Jenna Fischer: 10 Amazing Facts About The Wife Of Lee Kirk

Find out the dynamics of this power couple and their family!


Who is Lee Kirk and the Epic Flims He Produced


Lee Kirk is an internationally renowned director, screenwriter, and actor who is known for some great movies such as Pants on Fire, The Giant Mechanical Man, The Man Who Invented the Moon and Ordinary World. Kirk has also delved into the theater and produced the play Sad Happy Sucker in 2009 which was then performed in Los Angeles.

Moreover, Lee Kirk is also very well known for being the second husband of Jenna Fischer, the star of the hit TV series The Office. Kirk met his wife on the sets of The Giant Mechanical Man, fell in love and married in 2010. Kirk also did a cameo in The Office in Season 6 where he played the delivery guy in one of the episodes. In Season 9 of The Office, Kirk also directed one of the episodes for the hit TV show –Vandalism.

10 Amazing Facts About Jenna Fischer

1. She is the Beloved Pam Beesly


Yes, you heard it right, Jenna Fischer plays the receptionist Pam Beesly in the hit TV show The Office. This is perhaps Jenna’s most famous and iconic role as an actress. She was also nominated for an Emmy Award as the Best Supporting Actress for her role as Pam.

2. She has a thing for Directors


Jenna is currently married to the director and writer Lee Kirk. However, this is not her first marriage. Jenna has been married before to another renowned director James Gun known for directing the Scooby-Doo Movie and Monsters Unleashed. However, that marriage did not last more than 8 years, from 2000 to 2008, as both Jenna and Jung discovered that they were different people.

3. Jenna and Lee were afraid of love


While opening up about her relationship, Jenna admitted that she had just ended a long and serious relationship with her ex-husband when she met Lee. At that time Lee also confessed to have been ending a long relationship and therefore both of them were a little apprehensive about jumping into a new relationship. They were afraid to fall in love and took their time before committing to each other.

4. Jenna met Lee at work


Though Jenna had met Lee before she really got to know her husband on the sets of the movie The Giant Mechanical Man. Fischer was very interested in the entire movie-making process which ended up spending a lot of time on the set with Lee which ultimately resulted in the two datings and turning into a couple. She was particularly intrigued by screenwriting and her interest led to her falling in love with Lee.

5. She was afraid about the movies fate

Jenna and Lee started dating while they were working on the movie. However, Fischer’s biggest fear was the fate of the movie in case her relationship with Lee did not work out. Luckily enough the couple’s chemistry won and the two were able to sustain a healthy relationship without hurting the movie project.

6. Her husband Lee is incredibly private

Despite being a director and writer, Jenna’s husband Lee is an incredibly private man who tries to stay behind the camera instead be on it. The only known thing about him is that he was born and raised in Texas and very little is known about his past life. He is also not on social media and avoids such forums.

7. Opposites Attract

Jenna is apparently the complete opposite of her husband Lee Kirk. As reserved as Lee is, Jenna is equally social and the bubbly one in the relationship. Similarly, while Lee keeps his presence and relationship with social media, Jenna does not hesitate to share moments with her family with her fans.

8. She had a Private Wedding

Jenna and Lee announced their relationship to the world in late 2008 and the next year they were engaged while on vacation in Europe. The couple tied the knot in a very private wedding in July 2010. According to those who attended the wedding, the event was one of the most beautiful ceremonies that they had ever experienced.

9. Jenna once claimed that Pam and Jim were “ genuinely in love”

While playing the love interest of John Krasinski in The Office, Fischer is known to have said that Pam and Jim were ‘genuinely in love and had real chemistry’. She is reported to have said that a part of her is Pam and a part of Karasinski is Jim and those parts actually loved each other. This was of course taken out of context by tabloids and the ensuing rumors had to put down by her costar Krasinski who denied such a thing and clarified the intention of his costar was just to signify the genuineness of the role itself.

10. She gave birth to her first child on her first anniversary

Jenna and Lee welcomed their son Weston Lee Kirk on their first wedding anniversary in July 2011. However, some sources say that this is a false fact and in fact, the couple welcomed their son in September 2011.

Power Couple and their Family

Lee Kirk and Jenna Fischer are the ultimate power couple with one being a director and the other being an Emmy nominated actress. However, what most people do not know is that despite being famous both Kirk and Fischer put an effort into their marriage just like normal people. Jenna Fischer, who has been married before is known to have said that she used to think that marriage was about the person you loved the most but following her divorce from her first husband, she realized it was more than just love. She says, “I realized that there was a whole set of other criteria. You have to ask, ‘do we have the same goals?’”. It seems that Jenna found love and beyond with Kirk and that has what has made their marriage work.

The couple has two children Weston Lee Kirk and Harper Marie Kirk. They both are very particular about balancing work life with family life and make sure that they spend ample time as a family and with their children. Jenna has praised Lee on numerous occasions for being a hands-on father who does his best to spend time with his children and equally devoted husband.

The couple values humor in relationships and they both agree that for a successful relationship it is important that you can laugh together. Therefore they both try and keep the fun alive by being quirky. Jenna once shared a post on social media where she wished her husband a happy birthday while also praising his help as a lactating consultant for her baby and her.

One major rule that Lee and Jenna live by is keeping their private life and marriage away from the camera as well as social media. This they believe is the success behind their marriage. They enjoy the little things in life that are not on camera and Lee is also known not to be on social media.

Current Status


The couple is still happily married and continues to thrive as a family. They continue to stay private with Fischer occasionally sharing moments with her family. It seems that at this time both Fischer and Lee are focused on their two children and their work has been on the backbench in comparison to their family priorities. 

Total Networth

Jenna Fischer’s net worth is approximately 16 million dollars whereas her husband’s net worth is approximately 250,000 dollars. While this may be lower than his wife, Lee is multi-talented and a brilliant director who has what it takes to be Jenna’s husband.

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Jenna Fischer the beloved star of The Office is a devout wife and mother of two. Married to the renowned and multi-talented director and writer Lee Kirk, Fischer is not only just an actress but also a homemaker. While her role in The Office has been the success of her career, she has worked on other projects over the years including the film The Giant Mechanical Man where she met and fell in love with her current husband Lee Kirk. The couple continues to thrive as a family and is very happy together.