Hunter Mcgrady Wiki: Model, Net Worth, Swim Shoot & Facts To Know

Get to know more about the model Hunter McGrady, who is a plus-size woman. Below are facts about her that you ought to know, including her net worth.

Who is Hunter McGrady?

You probably know about Michael McGrady. Don’t you? If you are not aware of who is, he is a theater, film and TV actor. McGrady also does art in various galleries across the US and trains kids some martial arts. His daughter is a model and she goes by the name of Hunter McGrady. McGrady has been trending after she modeled for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Not much of her is known except that she is pretty in her size and not that she is big, it’s just she’s a little bit than an average American girl. So, what about Hunter McGrady? The 24-year-old plus model was born on May 4, 1993, in Westlake Village, California. She is the proud daughter of Michael McGrady and Brynja McGrady. Her mother was a model who inspired her and her sister Michaela McGrady to try the luck in modeling at a very young age. Hunter McGrady was bullied in school for being plus size, but that didn’t deter him from pursuing his dreams of being a model because her mother, aunt and grandmother were all models.

It wasn’t an easy journey for her

McGrady started modeling when she was just a teenager, but it was a little bit difficult for her because of her size. She started working out frequently and watched her dirt and by 16, she had reduced some little weight. Despite all that effort, companies would turn McGrady away because of the wideness of her hips, something she couldn’t change. McGrady worked hard another three more years to fit the standards of her hips, but she would be told that her size two hips would have to be 00. McGrady then realized she wasn’t achieving anything that way, so she took a different approach. After she turned 18, McGrady consulted a nutritionist and changed her diet and exercise schedule. She focused on getting her body up to a healthier weight. With her ombre hair and pretty smile, she was accepted by Wilhelmina LA/NY and became one of theirs to date making her net worth. Hunter Mcgrady advocates for plus size women, sometimes through Body Paint. She’s active on Snapchat and you can check her pics on Instagram.

She is in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

McGrady was described as the curviest woman to ever do a swim shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. The model posed nude on the beach wearing a cut-out swimsuit and a body paint for a swim shoot. She said that she had no qualms with the set-up as she no longer struggled with body confidence. McGrady also stated that she had heard of Sports Illustrated seven years before and she was very pleased to be part of their movement. McGrady revealed that she planned to get across to women and inspire them to love their bodies despite their size and show them that they were sexy at any size. She added that beauty wasn’t size and she was really happy that the industry was finally accepting body diversity. Hunter McGrady was named the Rookie of the Year by the magazine after she beat other models to feature in the magazine.

Facts about the model

She met her boyfriend on Snapchat

McGrady said that her fiancé was seeing somebody before he started following her on Snapchat. He was actually on a date with his previous girlfriend, and she requested him to follow McGrady, and he did. So he followed her for some few months then McGrady went to New York in March 2016 to be in a modeling event. While she was in New York, he reached out to her and asked her if she wanted to get some drinks. McGrady asked him to add her on Facebook and after he did, she checked him out and found he was super handsome. The model had no any other option but to accept the offer.

She prefers the term size inclusive

McGrady told Glamour magazine that she felt like the term ‘plus’ seemed a little bit segregating. She said that she preferred the term ‘size inclusive.” She described the title as awesome, ‘curvy’ as great and ‘plus-size’ as just fine, but her favorite. However, McGrady insisted that whatever someone would call it, it would be vital to keep inclusivity as the key narrative.

She is not afraid to be herself

McGrady told Glamour that she learned to love herself and tell herself what she wanted to hear. She told herself that she was worth and beautiful. She would also comfort herself by telling herself it was okay that she wasn’t having a good day. McGrady would then encourage herself to get up, go out and make someone smile and make their day. She would assure herself that the next day would be better.

You can’t imagine what her bad days are

McGrady said there were some days she would feel like ‘shit’ and didn’t want to do anything. Sometimes she didn’t like her hair and stomach or thought her butt looked bad. She said that she experiences those days because she is human and she wouldn’t let them ruin her life.

Her net worth

According to Net Worth assets, the model has a net worth of $6 million. She has made her net worth from modeling and also her earnings from the family business.

If all women could accept their flaws and appreciate the way they are, it would be a different world, and that’s what Hunter McGrady is advocating for. We all wish McGrady the best in her career. Follow her on Instagram to see her pics.