Jillian Mele: Everything About Her Life and Relationships

More about this beautiful TV presenter and her relationships

Jillian Mele in a Nutshell

Jillian Mele is one of the prominent faces of Fox Network, she is a remarkable TV host, news reporter, and  Correspondent. She co-hosts a show called Fox and Friends First with Rob Schmitt on weekdays from 5-6 AM/ET. Viewers can’t seem to get enough of her vibrant energy and loving personality everyday morning as she updates them on what’s happening around the world. Since 2017 when she joined Fox News, she has reported the latest headlines and contributed to news segments in an invaluable way. 
Jillian has worked for some of the best networks in the country over the years, though she started small, her hard work and natural charm have brought to stardom. Today she’s at the peak of her career but before joining Fox in 2017, Jillian worked as a co-host on Comcast Sports Network for a show called Breakfast on Broad, she also worked for NBC 10, TCN Network, WAGM-TV, and WIVT channels. 

How She Rose To Fame  

After her degree in communication, Jillian Mele began her career as a sports anchor for WASM-TV in Maine. After reporting locally for a couple of years, she joined NBC 10 where she managed to distinguish herself and won an Emmy for her team’s coverage during the Olympics. She worked on other shows and projects such as ‘Breakfast on Broad’’ and made a name for herself in the industry, soon after, Mele won a second Emmy for her Tailgate Special’ on ‘Breakfast on Broad’. This is when she truly rose to fame, her career took a new turn for the big leagues, her popularity was boosted and she became a star. She spent 7 years with NBC and later branched out to Fox News. At Fox, she serves as a reporter and TV host making her even more famous.

5 Facts about her    

Check out five major facts about Jillian Mele to get interesting insights about the person who graces us with her vibrant personality every morning. If you’ve ever wondered about her and how she got to where she is, here’s your chance to get all the juicy details. 

1. Her Education and Background

Born on September 17, 1982, in Glenside, Pennsylvania to Thomas and Roseanna Mele, Jillian has two brothers, she’s very closer to. According to a feature done on her by  Fox News Insider, she grew up very much into sports and some of her fondest childhood memories involve going the Philadelphia Flyers home games with her father. She also practiced ballet for 13 years even though she doesn’t credit herself as a good dancer, considering she gave it up for sports. 
Jillian graduated with a B.A in arts and communication from  La Salle University in 2005, she also spent 2 years in the University of Scranton studying communication. 

2. Her Net Worth

source: Instagram @jillianbmele

Being an acclaimed journalist and reporter definitely has its perks, Jillian is not a rookie in the game so she has certainly made some money over the years but the icing on the cake is her position on Fox. Rumor has it that she makes between $31,000 and $191,000 on Fox and even though her exact net worth is not public knowledge, sources on the internet estimate her fortune to be about $900,000. She maintains a lavish lifestyle and owns an upscale house in Philadelphia. One thing is sure, Jillian Mele is not counting pennies, her life is one of fame, luxury, and style. 

3. Her Career

Jillian Mele’s TV career started at NBC 10 in Philadelphia where she spent 7 years reporting sports, traffic, and news. This gave her the opportunity to learn all she needed to become an excellent reporter. Her next gig on NBC was co-hosting a morning sports talk show called Breakfast on Broad, she also covered the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Championship on a show called Endgame.
Jillian later proceeded to become a news anchor in Presque Isle, Binghamton, New York, and Maine. Mele has many awards under her belt including two Emmy Awards for reporting during the Olympics and a piece she did on ‘’Breakfast on Broad’. After her awards, her career took off to unimaginable heights and Mele decided to switch things up, she moved to a bigger Network, Fox News. At Fox, she hosts a segment called  ‘Fox & Friends’ with co-host Rob Schmitt. Given her love for sports, Mele says one of the highlights of her career was when she covered the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl Championship. Over the course of her career, she’s been privileged to work with some of the prominent journalists and reporters in her fields such as Heather Childers, Jackie Ibanez, Tracee Carrasco, and many others.

4. Lifestyle 

source: twitter

Mele is without a doubt a huge sports fan, but besides her love story with football, she’s also developed a liking for golf. She says she played golf for the first time in 2015 when she was vacationing in Aruba and she has never looked back. She also enjoys trekking and photography, she has trekked over most of the  Grand Canyon and has climbed Mt. Sinai in Egypt.
For someone who is always in the public eye, Mele is very private when it comes to her personal life, especially her relationships. She sometimes posts on Instagram that she’s in a serious relationship but has never revealed the identity of her boyfriend. All we know is the guy is from Boston, pretty vague right! 
Jillian Mele is very active on social media especially Instagram. Where she mostly posts about her professional life and very little about her private life. She currently has about 100k followers on both Instagram and Twitter.

5. Body Measurements, Height

Jillian Mele has worked hard to get to where she is today and she has two Emmy awards to crown her achievements. But apart from working on her career, she has also worked hard on herself, her body and her personality. She’s fit and works out to keep herself healthy, Jillian is  5 feet, 8 inches tall for 59 kg. Her measurements are dress size 6, bra size 34 C and shoe size 7. She’s the combination of beauty and brains with a lovable personality. From every indication, Jillian is in for the long haul and we can’t wait to see how her promising career unfolds as well as who this mysterious boyfriend of hers is.

Is she single, attached or secretly married?

soure: twitter.com

One thing is for sure Jillian Mele is not married, however, she has hinted more than once that she’s in a relationship with someone and from every indication it is serious. But she has chosen to maintain a low profile and not reveal the identity of her partner. She wrote on Instagram “I have a boyfriend, but thank you.” This brought about a lot of speculation but she has never shared what she meant by that, leaving her followers wanting to know more than ever about her love life.

Speculation of her and Rob Schmitt

There have rumors that her mysterious guy maybe her co-host Rob Schmitt, though there have never been any confirmation or denial by either of them, the general view is that it is just an empty rumor. Rob Schmitt is also a popular face in journalism, he is a reporter, an anchor, and a host on Fox News too.
He currently hosts a number of shows on the network including Fox & Friends First. Rob is handsome, charismatic and they blend well together on TV, no wonder people want to hook them up together but from what we know so far they’re just colleagues and nothing more. 

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From everything we’ve gathered, it’s clear that Jillian Mele is living her best life, she’s climbed many mountains over the years literally and figuratively. Her hard work, talent, and charm have brought her to one of the top networks in the country and she’s making the most of all the fame and attention.
Jillian has become an icon in her field and an inspiration to young girls who want to follow in her footsteps. Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of Jillian, her best is yet to come. We look forward to seeing her on our screens for a very long time.