Joachim Trier Wiki: Things To Know About “Thelma” Director

Joachim Trier is an outstanding director, writer, and producer who has directed the movie Thelma and is currently cashing on his notoriously healthy net worth.

Everything You Need To Know About Joachim Trier

If knowing things is what motivates you, then knowing the facts about Joachim Trier will surely move you. The director and screenwriter has achieved much in his life due to his passion for movies and movie making and his zeal for perfection at every nook and corner. To commemorate his excellence, we have published this article which shades light on Trier, his life, work as a director and so on.

Joachim Trier: Age, Height, Weight, Personal Life, and More

Joachim Trier was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on January 1st, 1974 and now age at 43-years-old. By profession, he is a well-renowned Director, Soundtrack Technician and Screenwriter better know for his movies such as Reprise, Thelma, etc. His father acted in ‘The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (1975)’ as a sound technician. During his teenage days, he was an avid skateboarder who used to shoot his own skateboarding videos. This is when he decided to acquire his dream of filmmaking which ultimately landed him to the European Film College. Next year, he joined the National Film & Television School to learn the craft of filmmaking, putting special emphasis on identity and memory. Other alumni that had acquired their degrees from EFC are Rasmus Heisenberg, Nikolaj Arcel, and Charlotte Bruus Christensen.

The first movie which he directed was Reprise in 2006 which went on to win the Aamot Statuette and Amanda Award. Apart from the short movies that he wrote, produced or directed, Trier is deeply involved in making feature films. “Oslo, 31st August” was in 2011, based on ‘The Fire Within’ written by Louis Malle, and was nominated for Cannes.

Guess What Is the Net Worth of Joachim Trier?

Trier is one of the versatile directors in Norway with an impressive net worth of approximately $950,000. The director-writer-producer is into making different projects including feature films, documentaries, and short movies. With the latest feature film ‘Thelma’, his net worth seems to be taking an upward incline.

Joachim Trier In All The Movie & TV Show: As Writer, Producer & Director

Right from the commencement of his career in 2006, Joachim Trier has acquired an impressive catalog of movies in which he either involved as a director or writer, producer, and others. We compiled a list of few of his movies so that you can know him better. Trier directed his first short movie titled ‘Pieta’ in 2000 after which, he went on to director ‘Still (2001)’ and ‘Procter (2002)’. His first feature movie that he directed was ‘Reprise’ which released in 2006. After a break as a director for several years, in 2011, he directed the movie ‘Oslo, 31st August’ that was nominated for Cannes Film Festival (2011) under Uncertain Regard section. ‘Louder Than Bombs (2015)’ and ‘Thelma (2017)’ are his latest direction movies.

Trier wrote the latest movie ‘Thelma (2017)’ as co-writer and was the executive producer of the film. He even wrote the screenplay for the movie ‘Louder Than Bombs (2015)’. Other movies in which he penned the scripts are Reprise, Oslo, 31st August, Still, Pieta, Reprise, etc. Trier produced the movie ‘Blind’ starring Ellen Dorrit Petersen which later received acclaim for masses. Do you know that Trier’s father Jacob Trier acted as the sound technician for the movie ‘The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix’ which later went on to become one of the greatest movie of all time in Norway? Joachim Trier followed the footsteps of his father and successfully attempted the role of soundtrack technician for the movie Reprise and Oslo, 31st, August. Apart from his movies, he has always starred in many different TV shows such as Festival Road Trip in 2014, Made in Hollywood in 2016, Cinema 3 from 2014 to 2016. He has also appeared in TV show titled Brettkontroll which is a documentary.

The Movie ‘Thelma’ Is In The Talks

The supernatural thriller movie ‘Thelma’ has gained popularity worldwide. Thelma will be the fourth feature film directed by Joachim Trier. According to Trier, he has used VFX into making the scene realistic as possible. He also explained how the movie doesn’t exactly fit into the horror genre. The movie has a mix of genres from outstanding performers such as Eili Harboe, Kaya Wilkins who have to fit the destructive powers that attacking them in the movie. Within four months of its trailer release on YouTube and 3 months of U.S. Trailer release, the movie has attracted 163,000 and 280,000 hits respectively and it has received 7.4/10 rating on IMDb. You can have a look at the U.S. Trailer posted below and also the full movie.

You Can Find Joachim Trier On Social Networks

Joachim Trier seems to shy away from social networking website such as Instagram since no official account was found at the time of penning this article. Similarly, he is not available on Twitter too. However, the wave of his latest supernatural thriller Thelma has spread worldwide. Trier was recorded saying that he tried to make a Christopher Nolan’s movie in the budget of Norwegian movies which seems to be a good metaphor for portraying the dedication he shows towards his work in his movies. We look forward to seeing where his future work takes us!