Jessica Miesel Wiki: Net Worth, Movie, The Resident, Office Christmas Party & Facts To Know

Jessica Miesel is an up and coming actress. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about her, including net worth, movies and more.

Jessica Miesel: The Resident, Net Worth, Movies & More

Jessica Miesel is an American actress and singer just breaking into the Hollywood scene. She had her first on screen appearance in 2012, and has seen moderate success since then. She’s appeared in a handful of television shows and even has a couple movie credits to her name. There isn’t much information in regards to Miesel’s net worth at the moment, but now that her career seems to be taking off this year, that’s bound to change. Landing a recurring role on the new medical drama “The Resident” is certain to positively impact her net worth.

Broadway Baby

Like many aspiring actors, Miesel got her start on the stage. In her opinion she’s been an actress and a singer for her entire life, as she started singing at the young age of eight and acted in her first theater production at fifteen. Miesel has a degree in musical theater, and many of her theater credits reflect that. While she has appeared in a few plays, she really feels at home when she’s part of a musical production. Miesel has starred in performances of “Oklahoma!”, “Carousel”, “Company” and “The Full Monty”.

In the Movies

While she’s never played the leading lady, Miesel has a few big screen appearances under her belt. Miesel’s first movie experience came in the form of a made-for-television film called “Untitled Paranormal Project” in 2016. In that same year Miesel appeared in the star-studded comedy “Office Christmas Party”. The following year she lent her talents to the gritty thriller “Blind Trust”, showing how versatile of an actress she can be, even if she’s mostly playing bit parts.

The Resident

Miesel is hoping that her recurring role on the anticipated medical drama will be her big break. What started out as simply a background role has turned into something more, and Miesel is set to appear in at least eight episodes of the show’s first season. Miesel is playing Nurse Jessica Moore, who’s often seen scrubbing in on surgeries with the leads in the series. Miesel’s Instagram has been filled with photos and videos from the set of the new show. It’s clear just how happy the actress is to be part of the crew, and she seems to have befriended some of the other background players in the series. When the cameras aren’t rolling on set, they’re having fun waiting to shoot the next scene.

The Future for Miss Miesel

Jessica Miesel is a hardworking talent hoping to find her breakout role soon, and with the projects she has this year, she just may find it. Miesel is currently filming a biographical drama “The Best of Enemies” and appeared in an independent comedy titled “Virginia Minnesota” set to be released this year. Miesel has been teasing fans with photos from “Virginia Minnesota” on her Instagram, and from the looks of it it’s going to be a good one. If “The Resident” gets renewed for a second season, Miesel might have some real success on her hands.