Jessica Lange Wiki: Net Worth, Movie & Facts To Know

Jessica Lange is an actress who has appeared in many movies, including King Kong. Here are some details about the actress, including her net worth.

Who Is Jessica Lange?

Jessica Lange has been in the film industry for a very long time. People who were born in the ‘70s can attest to that. The actress is famous around the world for her film, theater and TV roles. Lange was ranked among 25 greatest actresses of 1990s and she has received several awards for her adorable performance. Lange was the 22nd thespian to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting in 2016. Jessica Lange is not much religious, but she practices Buddhism. Perhaps you should know her early life. Lange was born in Minnesota and her late father John Lange was a teacher and also a traveling salesman, while her late mother Dorothy was a housewife. Lange’s parents were atheists. She has two older sisters and a younger brother. Lange has a mixture of German, Dutch and Finnish roots. Her father’s profession made her family move from one town to another in Minnesota but at last, the settled in Cloquet and Lange graduated from Cloquet High School. Lange earned a scholarship to study at the University of Minnesota, but she later dropped out. She went to Paris where she studied mime theatre and joined the Opera-Comique as a dancer. Lange became a model for the Wilhelmina modeling agency in 1973 after Antonio Lopez discovered her. Lange went back to the States and worked in New York City as a waitress while modeling. It was during one of her modeling events that a Hollywood producer discovered Lange and as they say, the rest is history.

King Kong Movie: Lange As Dwan

Lange made her debut in the movie “King Kong,” a monster film directed by John Guillermin. The film also starred Jeff Bridges, Charles Grodin, and others. The “King Kong” movie tells a story of a giant ape that is captured after being discovered by oil miners in a remote island and imported to New York City for exhibition. Lange plays the role of Dwan, a lady who Kong loved. Kong creates havoc in New York City and after a long battle with the authorities, the hail of bullets he has received brings him down from the top of North Tower. Dwan comforts Kong as he lies there and breaths his last. The film received some positive reviews and a couple of awards. Lange’s net worth started to increase from that performance.

Lange In The Comedy Movie Tootsie

Lange’s next top project was “Tootsie.” The comedy movie was directed by Sydney Pollack. The film narrates the story of gifted and talented actor, who is also volatile and because of his reputation as being difficult, he decides to take the identity of a woman to land a job. Michael is attracted to Julie Nichols, depicted by Lange, who is a single mother. When Michaels drops a pickup line on Julie, Julie(Lange) throws a drink in his face. “Tootsie” ends with Julie(Lange) asking Michael to lend him a dress. The movie won a couple of awards including three Golden Globes. Lange bagged the Golden Globe Best Actress in a supporting role, and it was certain that her next roles would pay her more and grow her net worth.

Lande: An Embarrassing Wife

“Blue Sky” is a drama film released on 1994 and directed by Tony Richardson as his last film to do so. The movie stars Jessica Lange as the main cast and others. “Blue Sky” was completed in 1991 but due to Orion Pictures’ bankruptcy, it was released three years later. The movie is based on real events. It narrates the story of Rama and her parents Clyde and Gloria but uses different character titles. Lange plays the role Carly, the wife of Major Marshall. Marshall is a nuclear engineer Carly(Lange) is a free-spirited woman with an embarrassing behavior. The movie won a lot of awards, including Lange’s Golden Globe Award for best actress, which helped her grow her net worth.

Jessica Lande as Joan

Jessica Lange is one of the main cast of the TV show, “Feud: Bette and Joan,” the first season of “Feud” series. The show was created by Ryan Murphy. Lange plays the role of Joan Crawford, who battles with Bette Davis on the backstage during and after the movie “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” After “Feud: Bette and Joan,” the second series is “Charles and Diana.” Lange was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for the role. The TV series has received a couple of awards and more nominations.

Her Net Worth

In her numerous roles since appearing on King Kong, Lange has managed to build her net worth from her earnings. Lange has an estimated net worth of $15 million and she is one of the most successful actresses, and also among the actors who have seen Hollywood grow. Lange has three children, and she is a vegetarian. She has also admitted that she suffers from depression. Lange has been nominated for Golden Globe Award many times. Most of her movies were received well by critics.

Lange is in her sixties, but still active. The world doesn’t seem to have enough of her, proof being her nominations. It seems people are impressed by her and want to see more of her.