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Huck Milner

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Huck Milner is the actor who had voiced the character of Dashiell Dash Parr in Incredibles 2, a sequel of the 2004’s The Incredibles. He is the newcomer on this Pixar Animation Studio’s creation and has replaced Spencer Fox for the voice acting. So who is Huck Milner and what have been his merits until now? Let us find out.

About Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 is a 3D-computer-animated superhero film of the US which was released in the year 2018 through Walt Disney Pictures. It has been produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It has been written and directed by Brad Bird. It is the second installment of the films series and is a sequel to the film The Incredibles which was released around 14 years back in 2014.

Source: Pixar Wiki Fandom (Huck Milner)

The story revolves around the Parr family who is trying to regain the trust of the general public in the superheroes against a growing distrust of them. They are also trying to balance their civilian family life and there is a new foe who has come in who is trying his level best to change the thinking of the people and turn the populace against all the superheroes.

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Dashiell Dash Parr is the family’s troublemaker first son. He has superhuman powers.

Huck Milner and his career

Huck Milner is a newcomer who was chosen to lend his voice to the character of Dashiell Dash Parr in Incredibles 2. He has replaced Spencer Fox for this role and also been the voice of same in LEGO. The Incredibles which was also released in 2018.

Source: Insider (Spencer Fox and The Incredibles)

It is said that Spencer Fox, 25 was not chosen this time because his voice has changed since he did the first recording for the 2004 movie The Incredibles. Hence the role required a recasting and Huck Milner was selected for the replacement.

At the D23 Expo during the last summer, Disney had made an official announcement about this change and the fact that Huck Milner would be stepping into the shoes of Spencer Fox. Walt Disney had made an official release of the side-by-side look of Huck Milner and Dash on the new posters of Incredibles 2 which they had shared on their official Facebook account.

Source: YouTube (Sarah Vowell and Huck)

Dash’s on-screen sibling was Violet and its voice was provided by Sarah Vowell who is already an adult. Hence her voice change was not there and hence she reprised her role in the sequel. Huck Milner was present at the D23 Expo 2017 and was photographed with Sarah Vowell.

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Huck Milner and his lines on the trailer

Huck Milner was also heard on the first extended trailer for Incredibles 2. He had several lines in this trailer and it included also the funny scene in which Dash and Mr. Incredible are attempting to do Math homework together. Huck Milner sounds exactly like Spencer Fox and their voices are identical.

Huck Milner and his life before fame

Huck Milner’s full name is Huckleberry Milner. He is 10 years old but his exact date of birth remains unknown. He has two elder sisters. Huck Milner resides at Manhattan and had started acting in local plays at the age of 4.

Source: Zimbio (Huck)

He has experience in this field and he loves to play hockey, skiing, and playing the musical instrument bass. When asked how he came into acting, Huck said:

“I didn’t really decide, but when I was four my sisters were in plays and they introduced me to plays. I just really loved them. So I, just loved the theater.” 

Huck Milner social media

He is not much active on social media. He is still a very young boy does have a verified Facebook account with less than 50 followers. In other social media such as Instagram and Twitter, he is completely absent.

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