Jill Gascoine Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Alfred Molina’s Wife

Jill Gascoine is the wife of Alfred Molina. She is an actress and a novelist. Here is what you need to know about the actress, including her present condition.

Jill Gascoine: Alfred Molina’s Wife

Most people know Jill Gascoine as the sexy actress making a call while sitting on the bonnet of a police car in the 1980 TV series, “The Gentle Touch.” Gascoine is a British actress, novelist and wife to Alfred Molina since 1986. Gascoine was the wife to Bill Keith before they got divorced and Gascoine moved on with Molina. Gascoine is also among the best novelist in Britain and she has published three books so far. Gascoine was born in London, England. Gascoine’s parents were middle class and she showed interest in acting and writing from a young age. After Gascoine was done with school, Gascoine got a chance to join theatre. Gascoine, one of the best actresses and novelists, began acting in the 1960s and got roles at the Dundee Repertory Theatre. Gascoine also played in the Downfield Musical Society in Dundee. Notably, Gascoine has also worked with TV director Ken Loach.

Gascoines’s Novels

Gascoine has written three novels. The first novel Gascoine wrote was “Addicted” which was published in 1994. Gascoine’s novel tells the story of a successful actress who is in her fifties getting into a destructive affair with an actor younger than her and in his thirties. The novel seems to be talking about Gascoine’s relationship with her husband, Alfred Molina. Jill Gascoine’s second novel is titled “Lilian.” Gascoine’s novel was published in 1995, and it tells a story of a woman who goes on holiday to California and begins a love affair with her best friend. Gascoine is surely a novelist who never runs out of ideas. Gascoine wrote her third novel and published it in 1997. Gascoine’s third novel is titled “Just Like A Woman,” and it narrates the story of Daisy, a woman being pressured to abort her child after she becomes pregnant in her fifties.

Gascoine As Detective Maggie

Jill Gascoine had the lead role in “The Gentle Touch” a British police drama. The TV series was directed by Terence Feely and aired from 1980 to 1984. “The Gentle Touch” was the first British series to show a female police detective as the lead character. Gascoine played Detective Inspector Maggie Forbes who worked hard to climb up the ranks of the police force. Maggie’s(Gascoine) husband is murdered in the first episode and she is left juggling her career and single parenthood. She has a teenage son to take care of. The series was themed with social issues like sexism, racism, mental health, and homosexuality.

Gascoine Dropped Her Role

Jill Gascoine was one of the cast in a British soap opera “EastEnders.” The TV series was created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland. “EastEnders” follows the lives of the local residents. Episodes are broadcasted every weekday on BBC One except on Wednesday. The show is a major hit and enjoys a lot of views in U.K. Gascoine was supposed to play the role of Mitchell, but she stepped down. It was revealed by the producers that Gascoine was supposed to play the role, but on her first day, Gascoine felt that she didn’t have the required experience to play the role. Gascoine said that she felt it wasn’t right for her as she played single drama and writing fiction.

She Has Alzheimer’s

Gascoine has Alzheimer’s and she was in the advanced stages of the disease late last year. Gascoine has been suffering from the disease for over four years. According to Gascoine’s friends, Gascoine began noticing problems with her memory in 2010 and Gascoine was diagnosed in 2012 after she started losing her memory. The same year, Gascoine played a role of a dying mother in a stage play in LA. The drama ran for two weeks and the proceeds were donated to Alzheimer’s Association that was also helping Gascoine through her condition.

Alfred Molina Expressed Her Sadness

Gascoine husband, Alfred Molina described the disease affecting his wife as a cowardly disease. Molina stated that he was feeling heartbroken seeing his wife Gascoine suffer. Alfred Molina is a British-American actor also born in London like his wife, Gascoine. Gascoine’s husband has Spanish and Italian roots. Gascoine’s husband has won a couple of awards and got nominated for many awards including Golden Globes. The first film that Molina featured in was 1998’s “Art.” Molina has been very supportive of his wife Gascoine even during her condition.


Gascoine’s husband features in the TV series “Feud.” “Feud” was created by Ryan Murphy and its first season has eight episodes. The first season has the subtitle of Bette and Joan while the second is subtitled “Charles and Diana” The second series is centered on Charles and Diana, Prince and Princess of Wales respectively. Alfred Molina plays the role Robert Aldrich who is a director and producer. Gascoine’s husband was nominated for a Golden Globe Award under the Best Supporting Actor category.

Gascoine’s Net Worth

Gascoine earned her reputation as a gifted actress and a novelist since playing her first role and writing her own book. Gascoine is estimated to be worth $14 million while Gascoine’s husband is worth $8 million. Most of their money is from acting roles.

Gascoine’s fans hope that she will heal from her condition and resume her roles. Many fans were disappointed when she left “EastEnders” and would like to see her regain her glory. Gascoine’s family is suffering and everyone would want her to be safe health wise. We hope Gascoine’s gets well soon.