Jimmy Kimmel Wiki: Everything To Know About The Jimmy Kimmel Live! Host

You are about to know more about Jimmy Kimmel, who is a television host. Below are facts about him that you perhaps never knew and also his net worth.

Jimmy Kimmel: Television host

If Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t make you laugh until you have tears in your eyes, how sad is your life! Because Kimmel can make even a widow, who has just lost her husband, forget her loss for a while. He was born for that, and since Kimmel got to the spotlight, he has been a star in many homes making the rhetoric of everything happening around him with a sense of humor. When Jimmy Kimmel roasts you, consider yourself famous. Jimmy Kimmel has been hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on ABC since 2003, and he started as a co-host of Comedy Central’s “The Man Show” alongside Win Ben Stein’s Money. Kimmel has also produced shows like “Crank Yankers” and voice acted on “The Boss Baby.” Jimmy Kimmel is not only a television host but also a Twitter legend. The 50-year-old Jimmy Kimmel was born in the populous Brooklyn, New York, a place where almost everyone has dreams of becoming a star-Kimmel’s dream came true. The television host is the first born in his family and has two siblings. Kimmel’s mother, Joan was a homemaker while his father John Kimmel worked at American Express and was also an IBM executive. Kimmel’s parents raised him a Catholic and when he was a boy he served as an altar boy and his mother has an Italian origin while his father is German. The family moved to Las Vegas when Kimmel was nine. After the television host graduated from Ed W. Clark High School, he proceeded to the University of Nevada where he started for a year before he joined Arizona State University and studied for two years. Kimmel acquired an honorary degree from UNLV in 2013. Jimmy Kimmel’s uncle, Frank Potenza passed on in 2011. Before his demise, he was working at ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” since 2003. He also has a cousin, Sal Iacono, who stepped in for the last Kimmel’s co-hosting duties at the last season of “Win Ben Stein’s Money” and then he became a writer and a sketch performer on Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Most of Kimmel’s family members work on the show including his Aunt Chippy who is featured part of the show, Jordan, his brother who is the director and his son Kevin who works on the ABC show as a production assistant. Kimmel’s sister Jill works as a comedian while his daughter, Katie is a ceramics artist. It seems the entire family of the television host revolves around entertainment. Perhaps it’s about “I want my so and so here.” But if it’s Kimmel’s show her can employ whoever he needs to as long they are qualified.

The journey to the top

Jimmy Kimmel began working on radio while in high school and used to host a Sunday night interview show on UNLV’s college station. However, the first show the television hosted and got paid for it was “Me and Him Show” at KZOK-FM in Seattle, but he was fired ten months later. His last radio show was the Kevin and Bean morning show where he was “Jimmy The Sports Guy.” He jumped into television career in 1997 and became a television host alongside Ben Stein’s on the game show, “Win Ben Stein’s Money” which aired on Comedy Central. Kimmel’s personality won him an Emmy award for being the best game show host of that time. He also co-produced and co-hosted the “The Man Show” before he dropped all his roles in Comedy Central. However, Comedy Central gave him a chance to produce for them “Crank Yankers.” In 2003, he left “The Man Show” permanently to focus on his own show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” created by ABC. It was because of the show that Kimmel got the title “biggest badass on TV,” and with his usual joking demeanor, Jimmy Kimmel said that it was an honor and a mistake. The show took almost a year to organize and aired in 2004. Sometimes, Kimmel’s jokes have put him on the wrong side. For instance, while on ABC’s halftime show in 2004, he spoke about the ongoing NBA Finals back then and stated that if Detroit Pistons defeated Los Angeles Lakers, they would burn the city of Detroit down and it wasn’t worth it. The show was pulled down after there were complaints from Detroit’s ABC team. Jimmy Kimmel later apologized. The television host has made a lot of net worth from speaking his mind and working on films for instance, “The Boss Baby.”

Jimmy Kimmel has no chills for Harvey Weinstein

Viewers watching the Oscars awarding ceremony saw him step on the stage and waited to see who he would jab at and hoped that he would tackle the controversy surrounding Hollywood, and of course, he did without pulling any punches. Jimmy Kimmel took the opportunity to take potshots at Donald Trump and Mike Pence, shame the controversial producer, Harvey Weinstein, and address the film industry’s problems with racial diversity, not forgetting the #MeToo and Times Up campaigns which are Twitter campaigns. The good thing is as he managed to tell it all while raising some laughs. Stepping on to the stage to applause, the television host and producer of “Crank Yankers” addressed the Hollywood sex scandal by labeling the Oscar statue as the ideal man. He said that the statue keeps his hand where they can be seen and most importantly, he doesn’t have a penis. Twitter went crazy after he said that. Kimmel went further to refer to the film, “The Shape of Water” saying that men had become so bad that women would rather date ‘fish’ and asked men not to let bad behavior slide again because the world was watching them and they needed to set an example. He slammed Harvey Weinstein saying that he should have got most of the nominations because last year was mostly about him and stated that his downfall was long overdue. The night wouldn’t be over without Jimmy Kimmel taking jabs at President Trump, his vice president and even the Fox News viewers. The television host mentioned that Lupita Nyong’o was born in Mexico and raised in Kenya, then called the tweetstorm from the president’s toilet to start. Kimmel was throwing shades at the president for stating that he will build a wall between Mexico and the US in his campaigns and describing some countries and in Africa and Asia as ‘shitholes.’ The president is known for defending his actions on Twitter. Kimmel also mentioned that one of the best movie last year was President Trump called “Get Out.” Poor Donald Trump! The final political jab was directed at Mike Pence who has been vocal against the LGBT rights. Kimmel discussed the gay romance movie titled “Call Me By Your Name.” The film didn’t score much at the box office and wasn’t on the lips of many, but despite that, it was nominated for an Oscar. The television host stated that they don’t make such films to make money but to upset Mike Pence. Kimmel also made fun of Fox News viewers saying that the Oscar statue was 90 years old which meant he was at home following on the latest happening from Fox News. After he was done throwing jabs, he closed his opening speech by telling the audience that winners were allowed to say whatever they wished in their acceptance speech and encouraged them to speak about the recent shooting in Parkland, Fla and #MeToo.

Facts to know about the television host and his net worth

He usually ends his show with a joke

Kimmel usually ends “Jimmy Kimmel Show” with a usual joke about running out of time when he is about to interview Matt Damon. It dates back in the day when Matt Damon actually appeared in the show to be interviewed. He walked in, sat down and waited to be asked something only to be told by the Kimmel a few seconds later that they were out of time. Damon appeared to be angry but came out later to indicate that the whole thing was a joke.

His relationship with McNearney didn’t have a good start

The “The Boss Baby” voice actor and producer of “Crank Yankers” started dating McNearney in 2009 and Kimmel went down on his knee while they were on vacation to Kruger National Park in South Africa in 2013. They got married the same year. Kimmel and McNearney met at work and their chemistry didn’t take off right away. McNearney told Glamour that Jimmy Kimmel hardly spoke to her for almost a year when she was his assistant at his office.

He has two kids with his first wife

Before Jimmy Kimmel was married to Molly McNearney, he dated Sarah Silverman. Whatever happened to them that they didn’t get married, only “The Boss Baby” voice actor and his ex can tell. Before Silverman, there was Gina Kimmel, who he divorced in 2002. They had two children together, now at the 20’s, Katie and Kevin. Gina currently manages her own online business called Maddy James, according to Daily Herald. The company redesigns classic Hollywood lingerie. Kimmel and Gina met when she was a student at Arizona State University and their kids are following his footsteps.

Kimmel’s youngest son has a heart condition

Kimmel has two kids with McNearney and the television host has been open about the health issues within his family. They have a daughter known as Jane and a son known as William, also nicknamed Billy. Billy has had two surgeries since he was born and former host of “The Man Show,” Kimmel spoke about the issue in his on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the funny man also has a demon in his closet that disturbs him and takes away some of his joy. Billy went for his first surgery when he was only three days old. After a week after his son was born, Kimmel explained that the pulmonary valve inside his baby’s heart was completely blocked and he had a hole in the heart.

Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jimmy Kimmel has a net worth of $35 million. He has made his net worth since he rose to fame and hosted “Win Ben Stein’s Money”, and “The Man Show.” Kimmel also worked on “Crank Yankers” and ”The Boss Baby.”

To wrap this up

The world has been laughing at the Kimmel’s talk since 2004. However, he stated that the curtains will be falling behind him in 2019 and he wants to live a private life afterward. Hopefully, he will change his mind on that. In case he doesn’t, he can entertain us via Twitter.