Janice Freeman Wiki: Top Facts About ‘The Voice’ Contestant

Learn 5 facts on Janice Freeman of The Voice

A mother, wife, and survivor, singer Janice Freeman walked on the stage of The Voice to let everyone know that she is alive and has a story to tell.

Life on The Voice

The “Radioactive” singer who proclaimed that she is a “W.O.M.A.N” is no stranger to struggles, rebirth, and survival. However, when she performed “I’m Goin Down”, the singer brought audience members, coaches, and viewers alike to the depth of her tribulations and back up into her triumph as she shared her experience in song.

Blind Auditions

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As she began singing “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons, one would wonder why singer Janice Freeman would select such a song to perform. But after learning about her life struggles, the choice becomes clear. Singer Janice Freeman has been performing it seems her entire life. However, her mark in the music industry was made on The Voice. Janice Freeman turned the alternative rock song into a life anthem for herself. All coaches were impressed by her talent and the battle for Janice began. During her blind audition, Janice Freeman shared the story of her cancer battles at a young age and her tears fell. The coaches encouraged Janice Freeman to stay strong and never let go of hope. But the show had to go on, and Janice Freeman had a choice to make. The singer selected Miley Cyrus as her coach.

W.O.M.A.N ….The Battles Begin

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Janice Freeman graced the stage of The Voice a second time during the battles round performing “W.O.M.A.N” by John Lennon, a song that was selected to continue the story of the powerful singer and life of Janice Freeman. Janice faced off with Katrina Rose and both singers exuded the meaning of the song with grace, fire, and womanhood. The judges complimented the singers, praising Katrina Rose for her stage presence and proclaiming Janice Freeman’s net worth on The Voice due to her seasoned voice and stamina. However, a decision had to be made and with that Janice Freeman moved along to the knockouts.

I’m Goin Down….Total Knockout

The beautiful singer Janice Freeman stood on stage as the lights came on and her first note of “I’m Goin Down” brought a magical connection to the audience and coaches. As the singer shared her moment with the world, the power of her voice proclaimed her story of survival. Janice Freeman stunned coaches and received a standing ovation for her performance. It seemed Miley had a tough decision to make. Eventually, Janice Freeman won against Karli Webster and moved on to the playoffs on The Voice.

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Who is Singer Janice Freeman?

Janice Freeman shared her story, her talent, and her reason for living. Many of us can’t get enough of this beautiful powerhouse, and since being on The Voice her fan base has increased tremendously. Janice Freeman has 68.2k followers on Instagram where she shares intimate moments with fans and followers.

Battling Cancer as a W.O.M.A.N

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Janice Freeman is no stranger to battles; the young singer faced many scuffles with her health prior to being on The Voice. As early as grade school, Janice Freeman had her first health issues battling meningitis. Later in her life at the age of 23 Freeman was diagnosed with lupus and doctors gave her less than two weeks to live. Unfortunately, the fear of death plagued singer Janice Freeman’s family and the preparations for her funeral began. Thankfully for her, with the support of family and friends, the singer lived on.
Many would say Janice Freeman is no stranger to the struggles of cancer, but Janice Freeman lost her father to the disease a few years prior to being diagnosed herself. At the age of 28, the singer battled cervical cancer and won her life against the disease. The young mother later made it a point to share her story with the world, becoming a motivational speaker and sharing her talent of music with anyone who’d listen to her inspirational story and powerful voice.

Janice Freeman: Mother, Wife, and Singer

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Janice Freeman shared on Instagram heartwarming pictures of her daughter which shows how much of a wonderful mother the young singer is. Janice Freeman’s life story is one of triumph and perseverance and the singer continues to succeed on The Voice.

The Road to Stardom

From local venues to the stage of The Voice, the future is bright for Janice Freeman.

Janice Freeman: The Local Celebrity

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Janice Freeman is no stranger to performing on stage; the singer began her musical career at an early age, gradually building her net worth in the music industry. In her early years, the young performer would showcase her talents in local venues alongside her husband. Today, Janice Freeman enjoys singing locally and aspires to build her professional singing career.

Fun Facts about The Voice singer Janice Freeman

Fact 1: Janice Freeman is from Harrisburg, PA.
Fact 2: Janice Freeman relocated to Los Angeles to study music in the 90’s.
Fact 3: Janice Freeman was in a musical group called M.I.G. and performed gospel music.
Fact 4: Janice Freeman is a fundraiser for the Lupus Foundation.
Fact 5: Janice Freeman released her first single, a song called “You” prior to being on The Voice.

Remembering Janice Freeman

Janice Freeman on Instagram: “#TEAMJANICE Presents #JANICEMOMENTS MAY HER MEMORIES GO ON!! ???”
Source: Janice Freeman on Instagram: “#TEAMJANICE Presents #JANICEMOMENTS MAY HER MEMORIES GO ON!! ???”

With all the accomplishments Janice Freeman has in her life, and her constant battles against her illnesses, she is definitely a role model and an inspiration for everyone. Sadly, Janice Freeman has passed away on 2nd March 2019, diagnosed with an extreme case of pneumonia and blood clot that traveled to her heart. She is survived by her husband Dion, daughter, mother, brothers and sisters, and extended family.

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