Jessica Falkholt Wiki: Everything To Know About The ‘Home And Away’ Actress

You have probably not heard all about Jessica Falkholt; the actress is fighting for her life after the a terrible crash. Her net worth is not yet known.

Who is Jessica Falkholt?

The relatives of Jessica Falkholt are going through a hard time right now. The Falkholt family was involved in a tragic car crash on Boxing Day, which left both the parents and one daughter dead. Falkholt was left in critical condition. Falkholt’s chances of survival are minimal, and according to family members, she might not make it. You probably never knew about the Australian actress until you heard about the tragedy. The 29-year-old Falkholt was born in Sydney, Australia. Her father, Lars Falkholt was Swedish while her mother, Vivian Falkholt was Italian. The actress studied at Gilroy Catholic College where she graduated in 2006. She is a Bachelor of Arts holder in Media and Communication from the University of NSW. After she graduated, she did production jobs and TV commercials. Falkholt is mostly known for her role as Hope Morrison in “Home and Away,” a role that perhaps started to build her net worth and increased her chances of landing a movie role.

The series of events starting with the crash

The car crash

On 26 December 2017, the Falkholts were returning to Ryde after the attended a Christmas function when an oncoming car failed to negotiate a curve and rammed into their vehicle. The car that was carrying Jessica Falkholt and her family burst into flames from the impact. Falkholt’s parents died on the spot while Jessica Falkholt and her sister Annabelle Falkholt were pulled from the wreckage. The man driving the vehicle that hit them is said to be a serial traffic offender. He also died from the crash. According to the authorities, the driver was going back home to Ulladulla from Nowra where he had visited a methadone clinic. Police are still investigating if whether the drug played a role in the fatal crash.

Annabelle Falkholt died in hospital

After Anabelle and Jessica Falkholt were taken to the hospital, Annabelle succumbed to her injuries days later. Miss. Falkholt’s boyfriend, Jordan Brohier posted that he had lost the most amazing girl he ever knew. He hoped that it was just a dream that he had lost his girlfriend. But sadly, what had happened was so real. He will never see her again. He paid tribute to his girlfriend Falkholt saying that the three years they were together were his best. He promised Falkholt that they would meet again in the afterlife. Jordan lastly pleaded with drivers to be cautious when on the road reminding them that a car is a deadly weapon that can take life easily.

The relatives thanked the rescuers

After the crash, some rescuers came to the accident scene and saved Annabelle and Jessica Falkholt. One of the bystanders who played a critical role in saving them was Darien Collier. He is the one who pulled the Falkholts daughters from the wreckage. Cathy Randazzo, a cousin of Falkholts sisters, thanked the man and described him as a hero. She further stated that she didn’t have the words to describe her gratitude because if it were not for Mr. Collier, there would be less hope and probably Jessica Falkholt, the remaining survivor whose fate is still unknown would have died too. Mr. Collier described the crash as horrific and stated that the injuries that the two Falkholts had will never escape his mind.

The Falkholts were laid to rest on 10th January

As Jessica Falkholt fate is unknown, the rest of her family was laid to rest on January 10. The funeral service of the departed was held in Sydney on the morning of Wednesday. Hundreds of mourners who were close to the family attended the service at St. Mary’s Church to give their last respects to the fallen family. One family member spoke at the funeral and discussed the irony of the accident. He stated that Lars Falkholts was a cautious driver who used to plan out how long a single journey would take in case the distance was vast. Other people poured praises for the Falkholts and stated how close they were to their relatives and friends, mentioning that they had just left a Christmas gathering when they met their ultimate death.

Jessica Falkholt condition

The family of “Home and Away” actress talked about her condition. According to them, Jessica Falkholt had a swelling on her brain after part of her skull broke following the impact. The neurosurgeon had told the family that the Falkholt would be in a coma for weeks or even months and they had not tested her brain yet. The relatives are waiting with their fingers closed and praying more that she heals.

Her life support turned off

On January 11, some media houses reported that the life support of the actress had been turned off. Shortly after, the official account of “Home and Away” posted about their loss. Jessica Falkholt is still alive and fighting for her life. Many actors and actresses, as well as other entertainers, continue to send their good wishes and paying tribute to the actress. Some have posted on Facebook and Twitter about their last moments with Falkholt.

The actress’s net worth is unclear

Falkholt’s net worth is not known. Her most notable role was Hope Morrison which she played last year and she had also appeared on other TV shows like “Tricky Business” and “Underbelly: Badness.” From those three appearances, she might have made a considerable net worth.

Even though Jessica’s net worth is not clear, Falkholt had a promising future as her acting career had just taken off. She was probably going to star in movies also. It’s sad what an accident can cause. Everyone hopes that she will regain consciousness and be active again, even though she will meet some tragic news that she is the only one remaining in their family.