Hilarie Burton Wiki: TV Show, ‘One Tree Hill’ & Facts About Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Wife

Get to know more about Hilarie Burton, who is the wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Below are the facts about the actress that you need to know.

Hilarie Burton: Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s wife

It’s been a month full of happiness for “The Walking Dead” actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and his wife, Hilarie Burton. The couple got their second on the last days of February, and they are not excited alone. There are a million fans around the world who celebrated with Burton and Morgan for bringing a new soul to this world. There is something about the couple that has inspired other relationships that are all about second trials. Hilarie Burton is the ex-wife of Ian Prange. They got married in 2004, but their marriage lasted for just five years before they split up. Burton married Morgan in 2014, and it seems she loves being in his arms. They have already made two babies. The world is fascinated with the actress who is also a producer. From the time she was in MTV’s “Total Request Live,” she has achieved much fame. 35-year-old Burton was born in Sterling, Virginia. Her dad was once a Green Beret and her mom is a real estate agent. Burton has three brothers and she is the eldest. The actress and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s wife graduated from Park View High School back in 2000 wherein her second year, she was student council treasurer and the vice-president in her junior year. Burton was also the captain of the cheerleading squad, the president of the student council, and in her senior year, she became the homecoming queen. The actress attended the New York University as well as Fordham University, but there is no information about her joining a drama school. After finishing college, she got an opportunity to work as a VJ for MTV’s “Total Request Live.” A story goes that she was supposed to be a guest commentator for a single segment, but the producers weighed her in. Burton has starred in TV shows and movies such as “One Tree Hill”, “White Collar”, “The Secret Life of Bees”, and “Naughty or Nice.”

Hilarie Burton, Jeffery Dean Morgan have a daughter

When you just thought that the family was already complete, Dean Morgan and his wife Hilarie Burton added a little sugar and spice to the taste. The news about Burton delivering a baby girl successfully first made it to the dailies on March 1 after she announced the good news on the last Thursday of February. She wrote that Baby Morgan was spectacular and that they were lying low a little longer but appreciated all the well wishes from their fans. Burton and her 51-year-old husband, Morgan, have a son known as Augustus “Gus” and he turned eight years this month. It’s Morgan who revealed to the world at the 2017 Emmy Awards red carpet that his wife, Burton, was heavy when he placed hands on Burton’s baby bump. The actor also spilled the beans accidentally after she revealed the sex of the baby. He apologized to Burton on Instagram. But you wonder what the big deal was? Well, stars love keeping their fans in suspense just like they do in the TV shows and movies and so Burton wanted people just to anticipate as they try to figure out what sex the bay was. The celebrity couple has instilled the importance of equality in their home. In an interview with People, Morgan said that he and his wife, Burton had taught their son Gus to be kind and respect everyone. They have made him understand that all people are equal and that they all love each because that is the most important thing. But looking at the events happening in the world, Morgan acknowledged that everyone had to teach their kids to love everyone.

Hilarie Burton didn’t attend the Golden Globes

Hilarie Burton was pregnant and almost due when the 2018 Golden Globes was ongoing, and she couldn’t attend, but she showed support for the Time’s Up movement while at home. The “One Tree Hill”, “White Collar”, “The Secret Life of Bees”, and “Naughty or Nice” actress and the former VJ of “Total Request Live” shared a selfie of herself on Twitter showing her baby bump and dressed in black and captioned that because the rebirth and awakening coincidentally went with her pregnancy, her unborn daughter and her wore black. She added that she represented the mothers, daughters and sisters, blood relatives and others. Burton felt changed for the better because of that sisterhood and was grateful. Hilarie Burton has been very vocal on sexual harassment and the wind of sexual assault that has swept Hollywood. Burton and “One Tree Hill” co-star, Sophia Bush accused Mark Schwahn, who is the showrunner, of both sexual harassment and assault. Mark, who also served as showrunner for “The Royals” was fired later on. After she heard that he had been sacked, Bush took to Twitter to reveal that 43 women had come forward and there were some who didn’t or couldn’t.

Before she had the baby, she suffered miscarriages

While sharing the news of newborn daughter, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s wife, Hilarie Burton, touched on the topic of miscarriage and stated that it was a reality that was affecting many women around the world. According to the American Pregnancy Association, miscarriage or pregnancy loss before 20 weeks constitute between 10-25% of all the recognized pregnancies. According to statistics show that one out of every four pregnancies results in miscarriage. Women are therefore advised not to reveal their pregnancy until they begin the second trimester. Burton revealed that it took a long time for her and Morgan to have their second baby. The first time she got pregnant, it took her a year and a half trying, and she surprised her husband on Christmas with baby Seahawks booties. Both of them cried and celebrated. They even picked out names, but the lost the baby and there were other losses afterward. They were heartbroken, and to date, they are still heartbroken. Whenever Burton read news that a certain celebrity was expecting, she would cry with jealousy. She was happy that she gave birth to George Virginia Morgan, but despite that, the pain of her past loses are still fresh in her mind. Fertility is a fickle thing, according to Burton, and she encouraged other couples out there who had dark days not to lose hope and took the time to introduce her miracle baby to them as well as show her love and support to those couples. Burton took the right step to be open and share her story. Fertility is a sensitive topic and the actress found the perfect way to communicate with her fans who are also trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Facts about Jeffery Dean Morgan’s wife and her net worth

It’s Jensen Ackles who linked Burton and Morgan up

In 2009, Morgan’s close friend, Jensen Ackles set him on a blind date with his wife’s close friend, Burton. Both Burton and Ackles’ wife, Danneel starred on “One Tree Hill,” and they took Morgan and Burton out on a double date and after the drinks, they hit it off, never to look back again. In an interview with HuffPost Live, Morgan remembered that both of them got lit, went to his house and continued to take shots of tequila and they spent their first night together. Morgan also convinced Burton to abandon a trip to Paris a while after they met, so that she could join him in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he was shooting “The Resident” back in 2009. In April 2010, they appeared on the red carpet together for the first time during the premiere for “The Losers” which Morgan was a starring. By 2014, the couple was referring to each other as husband and wife in their interviews, but neither of them discussed their wedding.

She and Jeffery Dean Morgan love candy

Despite being big stars, the couple lives a quite a low-key life and they have a candy store in Rhinebeck, New York known as Samuel’s Sweet Shop. After the original owner of the store passed on, Morgan and Burton, together with fellow actor Paul Rudd and his wife Julie as well as their friends Andy and his wife contributed together to buy the store. In an interview, Morgan revealed that his wife Burton, Julie and Phoebe, are the very hands that manage the store and keep it running smoothly.

Burton, Jeffery Dean Morgan got roles in Grey Anatomy

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been working in Hollywood since in the late 90s, but his breakthrough was in 2006 when he landed a recurring role on ABC’s “Grey Anatomy” playing the role of Denny Duquette, a dying heart transplant patient. Even after the character’s death, he continued to make appearances in the visions of the characters of Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo. The producers of the TV show then hired Burton and 2013 and she played the role of Dr. Lauren Boswell. The “One Tree Hill”, “White Collar”, “The Secret Life of Bees”, and “Naughty or Nice” actress and former VJ of “Total Request Live” starred in only three episodes but she caused major trouble for the doomed couple Arizona and Callie. Through a comment to Entertainment Weekly, about the couple, Burton said that it was sad to see what was happening to the characters but she admitted that it was really fun to cause that. Morgan and Burton’s career crossed paths later on when they both appeared on “Extant” with Halley Berry. Morgan was however hesitant to take the role since it required him to film in LA away from his family, but it worked in her favor after his wife, Burton also got cast in some episodes in the TV show.

Jeffery Dean Morgan’s wife’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hilarie Burton has a net worth of $1 million which she has built from playing roles in “One Tree Hill”, “White Collar”, “The Secret Life of Bees”, and “Naughty or Nice.” She made her first net worth in entertainment when she got a job as a VJ at “Total Request Live.”

Burton is steadily rising, and as we watch her husband, Morgan perform on “The Walking Dead” we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and her family.