Jenny From The Bachelor: Everything To Know About The Contestant

Jennifer was a contestant on the current season of the TV Show “The Bachelor.” Here are some fast facts about her, including her net worth, career and more.

Jennifer from the TV Show “The Bachelor”

Everything to Know about the Contestant

Jennifer, better known as Jenny, was a contestant on this season of the TV show “The Bachelor.” The blonde bombshell definitely had the beauty and the brains to win Ari’s heart, but why didn’t she match up with the rest of the contestants? Unfortunately, she wasn’t the girl for this bachelor, but it’s hard to see why. Jenny is a great girl with no clear flaw about her but sadly was eliminated from the TV show competition after the second week. Here are some fast facts about the former contestant, like her net worth, age and more.

Career Woman

Education, Art and Net Worth

Jenny is a twenty-five year old graphic designer who’s bursting at the seams with talent. Jenny has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design but also considers herself to be an illustrator and storyteller. Her multiple talents and creative vision helped her build her net worth, a net worth she hopes to grow soon. With her own business, Jenny D Designs, she tries to bring designs that showcase her style and also connect with their intended audience. Jenny incorporates traditional art mediums and fundamentals into everything she does, in an effort to make the most creative project possible. Jenny has a separate Instagram account for her designs, where she posts her remarkable drawings of athletes. They’re so lifelike they look like photos. Jenny has a pretty successful business already and at a young age too; Ari missed out by not keeping her in the competition.

Guilty Pleasures

Whether or not they’re considered guilty pleasures is up for debate, because Jenny isn’t always embarrassed to admit them. She’s a big fan of a mid-morning mimosa and spending all day in her robe, a photo she’s posted on Instagram proves that. Jenny doesn’t have any social media addictions nor does she spend her days checking Facebook or Twitter. Instead, she spends all day in bed with a greasy pizza and a reality TV show marathon on. Now, those things she does feels a little guilty about.

Adventurer at Heart

Jenny absolutely loves adventure. While her Facebook friends and the people of Twitter are talking about all the trips they want to go on and adventures they want to take, Jenny is actually out doing it. She is a regular camper that loves hiking and white water rafting, but she’s done a lot more than that. Jenny’s been to Costa Rica, where she’s swam under waterfalls and ventured up to volcanoes simply because she wanted to. Three of the things on Jenny’s bucket list are also adventure-related; she wants to ride an elephant, skydive and go cliff-jumping.


Jenny may not have won the heart of the bachelor, but she’s quite the catch in her own right. The thrill-seeking graphic designer fears marrying the wrong man more than anything, and if Ari didn’t choose her, then maybe he wasn’t the guy for her. With Jenny’s design skills, fun-loving personality and desire to constantly be active, it’s only a matter of time before true love finds her.