Jamie Bell Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Evan Rachel’s Ex Husband

Get to know more about Jamie Bell, who is the ex husband of Evan Rachel. Below are facts about him that you need to know.

Jamie Bell: Evan Rachel’s ex husband

You got to know one of the popular British hunks in Hollywood, Jamie Bell. Bell is an actor and a talented dancer. There is much about him and Bell has so many achievements that he is a role model for many kids in England. Parents motivate their kids to be who they wish to be and use Jamie Bell as an inspiration. Jamie Bell got married just recently after he became the ex husband of Evan Rachel in 2014. Jamie Bell is a gifted actor and he rose to fame after landing a role in “Billy Elliot” in 2000, a role that won him a BAFTA Award. The actor and Rachel’s ex husband has landed many roles since then, but let’s go back to his history. The 31-year-old Jamie Bell was born in Billingham, Cleveland in England. The actor grew up under the watchful eyes of his mother Eileen and with him was his elder sister known as Kathryn. Bell’s father is a toolmaker and he left the family when his mother was pregnant with Bell. The actor used to accompany his sister to her ballet lessons and he developed an interest in dancing before he became fully involved with it. His whole family from his grandmother, aunt, mother, and sister were or are still dancers and Bell would stand at the door and watch his sister dance. He was teased in school when the other students found out that he was dancing since it was assumed it was for girls alone. Jamie Bell was interested in acting when he was nine and in 1999, he was the best actor to play in a movie known as “Billy Elliot” which needed someone to play the role of the boy who wanted to become a ballet dancer, but his family was against his wish. Over 2000 boys auditioned for the role, but it’s like it was meant for Bell. When the film was released in 2000, the actor and Evan Rachel’s ex husband became an instant star winning many awards and scooping a BAFTA Award which was contested by notable stars like Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe, Michael Douglas and Geoffrey Rush. After the film, Jamie Bell went back to school and concentrated on his studies. After he finished essential exams when he was 16, he went back to the big screen.

Rise to stardom

Rachel’s ex husband, Bell, rose to fame when he was just a teenager. “Billy Elliot” movie helped Bell rise and rub shoulders with some popular directors and movie makers, landing him more roles in the film industry. The actor served as an Honorary Jury President of the Giffoni Film Festival of 2001. Later on, he got a role in “Deathwatch.” Some of his best performances that have earned not only recognition and awards like BAFTA Award but also a net worth are in “Billy Elliot”, “Fantastic Four”, “The Adventures of Tintin”, and “King Kong.” Bell has also appeared in music videos and TV commercials. In 2007, Evan Rachel and her ex husband, Jamie Bell starred in Green Day’s video, “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” a song directed by Samuel Bayer.

Jamie Bell and Kate Mara married at a neighbor’s home

“Billy Elliot”, “Fantastic Four”, “The Adventures of Tintin”, and “King Kong” actor and winner of BAFTA Award winner, Jamie Bell didn’t have to look far for a place to exchange vows with his beau, Kate Mara. They found out that the best place to do that was just across the street. Bell tied the knot with 34-year-old Mara in July last year and Bell spoke about the wedding on “The Late Late Show” in January saying that transportation on their big day was easy. Bell told the host of the show, James Corden, that he got married right across the street. Bell stated that he woke from his bed, freshened up, took breakfast and walked across the street to his wedding. Rachel’s ex husband revealed that he and Mara tried in vain to find a suitable location for their wedding ceremony and they settled on a unanimous decision to approach a neighbor who lived in a house they felt was very beautiful and a classic one. So they went and asked the woman who owned the housed if they could do their wedding there and she accepted right away. So, Bell and Mara walked across the street and when they were done exchanging their vows, they spent the night partying on the property and then crossed the street in the morning and entered their home. The actor also told Corden that he and Mara were still in the honeymoon phase and that that the convenient wedding spot became popular after they wedded there. Jamie Bell also stated that whenever they come out of the house, they see the hose they got married in and it’s all beautiful for them. The costars of “Fantastic Four” announced their marriage on Instagram. Mara posted a photo them kissing on what looked like a dance floor at their wedding and captioned the pic ‘nuptials.’ Bell then shared the same photo and captioned it ‘Mr. and Mrs. B.’ After their wedding, Bell told Entertainment tonight that he was having a great time with his wife Mara as newlyweds and he couldn’t believe that it was still early into their marriage as it felt like they were married forever.

Jamie Bell will star in Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

When “Billy Elliot”, “Fantastic Four”, “The Adventures of Tintin”, and “King Kong” actor, Jamie Bell read the script for “Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool” he thought it was just a bizarre piece of fiction but the fact is, the film is based on Peter Turner’s memoir of his relationship with Gloria Grahame, a movie star depicted by Annette Bening, who was close to 30 years older than him. Jamie Bell will be playing the role of the young lover and the movie looks like it’s going to be an epic one. We can only wait to watch it on the big screen. The producer of the film, Barbara Broccoli knew Gloria and Peter personally and she told Bell that the couple never stood out. To her, they were not an extraordinary couple, and someone couldn’t look at them twice. Rachel’s ex husband Bell stated that Broccoli told him that they were just an ordinary couple in love. The film had to do with nonjudgement and affection in its purest form. The film is set in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s when there was no IMDb and Twitter when one could know everything about a person. There was nothing judgmental about the loves coming together, their flaws and all. Bell didn’t feel any pressure to impersonate Peter Turner who is a real person and he’s alive but not known to the public. However, there was some pressure to represent him and his entire family in a way that was comfortable with them and represent the relationship as well. If the love story wouldn’t work, then the whole movie would fail and then Bell fails Turner and so he was afraid of letting him down.

Facts about Evan Rachel’s ex husband

He keeps secrets

If you need to tell someone your dirty little secret and hope not to be busted and your secret being on the front pages of the dailies, you can just tell Jamie Bell. According to BuzzFeed, you can trust Jamie Bell with all your secrets. Bell was speaking to Parade Magazine that he wasn’t someone who necessarily kept secrets, but when it was required if he and someone was to give him something that they needed him to hold close to his chest, he wouldn’t let it out. At least we know of a Hollywood star that can keep secrets from gossipers.

He is the next James Bond

The world has been watching James Bond movies since in the ‘60s if I’m not wrong, and the movie makers normally change the actors after a few series of the movie. The last actor to play the role was Daniel Craig, 50. He was a familiar face and he stars in other Hollywood movies. After his time as the famous James Bond was over, Jamie Bell took over, and it is more exciting that the British hunk will star in the next James Bond movies, after all, he deserved it.

Bell is a talented dancer

Just like mentioned above, Jamie Bell fell in love with dancing after he accompanied his sister to her ballet class when they were kids. From that moment, he never looked back despite being mocked and ridiculed by his schoolmate for dancing with girls. Bell joined Northfield School and attended performing arts classes at the Stagecoach Theatre Arts. Bell even became a member of the National Youth Music Theatre! His dancing talent helped him get the main role in the movie, “Billy Elliot.”

He is a music video star as well

Bell does not appear in movies alone as an actor. As long as he can be seen on TV, he won’t allow turn down any opportunity that will guarantee that. Bell was in an excellent video with Evan Rachel Wood, his ex-wife called “Wake Me Up When September Ends” It’s actually from the video that Evan Rachel fell in love with her ex husband, Jamie Bell, dated, and got married afterward. They even have a child together who both Bell and Evan Rachel refuse to reveal his identity due to personal reasons and, according to them, to maintain his privacy. They divorced in 2014, sadly.

Jamie Bell’s net worth

Bell has a net worth of $11 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The actor has made his net worth from appearing on “Billy Elliot”, “Fantastic Four”, “The Adventures of Tintin”, “King Kong” and many other movies. He is also a notable figure in Britain.

Jamie Bell is an excellent actor and has achieved a lot that he probably never thought he would. He is also lucky to have two talents and Mara is proud of who he has come to be. Their wedding was unique, so to say, and probably they should renew their vows across the street again.