Jodie Whittaker Wiki: Net Worth, Movie, ‘Dr. Who’ & Facts To Know

We present Jodie Whittaker, a movie and TV star whose net worth is increasing rapidly the after announcement that she’ll be the first female Doctor in Dr. Who.

Jodie Whittaker: Private life

A young actress from England is one of the rising stars to pay attention to. Jodie Whittaker arrived in public when it was announced that she was going to interpret the figure of the 13th reincarnation of The Doctor in the British sci-fi series, “Dr. Who.” Born and raised in West Yorkshire, England, Whittaker began her career immediately after graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. When she finished her high school, Whittaker wanted to travel backpacking for a year, before she decided to continue her education. Shortly after graduation, there were numerous roles for the young actress, whose talent was undeniable. Since 2008, she is married to an American actor Christian Contreras, who was her colleague from drama school. The lovely couple has one son, who was born in 2015. It’s an interesting fact that Jodie Whittaker was active on the big screen almost four months after she announced her pregnancy. Then she was filming the second season of another hit series in the UK, “Broadchurch.”

Jodie Whittaker: Career, movies and net worth

Although she had several minor roles right after her graduation, Jodie Whittaker officially debuted in the lead role in the movie “Venus,” where she played Jessie, alongside great actors, with huge net worth, such as Peter O’Toole, Vanessa Redgrave, and many others. Critics praised “Venus,” although the film did not achieve significant success at the box office. In addition to positive reviews, the debut movie of Jodie Whittaker received several nominations, including Oscar, BAFTA, and Golden Globe. For her role in “Venus,” Whittaker won the “British Independent Film Award” and was nominated for “Satellite award.” Every role of Jodie Whittaker was notable, no matter how small it was. Slowly, her talent has been recognized, and her net worth started to grow. Since the public knows her for her brilliant humor, Jodie Whittaker has mostly played in comedies. In 2007, this actress appeared in the role of the receptionist Beverly in “St. Trinian’s,” a comedy that is a follow-up of very successful movies from 50’s and 60’s, about the school in which anarchy rules. Fun fact of this movie — one of the leading female roles interpreted a man, English actor Rupert Everett. Whittaker again starred in the sequel, “St. Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold.” The third sequel to this comedy is announced for filming this year, and it is expected that Whittaker replay her role of clumsy secretary of Rupert Everett. In 2009, Jodie Whittaker had a supporting role in crime-comedy “Perrier’s Bounty.” The film received mixed reviews, mostly due to a bad scenario, but the humor was good. While one despised the movie, other critics rated “Perrier’s Bounty” as a modern western, with elements of a thriller.

How about a female Dr. Who?

Dr. Who is one of the long-lasting series in the history of television. However, this year, for the first time, the character of the Doctor will be in the female form, and producers entrusted this role to talented, hardworking, and extremely funny Jodie Whittaker. The critics were thrilled with the idea that the Doctor finally showed his female side. And Whittaker seems to be a good choice for the role. The concept of “Dr. Who” series is such that every new actor represents the next reincarnation of the Doctor, a new human form in which the Time Lord is “packed.” The previous Doctor, Peter Capaldi, announced to leave the set in January 2017, and it was a question of who would replace him. Producers were in a big dilemma — is it about time to make some changes in a series which hold good rating for decades? They finally decided that Doctor gets a woman’s shape. When they announced the audition, they were delighted with Whittaker’s performance, that there was no longer any doubt that the role was intended precisely for her. The time will show how the fans will react to female Doctor, but it is sure that Whittaker’s acting will not leave anyone indifferent.

The latest engagements of Jodie Whittaker

In recent years, Jodie Whittaker has been very engaged in the big screen, mostly in the series. In 2013, Whittaker appeared in the second season of British crime drama “Broadchurch.” Although she was pregnant, she finished all her obligations related to this series. That’s why many producers appreciate her and her work — Jodie Whittaker devotes herself to the maximum. “Downton Abbey” and “Broadchurch” aired on the same channel, almost at the same time. Although the thematic was not connected, the two series were each other’s competition. “Downton Abbey” lasted longer, but both series contributed to the channel they were broadcasting, returning it to the paths of the old glory. Last year, Jodie Whittaker joined the “Trust Me” medical miniseries set where she played the role of a nurse who steals her colleague’s identity and begins a new life away from everyone. Although she shot one more movie in 2017, “Trust Me” was her big comeback on big screen.