Hyeon Chung Wiki: Net Worth, Tennis Player, Australian Open & Facts To Know

You are about to know more about the South Korean tennis player Hyeon Chung and all facts about him, including his net worth.

Hyeon Chung, the next tennis idol

Almost every tennis fan was following the 2018 Australian Open, and this season had its surprises. There is a new kid on the block, a South Korean player known as Hyeon Chung. Chung has been the topic on many people’s lips. The player who is always on glasses bet the legendary Novak Djokovic in the fourth round at the highly anticipated game between him and Chung that happened at 2018 Australian Open. People all over the world are wondering who Chung really is and trying to find out more about him. Chung is also trending on Twitter. The 21-year-old Hyeon Chung was born in and raised in Suwon, South Korea. He became a pro tennis player in 2014, and he is forehanded, right-handed, two-handed, and he is also backhanded. According to a South Korean source, Chung took to tennis to maintain his deteriorating eyesight which required him to wear glasses at a very young age. Chung won the Eddie Herr International, and from the recognition, he and his brother Chung Hong were signed in the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida. He has also played on the Malaysian Open, US Open, and French Open and earned a net worth from all the games.

Facts about the tennis player

First South Korean to reach grand slam quarterfinals

In South Korean’s tennis history, it’s only two players who have managed to reach round 16 of any major game. The first one was Hyung Taik Lee who was playing at the men’s singles at the US Open in 2000 and 2007. Another one is a lady known as Duk Hee Lee who was playing at the women’s singles at the US Open in 1981. In November last year, Chung was the winner of the inaugural NextGen ATP Finals that featured fellow players like Karen Khachanov, Denis Shapovalov, and Audrey Rublev. The vent was South Korea’s first ATP World Tour trophy for 14 years. The tennis player will be grabbing his racket again to play against Tennys Sandgren in Wednesday’s quarterfinals.

Novak Djokovic is his idol

What a coincidence it was? Chung humiliated his idol by beating him. The South Korean tennis player once admitted that he admired Novak Djokovic and even tried to imitate him on the court. While growing up, he always thought that Djokovic played a fantastic game and had a good mental strength. Little did Chung know that he would be his idol’s punisher. Hyeon Chung handed his idol his worst loss in 11 years. The last time Djokovic lost in three sets was in 2007 when he was beaten by another tennis icon, Roger Federer. Chung had played against Djokovic in the Australian Open in 2016, but he lost to him in straight sets. Defeating Novac this year did not only make him more popular but also increased his net worth. Wait and see how endorsements will line up!

Chung is the highest ranked Korean player currently

Hyeon Chung is the highest ranking tennis player in Korea currently. The last Korean player who ever ranked high was Hyung Taik-Lee. Lee had reached the highest ranking of 36 in 2007. Beating Djokovic is a clear indication that Chung is becoming better and better in the game and it is expected that with his racket, he will play all the way to the top. The day that he will be at the top with the likes of Djokovic and Roger Federer is not far away. Whenever Chung visits his native home, Suwon, he hangs out with the South Korean legend, Taik-Lee and they even practice together occasionally.

He won the 2015 most improved player award

Chung had put so much effort in tennis and was determined to make it as a tennis player. His efforts bore fruits. Initially, he was ranked 171, and by the end of 2015, he had climbed 120 places to number 51. There was no any other tennis player who rose up the ranks in that year. The ATP named and awarded him the most improved player award in 2015 after recognizing his excellent performance. Chung also won the inaugural Next Generation ATP finals in 2017 and defeated a fellow rising tennis player Andrey Rublev in their finals.

Chung comes from a tennis family

Chung’s father was a successful tennis player, but he is currently a coach. One of the players he has tried to improve is his son, Chung. Chung had issues with forehand due to his vision problems, but he does well these days. Another person in Chung’s family who plays tennis is his brother. Both spent two years in a Florida academy perfecting the sport. Chung stated that despite his success, he is not that famous in his home country since tennis isn’t popular in the country. However, people ask Chung for autographs whenever they see him practicing.

Chung’s net worth

Hyeon Chung has a net worth of $5 million currently. His approximately $1 million annual payment has helped him make build that net worth.

Chung is undoubtedly the next idol in tennis. Fans are building up on Twitter and asking when he will be playing against Roger Federer. Watch out for the punisher!