Hilarie Burton Wiki: Age, Net Worth & Facts About Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Wife

Hilarie Burton is the wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and one of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses. Here’s everything you should know about her.

The Years Before Hollywood

Hilarie Burton was born in Sterling, Virginia on July 1, 1982. Before she was the wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, she began her life as the daughter of a young realtor and a former Green Beret. Hilarie Burton spent most of her youth with her four siblings, of whom she is the eldest. As a young girl Hilarie Burton dreamed of becoming an actress and a star. After graduating high school, Hilarie Burton attended New York University and continued pursuing her dreams of acting. Her first gig was on the MTV music show Total Request Live as a VJ and red carpet interviewer. From obtaining her first job on MTV, she went on to guest appear on Dawson’s Creek, to later become one of the leading roles in One Tree Hill.

Hilarie Burton Establishes a Career in Hollywood

It was in 2003 when Hilarie Burton became Payton Sawyer on One Tree Hill. According to Hilarie Burton, the role of Payton Sawyer was one of the most prominent roles of her career to date. As Payton Sawyer, Hilarie Burton portrayed an independent woman who worked as a music artist and was a cheerleader at her local school. One Tree Hill was the most success TV show on the network WB at the time and the role soared Hilarie Burton into the spotlight. As a rising star, Hilarie Burton enjoyed the perks of being on the cover of many national magazines like American Cheerleader Magazine, Maxim, and People. Hilarie Burton became a household name due to her fan base from One Tree Hill. However, after six years on the show, Hilarie Burton made the personal decision to not return for the upcoming season.

Hilarie Burton is Unstoppable

It was in 2005, while on One Tree Hill that Hilarie Burton made her debut on the silver screen. She starred in Our Very Own, a movie about five young women who share dreams of bettering their lives after one local girl makes it to Hollywood. The movie received positive reviews from critics, and Hilarie Burton along with cast mates won the Outstanding Ensemble Acting award from the Sarasota Film Festival. In 2007, Hilarie Burton returned to television starring in Lifetime’s Normal Adolescent Behavior. The year leading to her exiting One Tree Hill, Hilarie Burton starred in The List which was released to limited audiences. Hilarie Burton continued her silver screen career in The Secret Life of Bees in 2008 as the deceased mother of Dakota Fanning’s character. In 2010, Hilarie Burton obtained a recurring role in White Collar, a USA network TV show. In 2012, Hilarie Burton guest appeared in White Castle, an ABC network TV show. In 2013, Hilarie Burton starred in Hostages and obtained a recurring role in Grey’s Anatomy. Hilarie Burton’s latest role on television was on the short-lived series Extant in 2015. The actress has a net worth of $1M.

Getting Personal with Hilarie Burton

Throughout her life, Hilarie Burton has experienced a successful career, being a wife, and motherhood. Hilarie Burton has made all her life experiences seem effortless as the actress seems to never age and continues to look flawless in all her red carpet appearances. Would I be lying if I said I was jealous? No. Definitely not.

Hilarie Burton and Being a Wife

It was on the set of One Tree Hill that Hilarie Burton and Ian Prange met as co-stars. The two shared a happy marriage and no children. It was in 2009 that the pair announced their divorce and Hilarie Burton made the decision that changed the course of the television show by leaving. Since their divorce, the two have remained cordial, each only speaking in positive light of the other in interviews.

Hilarie Burton and Ian Prange seen on set of One Tree Hill as a happy couple.

True Love of Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Soon after her divorce with Ian Prange, Hilarie Burton began a relationship with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In 2010, the couple welcomed their son Augustus Morgan. The couple faced many speculations regarding the timeline of her divorce and the new relationship; however, at the time Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan denied all rumors of them being married. The couple later married in 2014 and are currently awaiting the arrival of their second child – it’s a girl! As their family continue to grow, son Augustus Morgan is sure to be a great big brother.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton on the red carpet at the Emmy’s delighted to announce their second child (baking in the oven) to be a girl.

The Trials of Stardom

In the wake of the many sexual harassment accusations lingering Hollywood, it was a shock to everyone when Hilarie Burton unfortunately had to relive her own encounter with Ben Affleck while hosting on Total Request Live. The actress posted an uncensored clip of an interview she was having on air with Ben Affleck where he “tweaks” her left breast. Since the video aired on Twitter, Ben Affleck has since apologized to Hilarie Burton for the incident.

One Tree Hill Goes Down

Hilarie Burton also reported that Mark Schwahn, the producer of One Tree Hill also sexually harassed her along with many other female cast mates. Since the accusations, Mark Schwahn’s representatives have not made a statement; however, many actors and actress have come forth in either accusing or in support of the victims. The list against Schwahn is at 25 victims.

Hilarie Burton and the Future

As Hilarie Burton prepares for the growth of her family, she can rest assured that her career will be waiting for her after she takes time off to care for her little princess. Her partner Jeffrey Dean Martin continues to hold a role on hit TV show The Walking Dead. One can’t help but to wonder if Hilarie Burton will make an appearance on The Walking Dead as a guest star or maybe even a zombie!