up with a woman bring some fortunes along their paths while other completely become distracted. We can only hope Joe Tippett’s relationship with Sara Bareilles would be a plus to his career.

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3. Joe Tippett’s Girlfriend At The Premiere Party Of ‘Rise’

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On March 7, 2018, Sara Bareilles was seen posing for a photo in New York City with her darling boyfriend, Joe Tippett apparently as a show of support for him even as ‘Rise’ premiered then. Joe Tippett is the Coach Strickland of the NBC show ‘Rise.’ Rise, which is a musical TV series created by Jason Katims was originally released on March 13, 2018, and still airs till present on NBC. Already, 5 out of the intended 10 episodes for the first season has been aired and Joe Tippett is proud to be the stern football coach of the show who cannot leave soccer for anything, not even arts. Other NBC productions where Joe Tippett has starred include ‘Blacklist’ and in all, his girlfriend, Sara Bareilles always got his back.

4. Joe Tippett’s Girlfriend Was Dating Javier Dunn

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Prior to Sara Bareilles meeting Joe Tippett, Who’s Dated Who reported that she was going out with a San Francisco-born musician by the name Javier Dunn. The musician now lives in Los Angeles. Being a member of different music bands, Javier Dunn, the ex-boyfriend of Sara Bareilles has traveled extensively around the world for different performances. Some of the stages where Dunn had performed before include The Hotel Cafe, Madison Square Garden, and The Tonight Show. Some pieces of music which he wrote have been featured in commercials, TV shows, and movies. Similarly, all his songs are as at present licensed by Secret Road Music Services. It is not clear why he and Sara Bareilles parted ways but it is clear Sara now enjoys herself with her newly-found love, Joe Tippett.

5. Joe Tippett Had His ‘Waitress’ Role From Swenson

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As earlier noted, Sara Bareilles’ boyfriend wasn’t originally a cast member of the Broadway TV show and that means he must have entered in for someone else. This person Joe Tippett replaced was Swenson. Swenson as at that time was filming in multiple Broadway shows and it wasn’t quite difficult for him to drop this role for Sara Bareilles’ boyfriend. Joe Tippett acted the Earl Hunterson in Waitress.

Final Remarks

There you have the five facts you need to know about Sara Bareilles’ boyfriend. It’s sometimes fascinating to see a situation which we initially didn’t plan for work for our good eventually. Sara Bareilles was only a singer and actress preparing to do what she knows how to do best in 2015 when out of nowhere, it became known to other cast members that a certain Joe Tippett would be stepping in for a regular face, Swenson. Little did Sara Bareilles, the ‘love’ singer knew that his heartthrob has been providentially led to her. Today, Sara Bareilles would live to thank her goodness that she and Joe met. The duo seems to be getting along pretty well. Joe Tippette’s continuous feature in movies especially the NBC’s hit show, Rise means that fortune may soon be smiling at him more than before.
Sara Bareilles net worth may soon be in millions especially if he keeps honing his skills. And who knows, Sara Bareilles and Joe Tippett might end up getting married eventually.

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