James Levine’s Net Worth: Facts To Know About His Age, Metropolitan Opera, Music Direction & More!

James Levine has served as a Music Director at the Met for 40 years and earned a handsome net worth for himself. Read on to know more about the ace music director.

James Levine – a name to reckon with!

James Levine needs no introduction in the world of classical music. James Lawrence Levine was born into a musical family; his father being a violinist, grandfather a cantor, and mother was an actress. James Levine started playing piano at a very tender age and by the time he reached ten years of age, he was ready to play on his own in a concert. Though James Levine learned a number of instruments, he was always inclined towards conducting. Whenever he used to have spare time, he would head towards the same at Julliard. In 1964, he graduated from the esteemed music school and joined the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

The big break

James Levine joined the Metropolitan Opera in 1971 and within a year’s time, he became the principal opera conductor. In 1976, James Levine was appointed the music director of the Metropolitan Opera, a position which lasted until 2016. More than 2,500 performances are under his belt as an opera conductor. In 2011, James Levine reportedly had severe health issues that kept him away from the stage. He became paralyzed, and no one believed that he could ever get back on stage and perform to the best of his abilities. But, James Levine did and proved everybody wrong by conducting from his wheelchair.

Net worth of the music director

The exact figure is still not known. James Levine was paid $1.9 million for his service at the Met. For the first season, James Levine received $1.6 million from the BSO. The net worth of James Levine includes salaries of different services he offered. Talk about maestro of musical field! Very few have been able to acquire a net worth as high as James Levine’s.

Controversial phase of the ace music director

Recently, sexual allegations have been made against James Levine. Three men accused James Levine of exploiting them sexually since their teenage days. The sex allegation first surfaced in the year 2016, but at that time, there was no constructive evidence against James Levine. The Met had a faint idea about the sex allegations, but they were waiting for the evidence to prove the charge before they could take action against James Levine. As of now, they have suspended James Levine and once he is proven guilty by the internal investigator, severe action will be taken against him. Though his reputation might have taken a hit due to this controversy, the net worth of James Levine, the opera conductor, has not been affected due to these allegations.

Awards and recognition

James Levine is not a new name in awards night ceremonies. James Levine has bagged some of the most prestigious awards of all time. James Levine was bestowed Kennedy Center Honors along with Elizabeth Taylor, actor James Earl Jones, Chita Rivera, and Paul Simon. From the music world, two artists were bestowed with the Kennedy Center Honors in the year 2002. James Levine also won the Grammy Award for Best Opera Recording, Best Orchestral Performance, and Best Choral Performance.

The music director and his net worth

James Levine, the music director, has been part of some of the most beautiful and soulful music albums of all time. Some of his albums are Carmen-Fantasie, The Planets, Otello and Hoist. He had held on to the position of Music Director for a span of 40 years at the Metropolitan Opera. It is here where James Levine has earned most of his income that added to his net worth. James Levine was born June 23, 1943 and because he started at quite a young age, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that he has spent half his life on stage conducting. James Levine always believed that he was lucky enough to have met the right person at the right time or else he wouldn’t have reached these heights. According to James Levine, it is important that people accommodate themselves with the pace at which changes take place. He has been an inspiration to many, but now the sexual allegations have tainted his image somewhat. He has been suspended from the place where he has served for 40 years. Though James Levine denies the charges, the evidence says otherwise. The accusers have challenged James Levine and asked him whether he would take the lie detector test to prove his innocence because the accusers themselves are ready to do so. James Levine was responsible for the dawn of new era in the field of music. Anybody who has worked with the Met under the guidance of James Levine always said that the recording done at the Met is stylish, exciting, thoughtful, imaginative, comprehensive, and equally serious.