Jacqueline Fernandez’s $600,000 Island: Facts You Should Know

We know it’s hard to digest, but now there’s an island in the name of Jacqueline Fernandez! The Sri Lankan actress has finalized the house deal.

Jacqueline Fernandez

All about Sri Lankan beauty – Jacqueline Fernandez, a Sri Lankan model. She is currently active in Bollywood. Jacqueline Fernandez is a Bollywood actress who has been entitled to Miss Sri Lanka Universe pageant of 2006 in Los Angeles. She is well known for her acting in Bollywood, Hindi films. At the early start of her career, she worked as a journalist and represented her country, Sri Lanka. Early life: Jacqueline Fernandez was born August 11, 1985, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. While Jacqueline was at a very young age, her parents moved her to Bahrain. After completion of her school life, Jacqueline was awarded a scholarship and was invited to study at the University of Sydney. Then to pursue her studies she moved to Australia from Bahrain and When she was only at the age of 14 years, she achieved a degree in Media and Communications from the famous university. She also joined the Berlitz School of Languages. She really began her career as a journalist. She was an entertainer and a television host for some of the shows in Bahrain.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s Career – Her Debut in Bollywood

Her father, Elroy Fernandez is Sri-Lankan, and her mother, Kim is of Malaysian and Canadian descent. Her great-grandparents were originally from Goa, India. She won the Miss Sri-Lanka title in 2006 and also designated Sri-Lanka at the Miss Universe 2006. She was featured in her first commercial music video a year later, in 2007. Her Bollywood debut arose soon, In Aladdin, in 2009. She invested her money in renowned business ventures and now owns a restaurant in her birth city, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The restaurant chef is a well-known Japanese chef. The menu covers every type of food category mainly, continental food but also highlights a few pieces from Jacqueline grandma’s recipe book.

Checkout Hits/Blockbuster Collection of movies starring Jacqueline Fernandez.

In the year 2011, Murder 2 verdict: Blockbuster
In the year 2012, Housefull 2 verdict: Super-Hit
In the year 2013, Race 2 verdict: Semi-Hit
In the year 2014, Kick verdict: Blockbuster Well, how many likes for her?

We know it’s confusing to digest, but you have to bear the truth!

Sri Lankan actress-model Jacqueline Fernandez is now going to get featured in upcoming action thriller ‘Race 2’. The Sri Lankan beauty has reportedly spent all her money which she earned from just finishing off and delivering a hit, Housefull-2, her latest movie project to buy an island nearby the locales of her home country. The truth is that Jacqueline Fernandez has newly purchased four-acre wide an island off the south coast of her hometown, Sri Lanka to build a house and as a present offered to her parents. Some sources also report that the actress will soon be completing her all the remaining formalities of this island purchase!

Jacqueline Fernandez nowadays seems to be doing preferably well for herself, and it is stated that she has bought the island off the south coast of Sri Lanka. A house for Fernandez on an island? This is a part of a reality project that is now a playground of the rich and famous and looks like Jackie’s obviously one of them.

Well, it is true that Jacqueline Fernandez spent her payment from her forthcoming action thriller to acquire an island for her parents. It seems that a few months ago her father drew all of her attention to this Sri Lankan island which is located very close to Sri Lanka. And the fact from which everyone is yet be awarded you know what? The island which the beautiful and the hot babe has bought is nearby to the one. Moreover, it is very interesting to know to know that the island spreads over four acres is close to another island owned by Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara. Both Sri Lankans are assumed to have an island quite close to each other. The island owned by Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara was purchased in some time ago. Now, the question arises that will the debonair cricketer now enjoy the real good company of his pretty new neighbor? Do we smell something fishy here? However, all are waiting for a few formalities which are yet to be completed. We are determined that Jacqueline Fernandez will complete them soon after returning from Bali, where she’s holidaying with her friends.

Yes, you read it right!

While Bollywood-town’s wealthy stars are known to invest in many happening spots all across the country and overseas, the Race 2 Sri Lankan actor has surprisingly surpassed all her fellow artists in the property-buying contest.

Well, Does it Look like that there is a lot of Money for Jacqueline Fernandez with her Bollywood Entry to build a house on an island?

We have also heard that Fernandez is drawing her attention to building a huge villa too on her new acquired island. Keeping in mind the number of successful films she has done till now and so notably, we really wonder whether Ms.Jacqueline Fernandez has actually made that much money, or has she already started thinking about her retirement plans and is investing wisely to the best of her abilities? It really looks like there is a lot of money for Jacqueline Fernandez with her Bollywood entry for building a house on an island.