Jing Tian: 10 Hottest Pics Of All Time

Jing Tian is a Chinese Actress who has created quite a buzz in the Hollywood film industry with her flawless looks and hot body. She’s been in films such as ‘Special ID,’ ‘The Great Wall,’ and ‘Pacific Rim Uprising.’ Check out 10 hot pics from Instagram.

Who is Jing Tian?

Jing Tian was born on July 21, 1988. She is a Chinese actress best known for her roles in war epic ‘The Warring States’ released in 2011 and for the action films ‘Special ID’ and ‘Police Story 2013’ both released in 2013. ‘Special ID’ is a Chinese action film directed by Clarence Fok. The story is about Dragon Chan, an undercover cop, who becomes a part of an underworld organization in order to expose it. He soon realizes, however, that his identity is at risk and he must battle all odds to bust the gang. Tian’s film ‘Police Story 2013’ was a 2013 Chinese-Hong Kong action crime thriller film directed and written by Ding Sheng. She has had notable roles in three Legendary Pictures films, ‘The Great Wall’ (2016), ‘Kong: Skull Island’ (2017), and ‘Pacific Rim Uprising'(2018). ‘The Great Wall’ was a 2016 monster film directed by Zhang Yimou. Matt Damon starred in the epic film along side Jing Tian who also did credible work in the film, ‘Kong: Skull Island’. ‘Kong: Skull Island’ is a 2017 American monster film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The movie, ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ released in March this year was a blockbuster hit. Jing gained acclaim as well for her performance in the historical drama ‘The Glory of Tang Dynasty’ in 2017. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy and Beijing Film Academy and she just so happens to be the only Hollywood International Award winner in Hollywood Film Awards history. Tian has won the inaugural award because her “performances have ignited the box office in her native land”. Jing Tian was also nominated for “Most Disappointing Actress” at the Golden Broom Awards which are China’s equivalent of the Golden Raspberry Awards three times. She won the award, twice much to her dismay! Jing Tian also appeared in the TV programs, ‘Biography of Sun Tzu’ and ‘Ban Shu Legend’. ‘Ban Shu Legend’ was produced by Yu Zheng and written by screenwriter Zhang Wei in 2015 and it is the counterpart to the previous popular series Female Prime Minister. ‘Biography of Sun Tzu’ was first aired in 2011. Tian is rumored to be in a relationship with Lu Zheng, the founder and chairman of Beijing Starlit Movie and TV Culture. Tian once said in an interview that it was her boyfriend who encouraged her to get into acting. More information about him is currently unavailable.

10 hot pics from Instagram

The Chinese actress has posted some really hot pics on Instagram. Check out her pics here: