Jason Bateman Wiki: Age, Net Worth & Facts To Know

A brief biography of Jason Bateman, the actor and director. From his net worth to his biggest films, this is all you need to know about the talented star.

Jason Bateman: The Early Years

Jason Kent Bateman was born on January 14th, 1969 in Rye, New York. The American actor, director, and producer began acting in the early 1980’s with roles in sitcoms including Little House On The Prairie, Family Times, and The Hogan Family. Bateman moved to Salt Lake City, Utah when he was four with his family and later to California. Bateman was born to Victoria Bateman, a flight attendant originally from the United Kingdom, and to his father, Kent Bateman, an American actor, writer, and director of film and television, and the founder of a repertory stage in Hollywood. Jason Bateman is the younger brother of Justine Bateman, from Family Ties fame. He also has 3 step-brothers. Bateman was managed by his father until the age of 20, when the business relationship ended.

Jason Bateman: Arrested Development and his television career

Jason Bateman started acting at age 11 in commercials and television roles. Bateman got his first gig in 1980 in a commercial for the breakfast cereal Golden Grahams. In the same year, he also landed his first television role on Little House On The Prairie as James Cooper, an orphaned boy who is adopted by the Ingall family. Bateman got a supporting role in 1982 on the show Silver Spoons as Derek Taylor. In response to his popular role on Silver Spoons, the producers of the show gave Bateman his first starring role as Matthew Burton on the NBC sitcom “It’s Your Move.” Bateman became famous at a very young age and struggled with an addiction to alcohol and drugs throughout the 1990’s. In a 2009 interview Bateman is quoted as saying that “I’d worked so hard that by the time I was 20, I wanted to play hard. And I did that really well.” The actor was cast as the lead character, Michael Bluth, in the critically acclaimed television series, “Arrested Development” in 2003. Bateman won several awards for his work on the series, including a Golden Globe for Best Actor. This changed the course of his life. From that point on, he landed massive television and movie roles including The Gift, Horrible Bosses, Office Christmas Party, and Identity Thief.

Jason Bateman: the movie star and director

After conquering his demons, Bateman came out swinging in the early 2000’s and his award winning work in Arrested Development led to Bateman being recognized as a great comedic actor, with a “deadpan” style and his precise comedic timing. Bateman would be on the list of people who beat a disease or addiction to only come out stronger, which would include actors like Colin Farrell, Russell Brand, and Robert Downey, Jr. The actor has a very impressive list of work, starting with small roles in movies like Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Starsky & Hutch, and The Break-Up. His impressive work in these movie roles led to Bateman landing the main starring role in major films Juno, Hancock, Up in the Air, The Switch, Paul, Horrible Bosses, The Change-Up, Identity Thief, Bad Words, Horrible Bosses 2, The Gift, Office Christmas Party, and Zootopia. Bateman made his debut as a director with Bad Words, which he also starred in. The movie received great critical acclaim and showed the promise that would eventually lead to Jason Bateman as a powerful dramatic actor and director. Bateman returned to television in 2017 as a writer and director with the Netflix series Ozark. In it, Bateman plays a financial advisor who must relocate his family to Missouri in order to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel. His work in Ozark has received massive acclaim and is one of the greatest shows on television right now. His character Matt Byrde has been compared to Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, in Breaking Bad. Ozark has been nominated for many awards, including the Golden Globe and Emmys.

Jason Bateman: fun facts about the actor, from his net worth to his family

Jason Bateman has worked for many years as an actor, starting before he was a teenager, but it’s the last decade of his life where he has amassed a net worth of $30 million dollars. With awards season around the corner and the popularity of Ozark, it is safe to say that Bateman will only add to his already impressive net worth. Jason Bateman married Amanda Anka, daughter of singer Paul Anka, on July 3, 2001. The couple has two daughters and keeps their lives very private, like most of the great artists, actors, musicians and movie stars of our generation. Bateman has a love for racing and won the Celebrity Portion of the Long Beach Grand Prix. Jason Bateman stands at 5’11” and is extremely talented in many aspects of his life. Bateman is not even 50 yet and with his award-winning work as both a comedic and dramatic actor and director, there are no limits to what Bateman can accomplish. It is safe to say that Jason Bateman has come a long way from “Teen Wolf Too” and Golden Grahams breakfast cereal commercials. He continues to push boundaries as an artist, from his movie roles to the television series that is starting to be talked about as the best show on television.