Jamie Anderson Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About 2018 Olympics Snowboarding Gold Medalist

Get to know more about Jamie Anderson who is a snowboarder and a gold medalist. Below are facts about her that you need to know and her net worth.

Jamie Anderson: Gold medalist snowboarder

The United States really loves its sportsmen and women and they are highly appreciated and they enjoy the celebrity lifestyle. Every NBA and NFL player has their own level of fame. The highest scorers and the legends having the biggest shares! That also extends to athletes who represent the country in international games. One of them is Jamie Anderson, a professional snowboarder. Anderson was the winner of a gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics that went down in Sochi, Russia. The snowboarder repeated the same at the 2018 Olympics Winter Games in South Korea and became the first female snowboarder to bag more than one Olympic gold medal. Anderson has won a couple of gold medals in slope style at the Winter X Games in 2007 to 2008 and 2012 and 2013. So, who is she? The 27-year-old Jamie Anderson was born and grew up in South Lake Tahoe, California. The athlete has seven siblings and she is the fifth born of the family. Anderson became a snowboarder when she was nine after she tried it for the first time and fell in love with it. Anderson’s mother homeschooled her at Visions in Education to allow her to spend more time snowboarding and perfecting the sport! Anderson would spend much of her time in the mountains practicing and having fun. The snowboarder is now one of the best snowboarders the US has to have, and all her sponsors have high hopes from her. Anderson has been successful and she’s one of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour female snowboarders. She has 11 medals to her name up to this moment. Jamie Anderson has had so many career wins, but that’s not the only thing about the snowboarder. She has been giving back to the snowboarding community by participating in the High Cascade Snowboard Camp. Anderson hosted a Signature Session at High Cascade from 2009-2012 and then hosted another one in 2014. Anderson was only nine when she received a hand-me-down board in 2000. The snowboarder qualified for the Winter X games in 2004, four years just after she started snowboarding. In 2005, Anderson won bronze and became the youngest female medalist in the Winter X Games at only 15. Through her foundation, Jamie Anderson Foundation, she has used part of her net worth to provide over 30 young winter sports athletes with clothing, equipment, season passes, and financial backing to travel to USASA national competitions. Thanks to her sponsors, she does that with ease.

Jamie Anderson won Olympic gold in tough conditions

Anderson didn’t win the women’s slopestyle event final at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games to retain her Olympic title after her 2014 Winter Olympics win, but also to show her survival for a day that was marked by hazardous cross-winds that made the competition a little bit hard. The 2014 Winter Olympics were indeed tough for her. The snowboarder’s dialed by her standards scored 83.00 which was enough and with her, there were also four other finalists among the 25 who were in the competition. The windswept carnage continued to make the competition harder and only four competitors made it through where Anderson was leading the pack followed by Canada’s Laurie Bloun and Finland’s Enni Rukajarvi winning a gold medal, a silver medal and bronze medal respectively. Speaking about the win, Anderson said that she felt happy for winning the games stating that she had gone through a lot last year preparing for the highly anticipated games. She also mentioned that it wasn’t easy to defend the gold and she was grateful that she managed to and thanked her sponsors for supporting her all along. Speaking about the weather, Jamie Anderson said that the conditions were no favorable when they were practicing earlier in the morning but the Olympic management tried their best to delay the competition and allow the weather to change. The snowboarder mentioned that she was trying to stay in her zone and optimistic. She was aware that there was wind but obviously no one can tell whether there will be wind. So, Anderson, the other snowboarders, and the Olympic management spoke about running a couple of days when it would be a bit calmer and waited to see if the officials would make the call. What actually happened was the standard format was modified after the cancellation of Sunday afternoon’s two-run due to the winds. The oppressive conditions caused the delay of the finals by almost an hour, but the organizers chose to push forward after Sunday’s washout even though the decision didn’t sit well with some competitors.

Ten days in the ICU changed Jamie Anderson’s life

After winning the highly competed run through harsh winds, Anderson revealed that her mindset was crucial to her success. However, the calm outlook was from a harrowing injury that almost ended her career. In 2009, at the Burton U.S. Open Snowboarding Championship, the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and 2014 Winter Olympics women’s slopestyle event winner fell and ruptured her spleen and the impact booked her an ICU bed where she lay for ten days. But coming out of that injury, Jamie Anderson was totally different in life and health. She just wanted to be the best version of herself, but sadly she wouldn’t be as perfect. However, the snowboarder found that by being in nature and channeling a sense of inner peace would her recover and that’s what she did. To this day, Jamie Anderson uses meditation, yoga, and a healthy appreciation of trees to keep her body centered at the top of each hill. The snowboarder also uploads her progress in the form of photos and videos on her Instagram to inspire her fans. They usually see her hug a tree or two before she competes and gets gold medals or silver medals. The superstar won a gold medal in Sochi during the 2014 Winter Games on the inaugural women’s slopestyle event, but Anderson’s gold medal at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games for the women’s slopestyle event was hard fought for the ‘humble warrior’ as she describes herself. If she had lost just a little of her focus, she would have settled for a silver medal. She got yogi-ed out during the competition, and it was a good thing. Anderson said that her wins are as a result of her success which she has nurtured for years. Back in the days, she would go with her siblings to the mountains by bus to snowboard and ski and then come back home and do their homework, as Anderson’s mother, Lauren told Today. The dedication somehow paid off and at just 13-year-old, she became the first American athlete ever to take part in the Winter X Games competition. That’s where she got her first sponsor and won her first medal when she was 15. After winning her second Olympic gold medal at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games for the women’s slopestyle event, she stated that she felt amazing and she wasn’t sure that it was possible.

She once felt like giving up on the sport

After the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi where Jamie Anderson won a gold medal at the women’s slopestyle event, she felt inferior. She then thought of quitting the next season. That was due to the rapid evolution of the sport which she helped revolutionize and she ended up doubting herself. Anderson witnessed younger competitors doing tricks that she wouldn’t try herself and elevate a game that she had owned and even though she had been a pioneer by the time she was 27, she feared that she would be replaced and become history. Anderson was sad such that she felt like hiding under a rock and was worried that she would retire sooner than she thought. The snowboarder received some encouragement from her Instagram followers and got over her ego by realizing that there would be younger girls coming up and doing better because it was just nature. She told Washington Post that she would do all her best even though she wouldn’t be the best and inspire other girls. Anderson vowed to change her mind and appreciate herself. She had realized that everyone was doing their best and all she needed was all she got to get her to the best place which is support from her family, sponsors, and fans through her Instagram.

Facts to know about the snowboarder and her net worth

She is a cover girl

Jami Anderson is not a stranger to the spotlight and she appeared on the nude cover of ESPN’s Body Issue in 2014 and even competed on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” the flowing year. As one of the famous faces of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Anderson was on NBC’s coverage and also the commercials. She is a brand ambassador for a variety of companies that are her sponsors including Visa, Comcast, GoPro, Beats by Dr. Dre, Audi, Monster Energy and United Airlines, just to mention a few.

Her dad enjoys playing the harmonica

With her seven siblings and both of her parents, money wasn’t always overflowing, according to Anderson, and the family lived on her father’s salary. At the time, Anderson’s father was a firefighter and things were becoming tighter. They were always close though and very supportive. So far, nothing g has changed. Huck Magazine described Anderson’s parents as hippie parents who couldn’t afford to take their kids to the mountains. According to Huck, the father of the snowboarder lives in a small cabin in Tahoe where he listens to country music and plays the harmonica. Anderson has also taken the hobby from her father but admitted that she couldn’t play as well as him. But one thing is for sure, she got less time for the hobby and she is focused more on winning gold and silver medals.

Anderson’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jamie Anderson has a net worth of $4 million. She has made her net worth from endorsements and wins in various snowboarding conditions.

There are times when people feel like throwing in the towel, but is usually the moment of self-realization. Jamie Anderson couldn’t be stronger than she is right now and she’s going to add more medals to her lobby. Her Instagram supporters are doing her good too.